New Post coming later today.

I’ve been in the garden all morning building a new trellis for the bean vines that are growing a half foot every day right now.  While nailing some ceder 1 x 2’s into a frame for the trellis, I missed the nail and smashed my thumb with the hammer- hard. Oh yes, it’s really looking hot right now, all purple under the nail, and throbbing. Ah well, the trellis looks good though. I ‘ll leave you with this little story from the Times Colonist, passed on from BC Mary – If you live on the island, keep your eyes  ‘peeled’  for wagging willies…

Two naked men dance at Saanich convenience store, ring doorbells


Two naked, dancing men put on an exotic, albeit unwanted, show in Saanich Wednesday morning.

The streakers’ first hotspot was the Mac’s convenience store at Wilkinson and Interurban roads around 1:50 a.m.

The store clerk got an eyeful when they ran in, danced and then ran out. Three Saanich police officers arrived, but the duo had disappeared.

Still in the nude, they began ringing doorbells in the 4200 block of Grange Road, a nearby residential area, but left before police could find them. If caught, the men face charges of public nudity.

Both are believed to be white men in their 20s. One is about 6 foot 2 inches tall and the other is 5 foot 10 inches.

“There was nothing overly descriptive about them so there couldn’t have been anything special about them as far as anatomy goes,” joked police spokesman Sgt. John Price.

Thankfully for them, it was a relatively warm night. — Times Colonist

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2 Comments on “New Post coming later today.

  1. First of all, Laila, I remember the day I asked the Editor-in-Chief of Victoria Times Colonist why she didn’t have a reporter in the Supreme Courtroom where a Basi Virk pre-trial hearing was underway.

    Lucinda replied that “When there’s news, we plan to publish it.” I thought of Lucinda again today with the two naked guys dancing … so this is her idea of news??

    2) The other thing that made me chuckle was the way the headline is set up. If you read it critically, it says that the astonishing pas de deux by the dancing men was what set all the neighbourhood doorbells ringing.

    Good one, Lucinda. Maybe she’s right. Maybe we needed the laughter.


  2. Ah, well I guess I’m used to local papers not covering much of the Basi-Virk happenings, it didn’t even phase me!!

    I couldn’t help thinking that things like this never happen when I’m in a convenience store, camera in hand as I usually do. I would have snapped all the gory details and posted them far and wide!!!

    Sometimes I wonder where the balance has gone in reporting. The local papers devoted large columns to The Bachelorette chick from Vancouver, when all I can say is ” Who Cares?” If you need a dating show to get a man to marry you, well, good luck with that.

    I’d like to see the Province devote as much space to an Enbridge story as they gave her. But hey, editors have priorities I guess. I just don’t get them.