Breaking news – Homes destroyed as wild-fire burns in West Kelowna

UPDATED NOON Sunday- July 19th

Hope everyone is doing ok this morning – let’s all hope for a break for those firefighters and volunteers doing their best to get the job done and make sure everyone is safe.

The single best web page I’ve located for fire updates, help line numbers, emergency contacts and other resources such as shelters and pet help during the fire, is If you can’t find what you are looking there, you should be able to find someone who can direct you to the right spot.

Best of luck to everyone in the days to come.

**** update 10:37 pm Saturday, July18th

Global BC is giving an extended one hour edition at 11pm  for Kelowna fire coverage.

For those readers in the Kelowna area, and for those who are wondering what the latest is going on, check out the following link that seems to be updated frequently this evening: Make sure to hit refresh to get the latest while on that site.

The mayor will be holding  a media conference at 11:00 pm, pst. This should be carried live on both major Vancouver stations, or found on the web shortly thereafter at the CTV site below, or on Global at Both site update their web pages often.

You can also find periodic updates at If there is anyone reading who is in that area and can provide information at any time during the night, leave your comments below for others to follow. It will be greatly appreciated by those worrying at home with no other information at hand.

The latest at this point seems to be that the fire has grown substantially to over 200 hectares , with winds  and nightfall continuing to hamper firefighters efforts. Many areas are without electricity and should be prepared to be that way for tomorrow as well.  I’m off for the night, but as I said, please post updates as you get them here for those following.


In a scene reminiscent of the fires that burned through the interior in 2003, I’ve been watching CTV news at 6 who is running live coverage of the fire raging out of control in Kelowna.  Reported at about 3 pm today, at this hour the fire has destroyed an estimated 12 homes with many more threatened. Evacuation orders are in effect for many areas and with extremely high winds in the area , it seems unlikely firefighters will be able to get a handle on it very quickly.

My thoughts are with everyone in the area tonight, and for those who are concerned about friends and families. Ongoing coverage can be found on, and on your local radio stations.

2 thoughts on “Breaking news – Homes destroyed as wild-fire burns in West Kelowna

  1. Thanks for the link Laila. We don’t have TV here so it’s haed to get news other than on the net. We also have relatives right where the fir is. Thanks again.


  2. Gary – try the links above, and follow what you can through net streams. I wish the best for your relatives! Please post anything you hear for the readers who are in the same boat as you!


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