In the same vein,RCMP contract expenditures report enough to make you go hmmmm…

Since I’ve been talking about following the money this morning ( scroll down for the Canwest story), how about we take a look at how the RCMP spend theirs.

In an effort to improve public confidence in the administration of public funds,the government of Canada implemented a policy in 2004, of  proactive disclosure on  many items relating to the use of public funds, including contracts over $10,000.00.

 This included and applies to The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, who post their disclosures online HERE. 

 I must say, some of the contract explanations are somewhat vague, and others are simply plunked under the classification, ” miscellaneous expenditures”, which really could be anything. Suffice it to say, some of these contracts could use a little clarification- in the name of ‘proactive disclosure’…

A look at their contracts over $10,000.00 for the first quarter of this year alone), is staggering !! I had no idea the RCMP were so flush. Here is an example of just one:





Reference Number: 7144394

Contract Date: 2009 -05-04

Description of Work: 859 – Other business services not elsewhere specified

Contract Period: 2009-05-04 to 2010-03-31

Delivery Date: 2010-03-31

Contract Value: $97,419,000.00

Comments: Standard PO. This contract was competitively sourced.

Perhaps it is just me, but there seems to be a large number of security contracts that end at the end of March, 201o…however, if you look back at older disclosures,you can see that the RCMP routinely spend a large amount on security contracts with various companies.

 So, if you have a bit a time of you hands today, hit that link above and take a look at where – and how -the RCMP spend their dimes.You just might find something…interesting. 

And if you really want to see how those upper level executive type RCMP practice fiscal restraint, check out their TRAVEL AND HOSPITALITY REPORTS…. and read the comments section below this post for some expenditures that I found questionable at best.

(But make sure before you go, that you scroll down a little more and check out that Canwest story for the ultimate choke.)

11 thoughts on “In the same vein,RCMP contract expenditures report enough to make you go hmmmm…

  1. Hmmm.
    1st quarter 2009/10:Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment $36, 750
    3rd quarter 2008/09 Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment $23,625 x 2

    Google this and you get air canada centre…Where the Toronto Maple Leafs play…


  2. Good job GAB- I spotted that last night and saw the same thing- Did you also notice that there is one contract with Maple Leaf for advertising( $ 15K) , and the other one you refer to for ’09 is listed as Miscellaneous( from April 09 to May 09)?

    Gotta love that miscellaneous no? And what about all those posh hotels?

    Les Suites Hotels- Ottawa: rental – April 13 to April 25/09 for $ 17K
    The Fairmont Royal York: Travel- public servants from April 15th to May 12th/09, for $10K
    Crowne Plaza: Tuition Fees and costs of attending courses- May 7th to August 16th/09, for $68,204.90
    The Citadel Halifax Hotel: same as above- May 7th to September 27th/09, for $52,337.25

    This is interesting: RA Centre : Travel-public servants- May 20 to June 10/ 09 for $11K ( googled “RA Centre”, and this is what comes up
    And so on…….
    I thought there was a recession going on…


  3. Well Norman, I would think that we should all look towards the next quarterly report and see if that shows up, no? And how about we spend some time going through all the Executive expenses, at this link here:

    You can take a look at Gary Bass’s expenses from June to September here: ( I wonder what he was meeting with Minister Rich Coleman for on May20th? Seems to me there was a coroners inquest going then for Albert William Prevost)


    Take a look at some of William Elliots expenses from earlier this year here:

    Dinner in Kandahar: $130.68 Who knew?

    The one I really found interesting was H.D.M Madill -Deputy Commissioner of Aboriginal and Contract policing

    Look at the cost of accomodation for one event:

    April 24th to April 30th, in Ottawa, and he submits $3,000.00 for accomodations, and $437 for food.

    $3000.00 for 6 days accomodation? Gee. Might explain some of those PO’s in the contract disclosure.

    That is ridiculous, no matter who you are. That was earlier this year, look at the expenses this fellow has been submitting over the summer!! :

    He bills $2,058 for 7 days of accomodation…… surely something cheaper could have been found, or am I being completely ridiculous here to expect some restraint in all areas?


  4. No wonder the cops cant fight crime with all the money at the brass level being wasted on training? What could you be teaching for 44,000 that a couple of days with the guys on the front lines couldnt? Especially when the old fart will probably retire soon.

    The same guy got accommodation for 30 days for 3000 according to your link. Thats only 100 a day. Why the diff? It seems to be all in line with treasury board guidlines though.

    I guess the price of fried scorpion must have gone up. Should have eaten in the mess with the grunts, and found out what his boys were doing for real. I am not sure we should be sending our cops over to train a bunch of uneducated barbarians anyway when they are always complaining how undermanned they are here. Whos idea was it anyway?


  5. So the question to ask is why senior executives getting paid 150+ per year cannot stay or meet at the Sandman, eat at McDonalds, and walk instead of taking a cab. Treasury Board says the rates for meal when travelling are 14.45 for breakfast, 13.45 for lunch, and 38.35 for dinner. Plus 17.30 per day for incidentals. That adds up to 83.55 by my calculator. Pretty well all hotels give a government rate. I wonder if they took advantage of that.

    ***( Sal, I’m tossing this link in here to The treasury Board: – as well, I can’t seem to find anything here relating to airline expenses/Hotel, or am I just blind? It says non -commericial private accomodation…..I’m not saying that these men can’t eat a decent meal, but look at these accommodation expenses! Really- don’t you think that is a bit much? I’d like to see the details of these expenditures, because by my standards, some of these are quite costly. There is always a less expensive alternative that is in between a 4 star hotel and a skid row motel- in the tax-payers best interest, of course.


  6. I am writing a book on the RCMP and came across your
    site. Could I use some of your info if necessary. It really helps
    for back up material. Some of these expense figures I already had but I like your opinions and will list you in the credits. Thanks


  7. Bob, I could hardly be considered any kind of expert on the RCMP, just an interested party. But if you are interested in my opinions here, please give me a shout through my contact page !


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