“One Week” delivers the wake-up call we all need and reminds us what life is all about

First off, let me say that when it comes to movies, I’m probably about as picky as it gets. I don’t do frat humour, I don’t do stupid, check -your- brain- at- the-door action movies and I don’t do chick flicks.

I do however, enjoy a movie with a  real story, a real plot and credible actors who deliver with no effort  – and One Week delivers on all counts.  As an added bonus, it is wonderfully Canadian to the last detail, from the Tim Hortons coffee roll up the rim reference, to a cameo by the Tragically Hip’s Gord Downie in a scene that I wish I got to shoot.Heck, I’d just love to sit and shoot the breeze with him!  And, the soundtrack completely rocks !! Rarely do I do reviews of any kind here on the site, but this movie moved me so deeply that I really wanted to share it with all of you.

Ben Tyler( played by Joshua Jackson) is engaged to be married, stuck in an unsatisfying teaching job and generally just going with the flow when he is diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. There are only 4 stages.

Knowing that once he enters hospital for treatment he is unlikely to leave,  he impulsively buys a vintage motorbike and leaves everything behind to take a grand adventure ride across Canada. What ensues is  not only an epic trip ,but a discovery of himself  and who he is to the core.

I won’t tell you anymore other than if this movie doesn’t awaken something inside of you, if you don’t feel some kind of wanderlust stirred up that was long buried, than you have either done everything you’ve ever wanted to do in life, or you haven’t got any passion. It’s something I keep forgetting, that you never know when your number is up, so you better damn well do it right the first time. What would you do if you only had one week left ? Me, it kind of scares me what comes to mind first… I’ll share if you do.

 Check it out, and if you don’t like it as much as I did, I’ll send you some home grown zuchinni as a consolation prize. ( it’s really piling up around here…)

What are you waiting for ?

Go rent it now!


http://www.oneweek.ca/home – trailers, contest and other features.

6 thoughts on ““One Week” delivers the wake-up call we all need and reminds us what life is all about

  1. Without a doubt, this is one of the best ” wake-up calls” movies out there. It makes you think about things you might have done differently in your life, and if where you are right now is where you want to be.
    I’ve watched it 4 times and everytime i do I’m tempted to walk into the law firm where I work the next say and tell the senior partners I’m leaving and they can go screw themselves.

    If I had one week to live,Laila, I would tell you that I never got over you when you broke up with me years ago, and that every woman I’ve dated since has been compared to you and come up short.


  2. anonymous, on July 20th, 2009 at 7:42 am Said: , every woman I’ve dated since has been compared to you and come up short.
    Laila, you must be extremely tall.
    Regardless , let me say I very much enjoy your blog, Im very grateful there are people out there, such as your self ,BC Mary , Harv Oberfeld, Bill Tieleman,Robin Matthew , and many more, your all a credit to our province.


  3. Yes, well, I’m 5’10” – over 6 feet in heels, so he must be dating short chicks now.. hehe.

    Thank you Henri Paul – that means a lot to me, and if i may speak for the others you have mentioned, to them as well.
    Bloggers get disrespected all the time by some in the media, and it get’s more than a bit frustrating to hear it. I don’t do this because I get paid to, I do it because I love it, and because I love this province and it’s people , and I think there are issues and stories that need to be told, and heard.

    They’ll have to pry the keyboard away from my cold bent fingers when I’ve died. Better yet, send it off with me!


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