” He might have a big surprise come Tuesday…” – BC Liberal insider dishes backroom chit-chat on Gordon Campbell

Happy Mothers Day!

This year is a special one for me, since it the last one with my eldest at home before going to college in the fall, and the first one since the birth of my baby last year. As such, I’ve had some special time alone with all of them and this morning was no exception with my daughter treating me to breakfast on her own at a local restaurant.

We were just about to finish up and leave when surprise of all surprises, an old client happened by our table.A very prominant business owner who also happens to be a liberal insider.  Of course, being the liberal he is, he had to scold me for the  Georgia Straight/Charlie Smith interview of the premier, to which I just laughed.

” If the premier doesn’t like the way the video looks, then tough luck! I think it is superb.”

I invited him to sit with my daughter and I while he waited for the rest of his party, and of course  we talked politics. But what he told me certainly isn’t what the Liberals are claiming publicly in the cheerleading squad known as The Sun.

According to this former client of mine, not all the BC Liberals are happy with the premier as leader, and many are talking about who they would like to see lead the team if and when he loses on Tuesday. He tells me that some are no longer willing or able to explain the premiers actions and refusal to speak openly on issues like the allegations surrounding his friend, Patrick Kinsella.  ” He’s hurting us as a party,” he said. ” There are times when he needs to just answer the questions and quit speaking in the continual rhetoric we hear at every campaign stop. ”

“Does he think no one  reads the finance section ? ” I asked: ” Or that we just don’t care? Because everyone I hear from knows that he can’t possibly keep the budget he’s given after any re-election.”

”  A bit of both. I do know that one place he failed in this campaign is his target of small businesses. None of them believe him after the Cambie line, and by failing to understand the minimum wage is far too low, he’s alienated thousands of voters who are struggling. ”

( I leaned in close at this point and really asked him the hard question.)

” So tell me, my friend, will the people see Gordon get that golden third term ?”

” I hope not,Laila , I hope not. ”

Who would have guessed the best present I received to day would come from a Liberal? Ha!

Now scroll down and watch the Gordon Campbell video……

2 thoughts on “” He might have a big surprise come Tuesday…” – BC Liberal insider dishes backroom chit-chat on Gordon Campbell

  1. Check out the Global smear tonight. Brian Coxford of Fox North makes Bill O’Reilly look unbiased. They must be awfully worried to throw out all journalistic cred.


    1. Not defending anyone, but I think some of these journalists are in a tough spot right now. Any job in the biz is one to hold onto. You write what you are told to write at times. Muzzles and leashes are the norm.
      But, that being said, at some point I think you have to ask yourself where you stand, and what you believe.

      There was quite a bit more to the above conversation Ian, that I didn’t have time to post because it’s Mothers Day and my kids were holding me hostage all day. Let’s just say that it’s time for many liberals to weigh the liabilities of their current leader against some younger, more likeable candidate. I think it speaks volumes when big movers in your own ranks are hoping for a clean slate to start again…


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