Do we really need another raindrop in a city where it rains for months on end? Do we?

The details behinds the latest health and welfare cuts become known today, and I for one, am pretty pissed off. Especially since this news came on the night CTV ran a very interesting story.

 Here are just a couple of the cuts and the cost savings behind each one:

– Cut domestic violence worker in New Westminster = $44,000 savings to budget

– Cut 12 contracts for seniors services, close two senior daycare programs and reduce services at another 6 = $550,000 savings to budget

-Cut 11 contracts for mental health and addictions programs = $500,000 savings to budget.

                                           – however…

Very, very quietly, a new and very expensive  piece of  ” art” has been installed outside the new – and  vastly overbudget –  Vancouver Convention and Exhibition Center.

It’s a giant bright blue raindrop, designed by German artists, but built in Calgary. At 19 metres tall, it had to be transported to Vancouver by truck, carried by a barge to the center and then erected by crane.

 That giant drip- oops, ‘drop’ –  was  actually created out of a type of Styrofoam, hard coated with polyurea and lovingly polished for that gleaming shine…in fact, it took the Calgary company  1,200 hours to build the darn thing!

Now, here’s the really funny part. This raindrop was partially paid for by you and I!


 Taxpayers dollars paid for this raindrop – mind you, they told CTV that this expenditure was built right into the convention center budget, which might explain partially why it was so out of control…. ( the story on runs at the 19:34 mark on the August 13th newscast at )

                        One Giant Styrofoam raindrop = $800,000.00 

                       Hearing the Liberal explanation of  this purchase ?  PRICELESS

Seems to me, that $800,000 would have bought a lot of piece of mind for seniors, the mentally ill, and quite a few beaten up women in BC. That raindrop could have eliminated the need to cut those programs.

But hey. That’s just the way I see it. Oh yes, and here is a photo of that drop, taken by yours truly….

" The big blue drop"

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  1. I’m sure all the seniors and homeless people who have to do without necessities for God only knows how long…will look at this lovely “drop” with pride, knowing that THEY are the ones who will ultimately pay for it.

    In the short term however; we really need to ask who the “drip” was that decided to pay 800 Thousand for a “drop”!

    This story needs to go viral…so that every country visiting during the ‘lympics can admire the art that cost those who can least afford it so much of their future.

  2. CTV story says it was already worked into the budget, however, I call BS on that. Even if it was, with all the current cutbacks coming it would have been prudent to stop order on it, and put that money somewhere else.

    I’d like to know what the real total is. Does $800,000 include the transport and installment?

    If anyone knows how to take this viral, go for it. This is the most offensive expenditure, and how insulting to the people who are affected by the cuts to have it run at the same time.
    ” We cant afford the services you need, but look at this lovely blue raindrop we bought!! ”

    Good grief.

  3. In addition to Dr. Robert Hare’s books “Without Conscience” and “Snakes in Suits”, I am diligently reading other materials about “the disturbing world of the psychopaths among us.”

    I got my first insight into our leader when, after perhaps one glass too many, a neighbor who was close to high politicians spoke inside knowledge about one of them. Among other things, it gave confirmation, well in advance, of things written and implied by BC Mary. That knowledge also allowed me to check one more box on the Psychopathy Checklist.

    The psychiatric syndrome that I refer to explains how a person can be so cold of heart that aging couples are forced to live apart, how dying patients are denied social services, how a rich province can have the lowest minimum wage in Canada, YET, we have $900 million to build a second, larger waterfront play-yard for the wealthy. When you spend that much, what’s another million for a German’s plastic raindrop. (What is the fascination of Dear Leader for things German? What else German does he admire?)

    My friend a lawyer warns about stepping too far down this road, but I sincerely believe that psychopathic characteristics of political leaders is in need of public exposure, especially in Vancouver. I continue my research.

  4. Quite the answer Norman. I truly look forward to hearing more about this, perhaps in person at our next Bloggerpalooza? Some things just take being discussed over a fine glass of vino or perhaps something even stiffer….

  5. I know RossK, there is a local girl out here that was totally shafted in this situation, after working hard her entire high school career. She really could have used that money.

    Not much different than the number of nursing students who recently received letters telling them they will not longer be receiving fund to continue their studies through a special program to funs nursing students- something the province started to entice more people into nursing because the ones we do have are so desperately understaffed and overworked in our hospitals.

    What next? They say that no one will go without treatment who needs it, but how can we believe this when we see the way the government is quietly passing along news like the Premiers excellence program being cancelled? Again, that freaking raindrop could have paid for those kids awards.

    Priorities, people, priorities…

  6. The faceless nameless group behind the facade of mega-corporations is pulling political strings in North America, anyway; they hire (bribes, called election contributions) people that think along with their agenda; the less morality (thus) ‘the better’.

    I’m not sure of the distinction between psychopath and sociopath for some of the people now in power. (out-of-touch – little empathy)

    One big danger for our society is that the ‘common folk’ lose all faith in the system, and stop caring: give up hope. I hope all of you in here stay strong – long enough that people can harness their anger for a change in the next election… that they see this government is not out for their common good.

    Laila Yuile for premier !

  7. RossK, there will be a story coming sometime today – I’m only days away from moving and trying to get everything done at once. Not so successfully and with children underfeet.

    Wylde Otse- funny you mention the term sociopath, it’s a term I seem to be hearing frequently these days when conversations take a political term…. I agree that so many of our politicians have lost any ability to relate or connect with the average person. Out of touch = out of mind, which hopefully =’s out of sight in the next election!

    Thanks for the vote of confidence, but I’ll have to see if I can make it as MLA first…hehe.

  8. Sure Laila….

    GAB mentioned the ‘notebook’ over at my place can’t wait to hear all about it.

    (especially given that, unless I missed it, it hasn’t been mentioned in any of the pro-Media reports).


  9. Only a LibCOn could have paid artists in Germany, hey isn’t that where BC Ferries builds boats?

    At least this art was built in Canada, albeit in Calgary. Why couldn’t they do this in BC?

  10. “… Germany, hey isn’t that where BC Ferries builds boats?…”

    Yes it part of our foreign aid responsibilities, creating jobs in needy places like Germany and Calgary. It helps BC workers save on taxes.

  11. … and a local ship-building industry.

    I am trying to think of an appropriate curse to bring down upon this destructive man … Gordo alone … I want him to itch very badly in places where he can’t scratch

    so that

    during his many photo ops …

    he’ll have this crazy fixed smile on his face …

    the wild grimace of a premier

    who knows exactly what he wants to do next

    and it’s within his reach

    but he is being thwarted …

    oh, yes.

    Devotees who are watching will think

    the premier’s dear face reflects the divine light

    of acquisitions, quick profits, and happy new friendships

    and they will rejoice. But won’t the devotees be surprised

    if they follow him off-stage … and see the real truth.

    See what actually happens next.

    Oh yes. That’s their Gordo alright.

  12. That is precious Mary, just precious! And yes, this report is half done. I swear the Gods are now conspiring to prevent it from being written, the way my day has gone.I hate moving and have no intention to do it again for many many years. Unless its to Victoria, that is.. hehe.

    Should have it up tomorrow morning around 8 or so. Thanks for the patience.

  13. And where was this story in the newspapers? Haven\’t seen it at all, and this should have been big news considering the irony of the CTV story link you\’ve posted running it at the same time as the latest health care cuts!!!

    Shame!! ( correct me if this did get published and I missed it. I did look though)

  14. J., and Laila, and everybody:

    It’s a good bet that the drip really is a tear-drop … and wow,

    ask Google to find explanations for “Tear drop as symbol” … wow, wow, wow!

    It’s basically a prison tattoo symbol.

    It indicates crime. And murders.

    Sometimes placed outside a house to tell a story.

    Ours is placed outside the new Convention Centre.


    Have a Google.

    Then tell us what you think now, about having a prison symbol affixed to the place where visitors from around the world will visit … and leave … their eyes round with puzzlement …

  15. BC Mary, you are TOO funny! That is perfect symbolism for GC! This story is a perfect example of this governments policies.

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