” “Random” Police Checks Will Erode Freedom” : Harvey Oberfeld

You would have to be a toad under a rock somewhere to not remember that bastion of old-school reporting, Harvey Oberfeld. You know what I’m talking about- the days when reporters asked  the good,hard questions rather than lobbing softballs, and politicians would sweat when they saw a certain reporter headed their way. That was Harvey, on all accounts, and it still is.  Harvey has since retired, but in my opinion, he’s really producing some of his best work ever on his blog,  Keeping It Real.   And with no one to answer to, he is not holding anything back, including his thoughts on the current state of media and reporting in Canada.

It was on Harvey’s blog I discovered this gem, that I think many of you may not be aware of :

They deceive us; they lie to us; they make promises they know they will never keep; and now, your friendly politicians want you to TRUST them … that taking away just a little part of your rights won’t erode your freedom. 

They must be stopped … before you are.

The all-party parliamentary Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights in Ottawa has recommended Criminal Code be amended to allow police to “randomly” stop ANYONE in a car ANYWHERE and at ANYTIME … WITHOUT EVEN A HINT OF EVIDENCE ….  just to check them out for possible drunk driving. 

And the Tory government is reportedly so enthusiastic about it all that a Bill could be introduced within two weeks.  (No wonder so many Canadians fear giving Harper and the Conservatives a majority! Who knows what other such gems might be up their sleeves.)

~ snip ~

But do you really believe all police officers will use this new power without abusing it?  I don’t!

…Young people driving hot-looking cars, attractive looking women,  hippy-looking types, blacks, Muslims, Sikhs … all kinds of others, including anyone recognizable or not, like retired old reporters who perhaps did a story (or blog) the cop hadn’t liked  … could be vulnerable and in danger of being victimized, even repeatedly, just because of their “looks”.   And not just asked if they had anything to drink?  But also, where they are going?  Where are they coming from? Without any evidence of  anything being out-of-order!


Would police target people they just “suspect”  for other things, using the drunk driving issue as an excuse?  How could we ever know the difference?

 And if you think that would be fine, because “if you have done nothing wrong, you shouldn’t have anything to fear” …   you don’t understand the precious freedoms we have, how fragile they are and how easily they could be lost. 

Wow… Please, go and read the rest of this compelling post HERE : http://harveyoberfeld.ca/blog/random-police-checks-will-erode-freedom/

And feel free to add your input to the conversation in his comment’s section below this post.

I, for one, am completely against this, and in an effort to learn more, found this story on the National Post.  

Think about the ramifications of allowing police to do this! There have been many instances in past years where controversy has arisen over the alleged use of racial profiling ( and perhaps social profiling) by the RCMP. If you ask me, this bill gives the police  open and unfettered access to check anyone they feel like it, for any reason they may have – and plunk it under the ” I wanted to check if you were impaired ” category.

It makes me wonder, what next? Stopping people on the street and searching your person? Entering homes without warrants just to make sure there isn’t any criminal activity going on? Sure, you might laugh and think it will never happen, but I assure you – as Harvey does- this is slippery slope, and one you should speak out against immediately if you value your freedoms as a Canadian. Contact your MP and let them know exactly what you think. To find out who your representative is, you can search by postal code on this government MP Finder :http://www2.parl.gc.ca/Parlinfo/Compilations/HouseOfCommons/MemberByPostalCode.aspx?Menu=HOC

One Comment on “” “Random” Police Checks Will Erode Freedom” : Harvey Oberfeld

  1. relax. the cops can stop any car they want at any time to check and see if you have a drivers licence. So why the paranoia? My next door neighbors kid got off of a impaired rap because the cops took too long, that would be 6 minutes to read some legal stuff off a card before giving him a breath test. He was pissed as a billy goat. And now laughing his ass off. Maybe stupid stuff like that should be fixed first. Its the lawyers that are screwing things up. My kid found me this form Calgary on the internet

    Legal consequences of the 168 surviving injured alcohol impaired drivers, Calgary, 1995-2003.

    Not charged
    *99 (59%)

    69 (41%)

    58 (35%)

    Charge withdrawn
    5 (3%)

    Not guilty
    2 (1%)

    2 (1%)

    Pending arrest/trial
    2 (1%)

    And he also found me this as well

    I think the gizmos should be able to detect dope as well when you blow into them.

    Kinda tells you something doesnt it?