” It can’t be easy for Lara Dauphinee…But what about the rest of B.C.? ”

BC Mary, author of The Legislature Raids, has posted some stunning new revelations from former BC Liberal MLA Paul Nettleton,who was one of the few individuals who battled hard to stop the sale of BC Rail before it  actually occurred. This is the latest in a series surrounding the relevance of Campbells right hand lady, Lara Dauphinee, to the sale of BC Rail and the functions of the premiers office.

The revelations stem from incidents that Nettleton claims occurred between 1997 and 2003. Here is an excerpt :

” …Lara Dauphinee has two cranky bosses. She has two offices: Victoria, Vancouver. She has two homes – a penthouse condo in Vancouver, the other in Victoria. When she’s not traveling, that is. And then there’s all that other stuff.

Martyn Brown, the Chief of Staff, cannot be easy for Lara as a Deputy Chief. Rumour has it that the two have had serious disagreements.

Martyn was one of the diehards of the defunct Social Credit party. Then he tried to make the BC Reform party work. Next he naturally took up with Gordo’s LINO team (Liberal In Name Only) after it was whupped in 1996. The following 4-year period 1996-2000 steamed with Gordo leading the BC Opposition into a super-aggressive mode until, with a few dirty tricks, the LINO party achieved a massive victory in 2001.

And so Gordo’s first term as premier with 77 seats to 2, burst upon the province like the Wild West revisited. Ambitions were running wild. Stealth legislation was enacted. Tainted deals were signed. Christmas season 2002 was marred by a BC premier lying drunk in a Hawaiian jail. Christmas 2003 was marred by the only police raid on a provincial Legislature in Canadian history…”

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