Things we can’t do during the Olympics.

1)  Get sick or Have any kind of elective surgery – up to 4000 surgeries will be cancelled in the Lower Mainland, over a 4 week period during 2010 – even serious operations could be impacted. ( 2000 in Vancouver Coastal Authority + 2000 Fraser Health Authority)

” For those interested, a reduction in services during this time will allow physicians, nurses and other health professionals to volunteer their services for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games to meet the medical needs of athletes, team support staff, volunteer medical staff and spectators. VANOC requires the volunteer services of 1,750 medical personnel for the Games.

~ Fraser Health authority memo, July 9th, 2009


And the complete story here:

And this fellow was ridiculed for suggesting this would happen back in 2007 :

2) Administer Justice and be assured of your own safety – No criminal court cases will be heard during 2010 as RCMP do security duty

3) Speak your mind anywhere except where VANOC tells you to –

4) Be homeless  or destitute in an area where visitors might actually see you –

Questions I have for VANOC and the BC Liberals:

With the number of RCMP officers being  shifted to 2010 security detail, how will you continue to assure the public that criminal mayhem will not erupt in areas where  venues are NOT located ?

  • Considering patients already face wait times of several months for many elective surgeries, how can you justify losing 4 weeks to cover the games? Will the system be able to withstand this type of setback, and how do you plan to recover? ( oh wait, Kevin Falcon just ordered massive budget cuts, didn’t he?)

7 thoughts on “Things we can’t do during the Olympics.

  1. Laila, I don’t read CBC, but maybe I should now, because I haven’t really heard about this yet!!

    I’m actually really worried, because I’ve been waiting to have a surgery scheduled, but I was told it might not be until February! Does this mean that It will be even later now, I wonder?

    How can any government, in good conscience, allow such a thing to happen ? Cancel surgeries and so everyone will be widdling their fingers and go volunteer? What happens if they choose not to, will the government make the doctors and nurses volunteer?

    I’m so sorry to say I voted Liberal. I regret doing so with everything I know now. Thank you for bringing us items like this that otherwise we might not see. Thank you.


  2. Hey there Laila, nice to read that the government is thinking of the people of British Columbia, as usual. NOT!!

    I am totally and completely disgusted with this decision. Perhaps they ashould have thought about how we feel waiting for these surgeries. Sure, we might not be dying, but living in pain waiting for a knee replacement is no cup of tea, let me tell you. I\’d sure like to see that premier of ours , or that silly Kevin Falcon have to totter around on a cane for a more than 6 months waiting to get it done. I doubt that would happen now,would it?

    I heard Bill Good talking about how great his hip replacement was, and how great the system worked for him. I wonder how long of a wait he had for his surgery, or did he get to go to the front of line?


  3. The best question to ask Bill re: his hip replacement is would be…which hospital did you go to? Chances are pretty good he may have used the same hospital our BC pols use – UBC.


  4. Right on the money Leah- I recieved one of those CKNW newsletters via email this morning, and that is exactly where he had it.

    Laura, I wish you the best of luck. My advice would be to keep at it, and keep your doctors on their toes.

    Don- I’m sure there are a lot of people feeling the same as you do. I feel the same, and am quite worried about the impact this will have on my life – a story that I soon will be sharing with everyone.

    Wouldn’t it be nice for once to see them put the people of BC first, rather than a sporting event? I hate to say it, because I support the athletes, but these games came at the worst time ever.


  5. I think it is time to start a bumper sticker campaign. Let all those cars on the lower mainland speak your mind!. This shut up, behave and don’t expect anything during the Olympics but a police state is just ridiculous.

    Any ideas out there for the stickers?

    “Export the Olympics back to Greece”


  6. I heard Keith Beaudry on “The World Today, Weekend Edition”, and he stated that the Campbell Government is “very secretive”. His longtime pal ,Premier Campbell expounds “honest and open” Government, and “transparency”. One of them is feeding us a load of rubbish……………… er, um, which one would that be?



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