The video that says it all : Premier Gordon Campbell speaks about Canwest and Cambie merchants |

If ever there was a video that highlighted both how the Liberal press machine works AND how the government manipulates media in BC, this IS it.

Charlie Smith from the Georgia Straight is in the middle of asking the Premier about the Public affairs Bureau, Canwest and political donations they’ve made, ( $50,000 to the Libs) relating it all wonderfully to how the premier really treats small businesses.

Suddenly, at about the 2: 53 mark, the premier’s handler interjects and halts the interview momentarily, objecting to the line of questioning Charlie is taking and refers to a “sandbag” – the woman’s voice belongs to Brigitte Anderson, the premiers press secretary. It only gets better as the Premier twiddles his thumbs while they talk, and then tries to dance around the issues about Canwest and then the Cambie street merchants.

Here is the link to the original column from the Straight :

Vodpod videos no longer available.  
Way to go, Charlie!!!  I would love to see Charlie interview the premier on the leaked reports covering the Run of the River projects that have broken environmental  regulations during construction. Can you imagine? if you haven’t heard about this incident, I’m not surprised either. The Liberals have, and are, refusing to talk about it until after the election, and CBC was the only outlet to really cover it in detail !!!
 And if Gateway is your issue, then you might also enjoy this video, also from the Georgia Straight, where Gordon Campbell defends the Gateway Program in an interview with reporter Matthew Burrows.  The original interview article and transcript are here:

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  1. Laila , I saw the Sun endorsed this man again . And he says there is nothing going on eh?

    Well how about this post I found online in the same god-damn paper??!!

    But here it is in case that disappears, I left a comment there too, so I guess I squeaked it in under their radar.

    ” Government routinely Breaks FOI Laws”
    by Janet Steffenhagen

    ” A study has found that the B.C. government routinely breaks the law in dealing with freedom-of-information requests from the media, political parties and special-interest groups, a Victoria Times-Colonist story says.

    The B.C. Freedom of Information and Privacy Association study found that the Liberal government fails more than half the time to meet legal deadlines for releasing information to news outlets, says the story by Lindsay Kines.

    In the case of responding to political parties, government exceeds time limits nearly two-thirds of the time.

    “Political interference is the rule of the day,” Darrell Evans, the association’s executive director, said in an interview yesterday.

    He said the study — Failing FOI — was timed for release during the B.C. election campaign in an attempt to get the system fixed. Campbell promised improvements when he was in opposition, and then made it worse once in power, Evans said.

    “What pains us most is the hypocrisy,” he said.

    Labour Minister Iain Black, whose ministry oversees the FOI process, was unavailable for comment yesterday. But he pledged earlier this year to stop using sensitivity ratings to flag requests from the media and other groups. He also said that media and political-party requests generally take longer because they ask for more information.

    Read the full story here.

    My experience in filing FOI requests is that it is a frustrating and often fruitless process – with many governing bodies. I recently abandoned efforts to get more information about the Don Avison report that the Vancouver board of education commissioned following the Quest scandal at Prince of Wales high school in the 1970s and 80s. I requested the report in 2007 under FOI and received a heavily censored copy from the Vancouver school district. I appealed but was facing a costly legal battle with VBE lawyers over an issue that had disappeared from the radar screen. ”

    Its a good post eh?

    But here’s the comment I left..

    ” Jay Tee
    Gordon Campbell’s Dirty Little Secret

    Before its demise, BC Rail transported over 100 trucks per day with its Trailer On Flat Car service. When I learned recently that trains are THIRTY TIMES more efficient at long haul transportation activities than trucks it became obvious the BC Liberals have no conscience when it comes to handing BC assets over to their friends and charging the public purse for the loses incurred. The carbon tax is one of many schemes to make up for the huge revenue loss from the sale of the railway.

    BC Rail was run on a private business model and for several years before being sold, was profitable earning approx 60 million annually while supporting 800 middle income jobs. The railway should have been allowed to pay off its debt. Like any normal company it expanded with new initiatives and failed at some.

    According to news reports after the 1 billion dollar sale to American owned CN, over 900 million dollars was spent literally doubling the amount of pavement in the BC Rail corridor between Cache Creek and Prince George, probably to handle the 3000 extra truck trips per month in the area. Not very green at all on all counts.

    Mr. Campbell wants to be as hurtful as possible to ordinary working people to the point of gross misuse of political position.

    Just the tax base alone from the lost 800 middle income jobs paid the province billions over the term of the sale.

    CN is not using the full potential of BC Rail and the tracks are in the mud in many areas. They should be on a couple feet of crushed rock. Campbell set the province up as the lessor of the tracks but has failed to do the necessary maintenance. The main crossing

    at Pemberton BC is a good example. The track is quickly becoming unsafe and unusable.

    Bc Rail has been anything but revitalized and has deteriorated greatly.

    Anyway so much for the BC Liberals declaring themselves the greenest government ever.

    Gordon Campbell is certainly one to keep a promise to his buddies even if it means setting BC up for failure for future generations.”

    Ha! Go get em. Vote NDP on Tuesday.


  2. This guy with his hit crew from the Public Affairs Bureau is a confidence man of the ‘first’ water.

    Charlie’s questions are good…but he’s not tough enough, in my view.

    As has been said so many times before – Gordon Campbell never answers a question…he’s sold out this province to his friends from Howe Street, which is hardly a surprise.

    Jay Tee is correct – there is only one way to erase this human stain from the body politic – and that’s by voting NDP on Tuesday.

    Thanks Laila – I hope you’re getting lots of people stopping by and I hope they take the time to listen to the whole interview…..

    This man is bought and paid for – now it’s time to package him up and send him back where he came from – and take every one of the 233 media monitoring slugs with him.

    Time for some ordinary decency and real moral vision – time for some fairness and time to put an end to sleaze….I just heard him trying to justify Bill Bennett’s racist ads – the man has nothing at his core – he is an empty shell.


  3. Sandbagged?

    The Media Minderbinder was concerned that the poor Premier was being sandbagged?

    Because Mr. Smith asked a real question?

    (ie. about the $50K Mr. Campbell received from his favoured advertiser in 2005)




    1. RossK, G, JayTee

      When I first happened onto this video, I couldn’t believe this wasn’t “out there”. I mean,to me it exemplifies everything one does not want or look for in a leader. He’s a smug and smarmy circle talker, and clearly redundant.
      I’m not sure what is more laughable here though: the fact that he really thinks anyone believes his lines about PAB, Canwest and his marriage with them, or the fact that Bridgette Anderson was a journalist in her previous incarnation.

      Somehow, I guess naive me still expects that it’s the job of journalists and newsmen/women to dig for and reveal the truth, rather than turncoat, spin and conceal it.

      I am sending and posting these videos everywhere I can. They are easily emailed or embedded from the sources. And Wow. Charlie does a spectacular job in the comments section, here as follows:
      Thu, 2009-05-07 02:57Rating: 0
      28 votes
      If it’s still a mystery as to why Gordon Campbell hasn’t visited the Straight offices before, perhaps the hostile reception is a clue. Of course, as premier, he should be just as open with all the media. But it’s human nature to be more open to people who are nice to you. Your questions were valid and not out of line. But don’t you think Campbell, would be more forthcoming and more likely to continue an ongoing relationship with your paper if you buttered him up with a few soft questions first? Or even just phrased them in a way that didn’t come across as a partisan attack by a thin-skinned media outlet? You could have asked the same questions in a manner that wasn’t so arrogant. Politicians admire smart journalists who ask the kind of hard questions you asked. You just have to make him leave the building without thinking you’re an asshole. Agree Disagree

      Charlie Smith
      Thu, 2009-05-07 07:42Rating: +13
      27 votes

      Here are my answers:
      1. Why not butter him up with soft questions first?
      Answer: We were offered a half hour. I greeted him warmly. His press secretary declared we only had 20 minutes. They cut the length by a third right off the bat. I had prepared for a half hour. I decided to cut to the chase.

      2. As for being a thin-skinned media outlet, I cut him off at one point because we were running out of time. I wanted Matt Burrows to ask him important questions about the Gateway Program. This is just a portion of the entire interview.

      3. If you think I sounded arrogant, well, there’s not much I can say to that. My tone isn’t nearly as beligerent as some of the people in the press gallery. It was really a function of time — and also the knowledge that his press secretary was prepared to highjack the interview even though I stuck completely to the issues that were agreed to beforehand.

      I can have a pleasant interview with a politician if the politician keeps to the preordained agreement. They sandbagged me by offering 30 minutes and then arbitrarily cutting it back after they arrived.

      I want to ask the premier about child poverty. I want to ask the premier why he has so few women with real power in his cabinet. I want to ask the premier what he discussed with Dick Cheney in Washington. This is a premier who promised the most open and accountable government in Canada. If he wants to keep this promise, he’ll return to our office and answer those questions. Nobody in the BC mainstream media appears prepared to raise these issues. Did Campbell talk about energy with Dick Cheney? I’m still wondering about that.
      The reality is that the Campbell government will never place its major advertising campaigns in the Georgia Straight. I know this. I know my questions won’t change this. I was trying to get to the issue of the influence that political contributions can have on public policy — and why the status quo may or may not create an unlevel playing field for small businesses, which Campbell expresses such empathy for. Agree Disagree

      Yes, Mr. Campbell, what did you do with that Dick in Washington? Was it all about the lumber? Because this link also says the following:

      “Premier Gordon Campbell meets with U.S. Vice-President Dick Cheney in Washington on Monday, Sept. 30, to discuss softwood lumber and other issues important to British Columbia.”

      And don’t even get me started on those clearly RACIST ads. Geesh, if it came from the NDP, they would be all over it and say something like: ” Clearly this is what one can expect when they don’t vet their candidates. They cannot offer leadership to keep BC Strong with people like this.”

      This post is getting a lot of hits. PAB. And it’s staying up.


  4. “Premier faces court order to show emails”
    Front page stuff, right? Its a huge story, a potentially enormous scandal – CPRII, I mean Gordie could go down in infamy with that drunken old crook John A, right?
    Page 26 in the Canwest Province.
    Go figure.


  5. BC politics is disgustingly corrupted by nefarious interests, just like the rest of Canada. Zionist Autocrats CanWest own the major papers and global TV, so you notice Campbell isn’t hounded over things like drunk driving and selling off the public trust.

    Campbell represents corporate takeover, James represents who knows what, the greens are just fascists, and they all swim in a Zionist media-scape where they can’t mention the controlling factor that makes all of them into Shabaz Goi caricatures.

    The Zionist stranglehold has perverted language itself, as ‘Zionist’ is now a word that must not be mentioned.

    Carole James says it’s unacceptable to mention the word ‘Zionist’:


  6. The premier will not usually go that deep with a reporter that clearly dislikes him.
    Without touching on anything else, that was brave.


  7. The premier is positively foul in this video, and this is very true to form for his mannerisms when his guard is down. Note that blank, uncaring look that comes over his face while his guard-dog takes over and protects her master.

    There is nothing brave about this man. I know him, and he is everything he is reported to be. If you have something on him, watch your back at all times. And lock your doors.


  8. I’ll take your word for that Impeach. Sounds like the plot for a movie.. haha. No worries, anyone trying to get into my house is going to get a close up look at the inside of my German Shepards mouth. She’s trained not to bite, only hold until police arrive. : )


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