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Brookfield Asset Management, Gordon Campbell and British Columbia’s Best Assets

 I recently  authored a post that is again receiving considerable attention, due in part it appears, to a comment left by ‘RickW’, below the Tyee’s front page column today:

Thank you, RickW –  my hope is to inform as many people as possible about this sell-off, and see if we can’t get some answers as to why this is happening considering the election campaign in full swing.

If you’ve been following the election coverage on, you’ll get it when I say that the east ( and west) coast of Vancouver island is yet another place you WILL NOT be finding Gordon Campbell making a campaign appearance…..

Read it all on my original post, dated April 21st, 2009 :

( Patrick Kinsella post was originally slated for this morning’s blog, but  since I’m in a world of pain this morning from a tooth extraction yesterday, just check back tomorrow am)


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