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Governments ” Bad News Friday” continues tradition with release of report that says: “…the board and executives at B.C. Ferries get paid too much and it’s too easy for officials to earn bonuses…”

It get’s even better.

 B.C. comptroller-general Cheryl Wenezenki-Yolland released a report today, on the affairs and status of Translink and BC Ferries. The Sun has the full story HERE.

Among her findings:

TransLink is plagued by “significant operational issues” and has not done enough to manage its finances

(Remember, TransLink CEO Tom Prendergast just  announced his resignation, and will be leaving for a big,cushy job in New York yesterday)

…president David Hahn’s compensation last year was more than double that at larger public sector bodies. Executive bonuses also were easier to attain than auditors would have expected…

The board’s compensation is also “excessive,” with a retainer that is three to five times higher than permitted at B.C. Crown corporations…

The auditors’ concerns were compounded, they said, by the fact that the board decides its own pay scale, and approves executive salary without proper accountability.

Heck! Decide your own pay and show no accountability for it?  Where do we sign up?

No wonder we never have any bloody ferries running properly on long weekends and holidays.


  1. Maybe they will take this money and use it to give the paramedics a pay increase. We can now see the mentality of the Campbell government. Pay the upper level too much and pay the lower level people, who do the work, too little.


  2. I remember Mr. Hahn coming into Canada from Upon High, and informing the great unwashed that the Ferry Crew Members were “riding the Gravy Train”.
    An interesting use of the English Language when you consider the latest revelations………………….
    The next Photo Op you see of him with Vanila Bill, or Keith Baldrey, check his lapel for stains.



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