New on The Legislature Raids: ” Can anyone do these two jobs at once: Deputy Chief of Staff and Executive Assistant?”

BC Mary has brought us another installment in her series on Gordon Campbell’s Chief of Staff /Executive Assistant , Lara Ann Dauphinee and explores another of the many questions surrounding her position and it’s entitlements…. Here’s an excerpt:

A family vacation

When Gordon Campbell went to Europe to “explore new approaches to improve” how medical services are delivered in B.C., he took his brother-in-law, the B.C. Health Minister, his Chief of Staff, and his Deputy Chief of Staff – Lara Dauphinee – with him. When Sean Holman noted this in his Public Eye Online, there were questions. One question was:

Why do both Chief of Staff Martyn Brown and Lara Dauphinee, deputy chief of staff and executive assistant, have to accompany the Premier?

Posted by Budd Campbell on February 22, 2006

And it made me think … if the Deputy Chief of Staff was in Europe … but wait … wouldn’t that be the premier’s Executive Assistant who was with him? See her carrying munchies? Working a recorder? That’s the kind of thing an EA does…”

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