Gordon Campbell Must Come Clean About Patrick Kinsella\’s Involvement in the BC Liberals Campaign

I find it ironic that after  previously distancing himself from Kinsella and refusing to answer any questions regarding Kinsella’s involvement with the BC Hydro/Accenture business( by saying the matter is before the courts when clearly it is not ) – that Gordon Campbell would then welcome Kinsella back into the fold for this campaign. Speaks volumes about the premier, if you want my two cents on it, especially since the premier already said that Kinsella WAS NOT part of this spring election run. The premier should cut all ties with Kinsella immediately, in light of Kinsella’s questionable work for both sides of the BC Rail  sale -at the same time – and his companies work on other government contracts. Oh Premier, isn’t that matter before the courts? I’m not the only one who thinks this all stinks, as viewed by this press release.

Nanaimo – 

Gordon Campbell’s claim that Patrick Kinsella is not connected to the 2009 BC Liberal election campaign appears to be untrue, NDP candidate for Nanaimo Leonard Krog said today.

Krog was responding to news stories in which Kinsella, the former BC Liberal Campaign Chair, now at the heart of the BC Rail trial, says he is participating in the BC Liberal campaign.

“British Columbians should be very concerned about this on-going relationship and Campbell’s refusal to tell the truth about it,” said Krog. “Gordon Campbell promised openness, transparency and accountability, and hiding Mr. Kinsella in a local campaign doesn’t meet that test.

“Through BC Rail, the Campbell government paid Mr. Kinsella $300,000 to help sell BC Rail. It’s been alleged that he was also on the payroll of the winning bidder, arranging meetings with Campbell at the same time. And the winning bidder is one of Campbell’s biggest political donors,” said Krog. “It stinks and Campbell won’t come clean.

“Will Kinsella be back looking for favours or getting secret contracts after the election? What promises has the premier made to Patrick Kinsella this time? Gordon Campbell should end his relationship with Mr. Kinsella until every last question is answered,” said Krog.


Read more about Kinsellas connection with the premier and the clients his company is known to have done work for in this riveting post I blogged earlier this week – Here’s an excerpt:

A wonderful bit of work has come my way from a very keen source, that I would like to share with you – it’s a chart detailing Kinsella’s dealings. Forgive the format- wordpress isn’t always the best for dealing with charts.

Patrick Kinsella’s consulting firm Progressive Group has made millions closing lucrative deals between government and private industry. According to his own estimate, Kinsella’s clients have raked in more than $2 billion in government deals.

The New Democrats have called for an independent investigation into Kinsella’s lobbyist activities and contracts with government.

The chart below connects various dealings between Progressive Group’s clientele to lobbying work with the Campbell government and in some cases, donations to the B.C. Liberal Party.

Kinsella’s dealings reveal that he holds a significant level of influence over the Campbell government which has served to further the interests of his clients…”

Who has received contracts, and how lucrative were they?

 Read the rest of this post here:


4 Comments on “Gordon Campbell Must Come Clean About Patrick Kinsella\’s Involvement in the BC Liberals Campaign

  1. I\’m just a normal working joe, so I don\’t get into this stuff all that much, but I\’ve spent some time reading all this stuff, and I just wonder why Gordo just doesnt answer the questions everyones been asking and be done with it?

    It just makes him and this Kinsella guy look even worse by not answering. My dad always taught us growing up that if theres nothing to hide, you have nothing to lose by talking, but if you dont answer the qwuestions people are going to think you did something wrong.

    Are we supposed to think the premier is a crook? That hes hiding something?

    I want to know what happened to BC Rail. Did this guy work for both sides at one time? and what about this BC hydro stuff, why cant he answer questions about that?

    I\’m just saying its weird, you know? Thanks. Ralph

    • Ralph, thank’s for stopping by, and speaking your mind.

      I agree with you wholeheartedly. I want to know what happened to BC Rail as well, along with thousands of others in BC. The BC rail posts get a large number of hits, so I know there is a lot of interest in what is going on.
      The premier needs to do something revolutionary here, something truly unheard of in politics- ” Tell the truth, tell it all and tell it quickly”

      But, since that is highly unlikely, I would urge the RCMP to answer Leonard Krog’s call to step in and investigate the allegations surrounding Gords buddy Patrick Kinsella.

      And I would think the RCMP needs to think very clearly about this considering the public lack of confidence following the Robert Dziekanski death spin. For them to fail to heed this call to investigate could potentially mean more dire drops in confidence and respect for the force -something our local officers on the street don’t need.

  2. Thanks Mary, I’m rather fond of it! A pity the prior judge in the Basi-Virk hearings didn’t see fit to find relevance in the connections demonstrated in her court-room.

    By the way everyone, Mary has some interesting story links up regarding the departure of Campbells Dpeuty Premier, Jessica McDonald, in addition to her blog post from Sunday…. check it out at :