This is what’s wrong with our “Justice” system

Earlier this year, on March 13th, I blogged about a shooting that had occurred in broad daylight, in a residential cul-de-sac where children play freely.

Some men were arguing in front of one of the homes. The verbal disagreement became a physical fight and at that time another man puled out a gun and shot another man in the back ,paralyzing him permanently from the waist down. 

 My account of the aftermath is here.

The man who fired the gun,Jessie Dhinda,  left the scene and in a press release issued  by the RCMP to the public, was described as “armed and dangerous”. Makes sense – he  had, after all, just shot a man in the back and left him critically injured.

Jessie Dhinda was later apprehended by police and charged with two counts of aggravated assault and one charge of discharging a firearm with the intent to wound or disfigure.

This same man, is now back out on our streets, a free man-  as reported  by Dan Ferguson in this excerpt from The Surrey Leader :

” Jaspal “Jessie” Dhindsa of Surrey is back on the street, free on bail while he waits to stand trial for allegedly shooting another man in the back.

A Surrey Provincial Court judge ordered Dhindsa’s release on April 9, court records show.

The 22-year-old  has been ordered to have no contact with two individuals and is banned from possessing firearms.”


How does this work? You shoot a man in the back and paralyze him, and it’s called assault.  On a busy street with children about.  Clearly endangering the public.

Of course, it makes sense to give him bail. Of course. He’s been out for almost a month, enjoying the sunshine.

Of course that makes sense.

He must  not  be armed and dangerous anymore…

2 Comments on “This is what’s wrong with our “Justice” system

  1. “…is banned from possessing firearms.””

    He shouldn’t be possessing firearms in the first place. What kind of condition is this? Why is this slug out and about? These judges don’t live in our world.
    >:< as hell

    • My thought exactly David – here we have been getting all the placations of those in charge: ” No guns!” ” We are going to change the laws!” ” We are cracking down!”

      And then this. And why the hell is this not attempted murder? What, are you telling me that shooting someone in the back isnt attempted murder? The guy barely survived. Cant walk.Nope… it’s merely assault.

      I’ll be following this one too, to see where it goes. I bet he walks in the end. No jail time. Who was this judge who let him out anyways?