” Gordon Campbell implicated in alleged fraudulent deal with Haisla First Nation trial, which resumes Monday, Oct. 26, 2009″

Wow, a gal gets swamped for a couple weeks, sequestered away from the news and looks what happens…. yet another implication of less than upstanding behavior on the part of our premier, Gordon Campbell?

When I say this on BC Mary’s site this morning, I couldn’t believe that this was apparently overlooked by our local dailies, The Sun and The Province, nor have I found any indication of this being covered by Global or CTV.

 The Terrace Daily Online has been covering the ongoing developments of an ongoing defamation lawsuit, where Premier Gordon Campbell’s name has popped up via a letter written from Steve Wilson, Chief Councillor of the Haisla Nation, to Gordon Campbell. This letter contains the implications that could have far reaching impact should they be proved true. Here is an excerpt from Mary’s post, of a portion from the article she refers to:

BC Premier Gordon Campbell was implicated in the trial when Wilson acknowledged writing him a letter claiming he fulfilled his part of their conspiratorial arrangement to keep the Haisla from interfering with the electricity purchase agreement between Alcan and BC Hydro during the British Columbia Utilities Commission (BCUC) hearings.

….the crux of the trial, which continues in Terrace today. The allegations made against the Kitamaat Village Council (KVC) are that they, through past Chief Councillor Steve Wilson participated in a fraud with Gordon Campbell to ensure the Province approve and facilitate the Independent Power Projects (IPP) on the Haisla traditional Territories at Crab and Europa water courses.

See historical article with copy of letter Wilson wrote to Gordon Campbell talking about a deal HERE ( scroll down the to end of his article to see the scans of that letter)

Steve Wilson and the KVC are suing for defamation. The only defence those being sued have is that the statements and writings are true or that they were not defamatory. If they were true then this would have serious consequences for the Province and the BCUC decisions. This is what makes this trial so important for the Province of British Columbia and the Indian and Northern Affairs Canada authorized Kitamaat Band Council. It is why the lead lawyer for Steve Wilson and the KVC is taking so much time with Morris Amos …

 I’m sending a big  ” Thank You!!! ” over to BC Mary for this one, because without her post this morning, it’s very possible that it might have slipped quietly by.

The funny connection in the timing of this story, is that BC Mary also recently posted the brief, but pointed response from Gary Bass, Commanding officer of “E”Division, RCMP, to Robin Mathews.

 Robin recently asked Mr. Bass, by letter, to conduct  ” a full RCMP investigation of Gordon Campbell, premier, and all others directly connected to the corrupt “sale” of BC Rail in order to determine the innocence of each one or to allege criminal impropriety where suitable and to lay charges…”

What did Mr. Bass have to say to this?

I have to say that your classification of the Government of BC in this latest e-mail, as a “Criminal Gang” is disturbing to me as the head of the Provincial Force and does a serious disservice to the many men and women who have devoted their lives to public service.

Should you come into information capable of being viewed as credible evidence of criminal wrongdoing by anyone in the Government, I would give it the attention it deserved.

Clearly, implication and evidence are two very different matters.Nonetheless, documents exist that cast enough questions in both the Railgate hearings, and this Kitamaat lawsuit, that one would have to shake their head at how long this charade will continue.

22 thoughts on “” Gordon Campbell implicated in alleged fraudulent deal with Haisla First Nation trial, which resumes Monday, Oct. 26, 2009″

  1. First off, welcome back Laila. My withdrawals were not a pretty sight!
    Listened to Vanilla Bill on NW this morning, to see if Bill Tielman would break this development.
    Not a peep. Nothing. Nada.
    Hmm …………..



  2. sniff, sniff, sniff…. hmmm. What’s that I smell?

    Geez, something stinks! Thanks for this RossK, I was just actually reading this about 5 minutes ago in the Sun online.

    You know Salvatore, you might think Robin had a tin-foil rant there, but the gist of it rings true to my ears.

    There is something very wrong in the legislature, and in the Campbell administration, and we all know it. If that plunks me into the tinfoil rant club, feel free to send me some.

    It’s time someone had the cajones to come forward and speak of what they know, on the record.


  3. There’s been endless talk of missing or destroyed evidence in the BC Rail courtroom …

    I suppose it’s rather sweet that a Deputy Commissioner of RCMP could be so innocent that he can’t even imagine how DESTROYING EVIDENCE can be seen as A BIG FAT CRIME AGAINST THE PUBLIC INTEREST which he has sworn to uphold.


  4. When it comes to Campbell, you can count on the fact, Campbell would order the destruction of evidence. Why do people not understand? There is nothing beneath his dignity he wouldn’t do. He has shown his character to BC citizens many times. Campbell is selling the province to the USA as fast as he can. He is slashing, cutting, and lying. On top of the HST, you can count on having more taxes imposed on the backs of the people of BC. The mess he made of the Olympics, has to be payed for. I don’t see Harper curtailing Campbell activities, what so ever. So, Harper, approves of Campbell’s methods. I wonder why? I guess that is why the HST, is known as the Harper Sales Tax. Harper is waiting for the entire country’s provinces to follow Campbell’s examples. We must follow the other provinces, to see if they are having, slashing and cutting, and a thousand reasons for all the cuts. As for trying to trust the RCMP, forget it, they are corrupt as well. This entire country is rotting before our very own eyes. Campbell, should be in prison, which is where we would be if we did what Campbell has done. Campbell used dirty tactics for his re-election, so we can only expect there is much worse yet to come.


  5. Jeez Sal, you are proving to be hardly worth responding to, but here I go. I think you are demonstrating a lack of intelligence to so blithely classify Robin’s letter to Insp. Bass as a “tin foil hat rant,’ and denigrating a man who has repeatedly demonstrated his love of and understanding of Canada.

    Robin has attended perhaps more of the pre-trial hearings in the BC Rail trial than even Bill Berardino, the man who is SUPPOSED to be impartially representing the interests of people like you and me. I would be much more willing to listen to your “rant” if you likewise actually spent some time familiarizing yourself with the facts of the case as we’ve so far been allowed to see them. Why don’t you join Robin in the gallery down there at Robson and Smithe – then you might have something to contribute that is worth reading.

    Everybody has an opinion (among other things) but only an informed opinion is worthy of consideration.


  6. “Everybody has an opinion (among other things) but only an informed opinion is worthy of consideration.”

    Sorry, did not know that freedom of speech has to conform to your idea of “informed”. sounds kind of fascist to me.

    It usually requires evidence, not interpretation of information that causes investigations. I guess it would be too much to ask that the goings on be finished and that all the “evidence” you so easily interpret, before decisions are made to investigate something.

    Your best bet would be to elect another government, oh wait, they got elected again. Sorry, got to wait for the next election. Missed your chance there.

    By the way, Bass is not an inspector. Good for robin and his attendance record, & I hope Bill Bernadino doesnt take offence to your insinuation. Could be considered slander. And your first paragraph is a prime example of Ad Hominem . well done.

    Oh, and Mary, “There’s been endless talk of missing or destroyed evidence in the BC Rail courtroom …” Talk is not evidence. Its kind of like your previous figures that you heard or read or seen somewhere. The findings will determine whats fact or not.


  7. Jeez again Sal, not being a member of the RCMP myself, I’m not right up to date on Mr. Bass’ exact rank or title.

    But as to your rant concerning “evidence,” since the trial hasn’t even begun yet in the Basi et. al. affair there is hardly any actual evidence yet now is there? Why don’t you wonder why this trial is still stumbling along in pre-trial stages these what is it, five or six years later? Might it have something to do with the failure of the various agencies like the RCMP and the Campbell government to comply with Justice Bennett’s gentle “requests” to comply with disclosure? Might it have something to do with Wild Bill Berardino’s attempt to derail the whole affair with his continued appeal of his failure to get his way regarding oh so secret witnesses to remain oh so secret?

    As to Mr. Berardino’s attendance record and my liability to “slander” I say bring it on – at least my lawyer would show up in court to represent me, unlike Mr. Berardino who theoretically represents me. If you had been following the ongoing soap opera the past five years you would have noticed how often Janet Winteringham and/or other attorneys have appeared in lieu of Mr. Berardino. I couldn’t say for certain Robin has a better attendance record than Wild Bill, but it would definitely be close.

    As far as “missing or destroyed evidence” goes, there is much more than talk about that. If you had been following the pre-trial happenings rather than looking over your son’s shoulder to see what he googles, you would know that there are affidavits attesting to orders to delete emails from an extremely critical period between principals in the BC Rail travesty in and out of government DIRECTLY in contravention of both government policy and legal requirements. The only thing we don’t know yet is just who ordered the destruction (though it is pretty clear is was during the last phony election that was run on complete lies) and if indeed they are indeed beyond recovery.

    As to free speech and informed opinions, you can say any stupid stuff you choose to say as you so obviously do. But you can’t expect anybody to take your drivel seriously unless you can provide some evidence that you have any idea you know anything at all about what you are talking about. The only thing I can tell from your “rants” is that whether or not you actually support the Campbell Crime Family, everything they do is fine with you.

    If you aren’t in the employ of the Public Affairs Bureau, you are missing an opportunity – or maybe you are shooting for a directorship on an IPP!

    Why don’t you join other concerned BC citizens and demand an end to this delay (which frankly appears to be obstruction of justice) and demand that this trial gets underway and lets see some actual evidence and hear some actual testimony from the likes of Dave Basi, Mr. Secret Witness, Mr. Collins, Paul Nettleton and the elusive Judith Reid. When folks are so obviously hiding things from me, I tend to think there must be a reason they don’t want me to know the truth!

    I guess you are impressed with the “transpenrancy” of the Campbell excuse for government, eh?


  8. “Jeez Sal, you are proving to be hardly worth responding to…”

    Didnt take much to get you going eh?

    Welcome to the present day legal system Kooty. I am not sure what origin you would blame for the present state of legal stuff that all sides use, but I am sure it would be interesting.

    Never said once I voted for or supported them now have I? Just your ongoing supposition that everybody that does not agree with you in everything you say, is for them, that clouds your posts. Makes my point. I hoped you looked up ad hominem because your last post is onto that again. Now if I pointed out that you cannot spell transparency in the last line and suggested that you have an issue with spelling that would be an ad hominem.

    Maybe the prosecutors office is underfunded and under manned if Bill cant always make it. that could be grounds for appeal, ineffective representation, should the whole shebang end up passing a muster for the courts.

    Definitions of a rant:
    •harangue: a loud bombastic declamation expressed with strong emotion
    •talk in a noisy, excited, or declamatory manner
    •bombast: pompous or pretentious talk or writing

    Which one, seeing as how you cannot see or hear me do you choose? Door number 3 perhaps?

    Evidence: “all the means by which any alleged matter of fact whose truth is investigated at judicial trial is established or disproved”

    I think I will wait till its over and the old lady sings before I pass my judgment.


  9. Time to put the B.C. Liberal party and Gordon Campbell out of office . Read more on my website. Many Follow ups and up to date news.Disqusting reports on Gordon Campbells flow of mistakes never ending.


  10. What a silly-bugger game you play, Sal. The issues don’t really mean a thing to you, do they … but oh, the sport of goading, poking, teasing … such a gladiator you are.

    I shouldn’t bother with this, but where you challenge the process of analysis, you irk a little. So let me point out that, where I say:

    There’s been endless talk of missing or destroyed evidence in the BC Rail courtroom …

    this is not the charge, silly man; it is a request for RCMP investigation. A request that RCMP investigate the topics which are the subject of endless talk … but of course, you knew that.

    And btw, spelling errors aren’t ad hominems; they could loosely be described, I suppose, as factual.

    An ad hominem is the personal and irrelevant attack on another speaker, as in me calling you an unattractive wimp; has nothing especially to do with the topic under discussion. Although, hmmmm … I must admit, it’s rather fun.

    Nah … go in peace, Sal. But go. Or help … because BC citizens have more than enough challenges already.


  11. Gee, I take a day off and look where it goes while I’m gone…
    and funny enough, the silence from Sal is deafening….; )

    Now, as for Genuine, puh-lease! Give me a break. Here’s some food for thought, specifically for you.

    ” Remember that the most beautiful things in the world are the most useless; peacocks and lilies for instance. – John Ruskin Quote, The Stones of Venice”

    “Beauty isn’t worth thinking about; what’s important is your mind. You don’t want a fifty-dollar haircut on a fifty-cent head. – Garrison Keillor”

    Apply them where you see fit.


  12. Thank you.

    I would much rather be known for having a message to deliver, a vision to share, and the ability to get both across and make them real.


  13. I think you had better revisit the post Mary. The ad hominem comment is separated from the spelling comment by a period and complete sentence. I guess I should have made a new paragraph before changing subjects, it would have made it easier for you to make the transition.

    Talk is not evidence, I gave you that definition, and talk of evidence being destroyed is still not evidence, my apologies for not making that clear. It just seems to be obvious to me, just like waiting until all the processes are completed and the facts in before we demand another hugely expensive investigation. Whatever decisions the judge makes in the hearings or the case itself, are subject to review and once they are made, you could be quite happy with them, or not, so why waste a lot of energy now? The judge can find people or companies or government in contempt, have broken the law, lied, withheld stuff, or anything else he or she finds wrong.

    The cops are not going to just jump in the middle of an ongoing court thing and start investigating hither and yon. First of all, it would be interference in the process, tampering with witnesses, and probably be viewed by suspicious persons such as yourself somewhere as intimidation of some people yet to come forward.

    Sorry genuine, differing views and opinions are part of life. I am sorry you do not like mine but at least I do not ask you to leave the discussion because I dont like your views.

    And as for you Kim, I am not sure what your post has to do with the discussion Laila started, but it just seems silly to me.

    As for my silence Laila, sorry, forgot about this thread (is that the right word?). somebody near and dear to me showed me how to book mark them so I dont forget them unless I want to haha) But you know, somebody could say that I was just waiting for a while to get the “antagonists” antsy.


  14. Maybe, it’s just my sense of justice, or something. I can’t wrap my mind around the fact, a premier can blatantly lie to the citizens about the deficit. He has sold our rivers, he has sold the BC Railroad, and his list of crimes get longer every day. Why is he not in prison? He is of a low character, his DUI, is a criminal offense. His HST, will give him more of the homeless citizens, of, whom he despises. He has slashed every service there is. The mills are going to China, our natural resources are being sold to the USA. He has put thousands out of work. I can’t see how BC can ever survive Campbell, there will be no natural resources left, for this province to recover the mess he has made, of absolutely everything he touches. Who will be able to pay his asinine taxes? The HST, he created, is for big business only. I have never in my long life have seen any savings passed along to the consumer. Campbell is a pathological liar, as well as a sociopath and a criminal. And we have to be stuck with him, He would never do the right thing, to resign, so this province can be saved.


  15. I heard a rumor, the BCR trial, will be an aquittal. It seems Gordo is being protected by a high authority. As usual, e-mail records have gone to never, never land. We must wait and see if the bribery to the aboriginal band, to not hinder the sale of our hydro to Campbell’s, big business buddies. I am betting there will be another aquittal.


  16. The RCMP are accountable to who. The people know the RCMP and Politicians are corrupt, maybe thats why each province in considering firing the rcmp they are prime minister pit bulls accountable to ONLY Ottawa. LOL

    Do the RCMP regularly play politics as federal mandated police force. lol


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