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” Penner and his Liberal Colleagues are behind the worst environment policies in the history of mankind.”

In my opinion, the most interesting and informative viewpoints are not often found in the mainstream publications available to the masses on every corner, but are waiting patiently in the vast maze of links and paths found on the net. This  article offers a completely different viewpoint to the alleged environmental guru of the Liberals, Environment Minister Barry Penner and the BC Liberals. 

Here’s an excerpt:

” What is ingenuous about the blistering attacks leveled at James and her incumbent caucus is the blind-eye promotion of B.C.’s current Minister of the Environment, Barry Penner.

Penner and his Liberal colleagues, the ones that will benefit Carole James’ defeat, are behind the worst environmental policies in the history of mankind. These include: The biggest promotion of the oil and gas industry in British Columbia, ever. Penner and the Liberals are behind the thousands of miles of pipelines from Alaska and Alberta that would criss-cross the province to provide oil and gas to China, Asia, and the United States; they support expanded oil and condensate traffic through British Columbia’s narrow coastal straits and up the treacherous fjords to maintain the biggest single carbon producing project on planet Earth, the Alberta Tar Sands; the Gateway plan they endorse would see miles of roadways built across the province, and the creation of a super port on B.C.’s coast designed specifically for truck transport to service international trade between Asia and markets primarily in the United States; the continuing policy of selling raw logs abroad, costing mill jobs in B.C.; refusing to put a moratorium on the plunder of what little is left of the province’s old growth trees, effectively destroying the primeval forests; and, the expansion of open net fish farms that threaten the survival of the ecologically essential wild salmon runs.

This is not a complete list, but instead of excoriating Penner and his caucus pals, CVBC lauds the Liberal, saying;

“Barry is a former park ranger, lifelong environmentalist and has been a consistent champion of climate action within the Liberal caucus and in public. He helped lead the successful fight against the Sumas Energy 2 power plant, quashed the proposals for unsequestered coal plants in BC, was co-chair of B.C.’s Alternative Energy and Power Technology Task Force, and has worked with California (as well as other provinces and US states) to negotiate BC’s cap-and-trade system to combat global warming. Barry introduced the legislation in 2007 to reduce BC’s emissions by 33% by 2020. Most recently he has been Minister of Environment and Minister responsible for Climate Action. Barry has stickhandled much of the criticism government has received for the tough choices that need to be made (such as the laudable carbon tax) and we endorse his re-election.”

CVBC may be forgiven for taking much of the Penner’s biographical information from the Liberal member’s website, but in fairness to B.C. voters they might have provided more from the same site by way of context. For instance;

“Barry was appointed by Premier Campbell in 2001 to lead BC’s delegation to the Pacific Northwest Economic Region (PNWER). He served as PNWER’s vice-president before becoming President in June 2002. Barry continues to be actively involved in PNWER activities bringing BC’s perspective directly to legislative leaders in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana and Alaska, as well as Alberta and Yukon.”

More so than the Environment portfolio, PRNWR suits lawyer and trade specialist Penner much better. PNWER is the creation of those that would “harmonize” business and government operations on both sides of the border, emphasizing P3’s, or Public Private Partnerships, those entities taking profits from formerly public entities like B.C. Hydro, and delivering them to businesses that often operate a revolving door for “public servants” like the minister. They allow the public step in to carry the burden of losses, as in the case of Enron and the billions B.C. taxpayers lost in the spot energy market scandal that ultimately unwound Ken Lay’s Enron and the fleecing of the public.

PNWER is predominantly business orientated, throwing in a few Mom and apple pie ecology crumbs for public consumption while their real work is maximizing profits for the few through environmentally destructive mega-projects. Here’s how they describe their mission;

“With over 20 million people and over US $700 billion in gross regional product, the US Pacific Northwest and Western Canada is one of fastest growing regions of North America. We are China and East Asia’s gateway to North America, the host of the 2010 Winter Olympics and the site of several major infrastructure projects and business opportunities. Now more than ever, the Pacific Northwest needs a bi-national, regional advocate that works with both the public and private sectors.”

That may be so, but it’s hard to see how PNWER serves the “public sectors” beyond enriching a select few of its members. ”

Read the rest of this article by Chris Cook here :

***** Thanks to Andy, who referred me to this link : ,that talks about just how far Mr. Penner was off in his count of the total number of rangers in the first place.

 They obtained this document through a freedom of information request : 

This document shows the number of park rangers the province has actually employed between 2000, and 2007, which is clearly no where near the numbers Barry was throwing around.

But it’s all ok , according to Barry.

He’s not working right now – he’s campaigning. Of course he doesn’t know what’s going on….


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