Order to delete government emails requested in the BC Rail hearings was given in May – during the provincial election

Is the house of cards some say has been built by Premier Gordon Campbell beginning to shake?  All I know, is that the term ” obstruction of justice” has been floating around all morning…

Read all about the “politically explosive” affidavit filed in court by a BC Government employee, HERE:  The Legislature Raids  and HERE: http://billtieleman.blogspot.com/

5 Comments on “Order to delete government emails requested in the BC Rail hearings was given in May – during the provincial election

  1. Wow, there’s never been a day like this one in the 3 long years I’ve been working to get the BCRail story out.

    Today, I’m told, there were FOUR TV NEWS CREWS in the Basi-Virk courtroom, plus print journalists from Vancouver Sun, The Province, Victoria Times Colonist, The Canadian Press, The Globe and Mail, Bill Tieleman for The Tyee and 24 HOURS,

    and meantime, our faithful Robin Mathews who has so often attended the Basi Virk pre-trial hearings ALL ALONE … reporting back to me, and to Vive le Canada … keeping the BC Rail news alive …

    well, isn’t it sweet that today Robin and his wife are in Nova Scotia to see the tall sailing ships arrive.

    A perfect day. We have lots to do yet to keep pushing to hear the truth of what happened to BC Rail. But today is the day when it got a lot easier.

    Good for citizen journalism, eh Laila?

  2. Gee, would this be the one time we might be happy that the Liberal government contracted out to cheaper but often inefficient Americans?

    Personally, I have a really hard time believing there aren’t copies of those emails about. Think about it. Remember Conrad Black and all those boxes he hauled out of the office? Hmmm? Most people of a certain stature and income hold safes in unsuspected areas.

    People who are smart enough to practice deceit at a certain level are usually proud of it, and proud of getting away with it and often that is their undoing in the end – that narcissistic need to revel in their own webs.

    Just saying. People in general, you know….. hehe.

  3. A bit more info. gleaned from two people who know about these things. They said that when a U.S. corporation takes on a contract, that work comes under U.S. law …

    They thought that the BC government’s contract with the U.S. firm EDS will put those records beyond our reach, no longer accessible to us.

    I’m hoping this is wrong …

  4. Well, if the documents are stored in the US , they are subject to the Patriot act, so they would be available to the American government if not us – if anyone has a contact there, I suggest you use it!! hehe.

    But yes, to my knowledge, any information actually stored physically in the US in not accessible to us other than by warrent and court order. However, if this is the Canadian arm of that company, and said documents are physically stored here, than that is within our grasp.

    That is yet another one of those WHO WHAT WHEN WHERE WHY questions that should be followed up on. And, right now, I’m sure it will be.