Just where do those ex-public servants and political types end up?

Well, if you are clever, you might end up in the employ of one of the many Energy or Power  companies currently trying to rape reap  the benefits of one the many rivers in this province…………

Here’s an excerpt  from a great blog post I read today on http://houseofinfamy.blogspot.com/ , that contains links to some interesting information you might want to check out if you care one inkling about where this province is headed:

” ….This inspired me to find the source over at PublicPowerBC where a commenter/submitter going by murmar had taken the time to compile a list of liberal insiders and former BC Hydro execs who had moved into the IPP fold. I’ve left off the former BC Hydro employees, giving them the benefit of the doubt because:

1- they at least have a background in power generation/distribution


2- maybe they feel insecure working for a crown corporation so obviously under attack by the same government who has taken aim not only at BC Hydro, but also BC Rail, BC Ferries, BC Gas and the BC Healthcare System itself in its ongoing efforts to make an American for-profit model seem attractive.

murmar points out that:


While there is no direct evidence of conflict of interest, there seems to be a troublesome pattern of BC Governement and Liberal party insiders being employed by these power corporations. Many have inside knowledge of government policy and processes that probably could lead to the enrichment of the companies that many have moved to…… “

Don’t stop now! Read the list of  Liberal Who’s Who in the power business at http://houseofinfamy.blogspot.com/