Truth is not only violated by falsehood; it may be equally outraged by silence.(H.F. Amiel 1821-1881)

I know I said I wouldn’t be blogging again until I was in my new home this weekend, but Norman Farrell -author of the popular new blog Northern Insights – has done it again.

This is something every British Columbian must read, so send this link along to everyone in your contact book.  With everything Norman has listed, how can Premier Gordon Campbell say they couldn’t see it coming??

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Deceitful voices trash democracy – Norman Farrell

Speech from the Throne – August 2009

“The pace, depth and scope of the economic crisis surpassed expectations. We have been hit by seismic economic shifts that were unpredictable and brutally deceiving in their speed and force.”

News Headlines:

  • Apr 14/09 – International Monetary Fund put losses from crisis at $4.1 trillion;
  • Mar 10/09 – Job prospects hit 27 year low;
  • Mar 03/09 – U.S. Government announces $200 billion for consumer-backed debt;
  • Feb 19/09 – Credit Union report predicts 42,000 B.C. jobs lost in 2009;
  • Feb 11/09 – Mortgage applications at 8-year low;
  • Feb 04/09 – Construction industry hit hardest by recession;
  • Jan 11/09 – NATO Chief: Financial crisis poses risk;
  • Jan 15/09 – B.C. caught in recession downdraft, credit union economist says;
  • Jan 05/09 – U.S. national debt expected to rise by $2 trillion in 2009;
  • Dec 17/08 – U.S. housing slump worsens;
  • Dec 11/08 – B.C. headed for recession: TD Bank economist;
  • Nov 29/09 – What to do about global economic meltdown;
  • Nov 03/08 – Economic meltdown hits Canadian universities;
  • Sep 22/08 – U.S. meltdown puts heat on Canada

Speech from the Throne – February 2009

  • “Now is not the time to take more money out of our economy through higher taxes.”
  • “Education is the best economic development and health promotion program ever invented. In tight economic times, it is only smart to maintain and expand educational investments.”
  • “Now is the time to build. Interest rates are at record lows, commodity prices are at rock bottom and competition is intense. The federal budget offers a major new pool of capital that can help the province to meet tomorrow’s needs by building today.”
  • “[We plan] a total of $14 billion in new and ongoing public capital construction and 88,000 jobs throughout the province. Many of those projects will be launched in the next 90 days. All will be accelerated to the maximum extent possible.”

5 thoughts on “Truth is not only violated by falsehood; it may be equally outraged by silence.(H.F. Amiel 1821-1881)

  1. Do you really think the lieberals care? They’re in there to sell off the rest of our province to their friends and cement a position for themselves on the boards of said companies when they get booted from power. That’s it. It started with the selling of BC Rail. (of course after they lied and said they wouldn’t.) They’re now selling off our rivers. They’re going after the BCUC because they didn’t like the decision made based on facts, and based on what is good for British Columbians! They are the worst deceitful, lying, government this province has ever had.


  2. Right on the mark Curt! Most will likely sit on the boards of the Private Power companies, or land development companies that bought and paid for them…but I think Mr. Campbell is destined for a chair at Carlyle or CN.

    Seriously though, if anyone expected a shred of anything different…or a scintilla of integrity from this government – I’d be worried about their cranial health. As in: Alive or Dead.


  3. No, Curt. I don’t think the Liberals care. But, they believe that citizens don’t care. I fear they may be right about too many in this province. That’s why we have to speak as loudly as we can. Some of us can write but we need help to spread those words. Bloggers don’t act out of self-interest, nobody pays us for telling our version of truth. It comes from the heart.

    Actually, I do have a self-interested bias. I want my grandchildren to enjoy successful lives with opportunities for learning, work and recreation in what should remain the best place in the world. I want the wilderness preserved, not desecrated to run air conditioners in Los Angeles. I want the young to someday recognize that baby boomers cared about our world and spoke out.


  4. I’m with you on that Norman. I guess it is self-interested, isn’t it, when we want so much for the province? Although I don’t have grandkids yet, I do have 4 kids that I hope stay and work in B.C. when they grow older.

    Having grown up playing in the woods in and around Prince George and the many surrounding forests and mountain ranges, I’ve already seen devastating changes with the beetle kill. I feel bad that my kids will never get to experience fishing the lakes that I fished, or camping on the slopes of a mountain that is now barren.

    Most of all, like Norman, I want my kids to know that I fought for all I was worth for them, and for others who don’t have a platform like we do.

    Norman, this is your official invite to the next Bloggerpalooza!!


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