NO BC HST facebook group hits monumental milestone – with over 125,000 members and counting!

Let me share this fantastic post  from my friend Bill Tielemans blog:

” Monday, September 28, 2009

NO BC HST Facebook protest group now over 125,000 members! Thanks to all who have joined!

An amazing milestone was passed today – the NO BC HST Facebook protest group I created now has more than 125,000 members!
NO BC HST only went online at on July 25th of 2009 – and it now has about 30,000 more members than the Vancouver Canucks official Facebook page has fans – 95,000.
NO BC HST appears to be the largest BC-based Facebook page in the province.
To help with the BC Initiative campaign that could lead to a province-wide petition and vote, please go to Fight HST and sign up to be part of the most exciting grass-roots protest BC has ever seen! “
Congratulations Bill! This ‘Fight the HST’ movement has really gathered momentum,much in thanks to people like Bill who are working hard to get the word out! The dedication and volunteer time required to launch what promises to be one of the most historical actions is enormous,but the energy and commitment level is high in every corner of the province as people continue to sign up to help in any way they can. In fact, it seems the only disappointment is that we can’t start a recall immediately!! Check out Bill’s blog for the latest on whats happening in BC politics as he tackles this issue,along with many others!

  ( if you are curious to see how much this HST will affect you and your budget, check out this previous blog post, and download the free HST hit list of items that will be newly taxed under the HST..

12 Comments on “NO BC HST facebook group hits monumental milestone – with over 125,000 members and counting!

  1. Today, Global TV News reported the HST movement has lost steam. Of course, they also reported on Carole James’ suggestion – given at the UBCM convention – that business tax cuts be deferred. Global said that was poorly received by the audience but tTo make that point, they had to make a quick cut to eliminate applause following her remark and shifted to a talking head from a business organization who complained about any thought of business taxation. The guy was not a UBCM rep but one of the paid business flacks.

  2. ” The HST movement has lost steam….”

    Ha! Just how do their reporters gather information for stories? The climbing numbers of facebook members. volunteers and donated $$ tells me exactly the opposite is true. People are planning, preparing, strategizing.

    Losing steam…. what next?

  3. What we really need is a mechanism to “oust this premier from office”. He is a liability to British Columbia and needs to be removed from power before the province is totally destroyed and made into a large number of private businesses.

    Maybe a general strike – including the essential workers – is the way to go. Drastic problems need drastic solutions and they cannot lock everyone up in jail at the same time. Something needs to be done before total destruction of freedom as we have become accustomed to, disappears.

    Thank you

    one very angry and disgusted senior citizen who would like to see Gordon Campbell kicked out of BC.

  4. John Wood, on October 3rd, 2009 at 7:21 am Said:
    What we really need is a mechanism to “oust this premier from office”.
    We have a mechanism,its called an election, we just exercised it on May 12/09.
    Rather, I should say “some” of us exercised our franchise.

  5. So, what we need is a way of removing politicians who conduct elections fraudulently.

  6. Since the present system was designed to fail, I’ll rephrase my last comment:

    So, what we need is a workable way of removing politicians who conduct elections fraudulently.

  7. Late to the punch, I’ve been quite busy guys, but GAB, great link. I’ve been doing some reading on this and to me, it seems to be just another political grasping at straws.
    And Norman, you hit the nail right on the head. It is a bloody shame one has to wait 18 months to recall. Seems to me that if an elected government reveals itself to be a lying bunch of rats like this one has, so soon after winning, it should be valid grounds for removal immediately.

  8. I personally believe that OUR BC has been taken over by organized crime, including OUR so called justice system.
    Six years to bring the biggest, dirtiest corruption scandal in the history of OUR BC w/so many big players!
    General strike is the only way to maybe get some justice?

  9. Oh, and where has CannedWaste been all these years on BCRailgate?
    Unlike bingogate, porchgate w/RCMP, farriesgate, etc these were all over the media for weeks.

  10. The big three, Canada, U.S. and Mexico have had meetings to discuss the topic of the three country’s, to become, one large country. This is why Harper has been silent about the crimes Campbell has committed to the people of BC. He has sold the BCR to the U.S. and our rivers. Gordo is selling this province piece by piece to the USA. Campbell is setting up BC to be a model for all provinces to follow. All the huge cuts he has done, fits right in. In the USA, families have to sell their homes to pay their medical bills, that is beginning in Canada. Harper needs a sociopath like Campbell. He has no feeling that, in BC, he has the largest number of children living in poverty, he also couldn’t care less, he has the lowest minimum wage, at $8.00, in all of Canada. He just stole a 53% wage hike for himself. There is nothing beneath the dignity of a sociopath, such as, the lying, deceitful methods Campbell displayed to win the election. On top of the HST, there will be more taxes levied so, BC, brace yourselves for more corruption. There will be worse to come.