WELL, well, well… There’s something about Mary – BC Mary that is…

 And  if I were you, I would click on this link IMMEDIATELY to find out what it is…..Ok. Let me give you a hint first….

It has something to do with Gordon Campbell.

And something to do with one of his staff.


Check it out…. www.bctrialofbasi-virk.blogspot.com

11 thoughts on “WELL, well, well… There’s something about Mary – BC Mary that is…

    1. I bet you can’t.

      My,my, Sal -has it come to this? Why so testy? It’s been all fun and games with you -until , that is, I started blogging about Gordon and his allegedly Liberal cronies. Then Sal, I noticed you started sharpening your claws. Rather protectively, I might add.

      Is there something you would like to tell me? Come on now, get it off your chest and speak your mind -are you a friend of Gordon’s? Perhaps a close colleague?
      Because If I were a betting woman, I’d lay some money on that one.


  1. All this crap about little things like slippery speculation if Cambell might be banging this female. What about James and her native husband. Parites on their reserve? No conflict to be dreamed up there? Forget the mud raking and look at the big picture. Free enterprise (yes thats me) and big brother union governemnt. I hear about what the NDP fathered here last time and when I was in Ontario for Bob Rae, look at that disaster. Everybody has a run at what they think will convince others that candidate A is schmuck because of this or that. Leave the crap behind for once this century and examine what GOOD each of the parties have done, and maybe I will vote for the ones that did me the most GOOD.

    I could care less if Cambell is banging that female, and I could care less if James is part Indian. I care even less that either of them got drunk, had parties, like licorice or once sent a stupid email. As a whole, what has the party done GOOD for me and my kin? I cant believe I even got sucked into trading rag stories like the great unwashed.

    I obviously did not remember what my father told me about talking about sex, politics and religion.


    1. Sal, you seem to be using some of Gordons strategy as well- you completely ignored my question .

      Are you a friend or colleqgue of the premier? Or simply an opportunistic businessman who knows which side of his bread is buttered? Because the premier seems to have an awful lot of those… I think quite a few free enterprise types are panicking at the prospect of not having Gordo and his cronies in office, no?

      I’ll tell you something about why exploring these rumours and allegations is important and in the publics interest Sal.
      Why finding out the truth is important. Remember that ? Truth. Besides the fact that while she is on the public payroll, her actions – and the premiers- are open to scrutiny just like any other politician/ staffers would be.

      In a quote from BC Mary:

      ” The lady with the beautiful name — Lara Dauphinee — was responsible (with the premier) for bringing Bobby Virk into the powerful position of aide to the Minister of Transportation.

      In so doing, she showed herself to be clearly involved in matters relating to negotiations which led to the loss (lease? sale?) of BC Rail.

      I certainly didn’t know that until very recently when her letter surfaced amongst the 8,000 pages of trial-related documents obtained by the Opposition.

      That’s very important for both of them, and about Ms Dauphinee we know so very little, even now. Hence these 4 articles.”

      So you see, this woman and her position(s) are very much open to examination by the public. She holds a very powerful position very close to the premier, and she earns a very large salary. As such she has been privy to information that may be relevant to the BC Rail hearings, and perhaps could shed some light on what happened there.

      Now, BC Rail aside for a moment, I tend to go with the idea that what a politician does on his own time is his business – so long as he isnt using public finds to bankroll it. Personally, I wouldn’t vote for someone who proved to be a sleazeball in his off time, like some of the American politicians who come to mind that were caught hiring hookers,cheating on their wives etc, but that’s just me. I don’t seperate integrity into ” professional” and ” personal” categories- you either have it or you don’t.


  2. Sorry about that, I thought your question was another rhetorical statement to dismiss opposition to your views, so I did not comment. To you I am either or one of the two people you ask about. But if you like, I do not know Gordo or his cronies or any party officials in either camp. I am not an opportunistic business man with buttered bread either. I have no idea if anybody is panicking at the thought of Gordo in office or not.

    As far as the BC Rail thing, who made the decision is all I need to know. I could care less if they read tea leaves like a former Prime Minister or talked to his dead wife for advice like another former Prime Minister. (Thinking of that you would have a field day today with that info wouldn’t you?)

    “Now, BC Rail aside for a moment, I tend to go with the idea that what a politician does on his own time is his business – so long as he isnt using public finds to bankroll it.” So his little impaired business in Hawaii caused you no concern because it was not bankrolled by the taxpayer and was on his own time? Please.

    I dare you to list the GOOD that both parties have done for the people of BC in a fair fashion, forgetting personal attacks.


    1. To me, you are likely to be one of those two groups. I know you are a free-enterprising man who likes as little government interference in his business or personal affairs as possible,something who those close to the premier seem to enjoy. A free pass, so to speak.

      Why don’t you tell me what good the current NDP has done, Sal,( current key word there) and I think we all would like to hear about the GOOD you think the BC Liberals have done for BC. I double dare you.
      I’m hard pressed to think of anything right off the top of my head that the libs have done that benefits all British Columbians, but then again I’m biased. His government denied funding to the housing agency I worked for before they received the Olympic bid, putting me out of work. Then we got the honour of hosting the games, now he’s tossing money out the ying-yangto get rid of the unsightliness of the homeless addicted and otherwise forgotten on our streets. Reality check time. Less than a year to go and they are all still there.

      And that hundred dollar little buy off went towards my soon to be in college daughters hefty tuition and housing fees- no thanks to the Libs on that one either. Jesus.


  3. I am likely to be one of those two groups? That’s it? A or B, with nothing in between? Now who is dodging the question. You are trying to convince me to vote ndp. You will not do that with negativity because I ignore it. If you think that there has been absolutely NO good done by the Liberal government that the people elected the past two times, and lots by the ndp then say so, dont try and turn it back on me like some high school debate. Campaign promises = crap.

    Big picture. Free enterprise vs big union government telling me what to do.

    You still spent your “buy off” though didn’t you? University in Canada costs money except if your an indian. In Cuba, education is free. We had homeless in Ontario for years, Bobby Rae the Rhodes scholar and all. He sure fixed that problem.

    People come and go, basic philosophies rarely change.


    1. Hell yes, I spent it – well saved it, and it’s likely to be the only hand-out I get out of the system, so why not?
      I think the only reasons the Libs have won the last two elections are because about half the population doesnt bother to get off their asses and make the effort, and the others are still living in memories of the old NDP. This is 2009, Sal, a new time, new challenges. I actually have a lot of hope and faith that people are actually going to make the effort this time. I’m not stupid, you know that, and I do know that election promises are just that- promises waiting to be broken sometimes. But in the grand scheme of things, these fake Liberal in Name Only Liberals are going to be the death of our mighty province. The NDP might screw up here and there,but in the end I think the province as a whole will be better off. Maybe its time for a “normal” person without all the corporate crap background, the slick ads and the tech savvy youngsters to take the healm. That’s where the Liberals are making their biggest campaign mistakes, not appealing to the normal average person. The person who doesn’t Twitter, doesn’t facebook, or couldnt care less about texting. And women. A good majority of us hate Gordon Campbell because he comes across as the kind of condescending, patronizing ass that thinks he knows more than anyone else. He talks down to people without even meaning to, and he doesn’t have the ability to even fake being sincere. His out and out lies to the people in the interior about the NDP raising the price of ” their beer” is the talk of normal people, and its not good talk.

      I happen to have come from a union family, and that union served my father and brother well for many years,but now look at who is coming in to buy up the shares in the big forestry company my dad works for. Jimmy Pattison. You think he isn’t going to try and bust that union? You think that the company isn’t trying to whittle away at their pensions that they’ve earned in years of giving blood sweat and tears, and occasionally their lives as well? Bullshit he wont. Look how much old Jimmy gave to the Libs at Election BC. He’s right up there with all the other big corporations who profit so well under the Liberal Free Enterprise way of life. And if you are thinking this government isnt telling us what to do right now, you are in for a rude surprise. Do we have control over what expansion in mining and well drilling that impacts residents in the north? No. Do we have any say in what he does to promote the grizzly bear hunt? No. Has he listened to anyone over the fish farms ? No. No. No.

      By the time he acts, it’s too late. Read Bill Tielemans take on this NDP vs Liberal arguement.

      You can vote for your free enterprise Gordon Campbell, Sal – I, and a whole host of other British Columbians, are taking a stand with Carol James.



  4. The “old ndp”. Interesting thought. Accoding to what my kid found me on the net, the Social Credit party basically built this province with mega projects galore. Free enterprise as I read it. We enjoy the fruits of that today. All I hear is whining about big projects like the port man thing. Which by the way James is now for. I could claim flip flop, pander to eastern townships, but I would like to think it was a common sense turnaround on facts.

    Yin and yang. Pattison will try to bust the union and they will resist. ndp will pass pro union rules to appease their base and the liberals will reverse them next time. The amount of union members per capita is far less than 30 years ago. Wonder why that is.

    One thing that struck me in the reading my kid found was that no mega projects on hydro have happened in the last years because of all the whining. We are going to have to buy hydro power now because we have used up the surplus room we had when those projects were completed. The opposition, read ndp, and the environmentalists howled world destruction to stop things like the kemano completion project, and now I get to put out more bucks because nobody built dick.

    Nothing wrong with free enterprise. build a better mouse trap and people will buy it. The more that buy the better trap, the more people needed to make it, transport it, stock it, sell it, recycle it. Unions have an important place and an important job. I do have some reservations when a postie or a line worker for gm makes large bucks for little work, out pacing nurses and other professions because of a strong or radical union. I asked by mail delivery girl about her day. She does her route in 3 hours, gets paid for 8, then goes down to the sorting place and works the rest of her 8 hours at double time because it is considered a different job and is done in addition to her “regular shift”. they measure the shift length by pacing the route up and down the driveways and around to the next house. Never saw that, they always walk across the lawn and thru the flower beds to get to the next house. It takes 3 days for my mail to get to a downtown office. It takes a couple of hours by courier. Almost the same price.


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