I’ve run out of memory.

Computer memory that is.Let me assure you, this is QUITE an inconvenience, not to mention very frustrating!

As a result, today you are going to get this crappy message rather than the really revealing post I’ve been working on about a large company involved in BC public projects…that has a very ” interesting” corporate history. And on that note, let me leave you with a couple quotes I found rather pertinent in this endeavor….

” The road to truth is long, and lined with annoying bastards…” ~ Alexander Jablokov

“A lie would have no purpose, unless the truth were felt as dangerous” ~ Alfred Adler


3 thoughts on “I’ve run out of memory.

  1. Vaughn Palmer has a weird column on the topic today. It’s headlined TORCH PREPARATIONS PROMPT BIPARTISAN BACKSLAPPING.


    It’s a small thing. But note how Palmer gives Gordo full respect as “Premier Gordon Campbell” while the other 3 premiers come off as “premier Clark”, and “premier Miller”, and “premier Dosanjh”.

    True, it’s a small complaint. But Gordo’s Gang made a tactical decision way back in their Opposition days, that they would never address the NDP government with proper formal respect. Barrett’s government should have objected but they didn’t; and so Premier Dave Barrett was often addressed on the floor of the Legislature as “Dave”.

    A small thing, perhaps; but intentional. Also disrespectful. Also harmful. And Vaughn Palmer is still quietly adhering to that policy, it seems.

    The thing is: Palmer is only re-stating Gordo’s official policy: “If you don’t like the Olympics, blame the NDP.” And that’s because there are serious protests taking shape. If the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver were expected to be a howling financial international success story, crediting the NDP in any way would never have been thought necessary.


  2. About your memory problem which I think is the post here, my kid says you can get something called an external hard drive that has a “terabyte” or more of memory and that apparantly will help you store a whole pile of stuff. It is pretty cheap at around 150 bucks and it fits on you computer with a usb cord.


  3. Thanks Sal!

    That’s great advice, and I appreciate it. I’ve been thinking about getting an external hard drive for a bit, in light of all my digital photos, but it was kind of one of those things I never actually got to!


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