Post coming after kindergarten drop-off

It’s Friday, and in my house  that means Show and Tell day in kindergarten. This requires a great amount of discussion on the part of my son while he decides what is going make the biggest impression on his little buddies. So far he’s ruled out the hamster, a fossil and the wood jet fighter we built together, but his large moon shell, the scar on his knee from his first bike wipe-out and my chunk of lava are still up for debate.

And myself? I need more coffee. A LOT more coffee…. ; )

Therefore,  you’ll have to check back later this morning for todays interesting look at yet another woeful tale of British Columbian $$’s being used to fatten up an American based company that is leaving local workers out in the cold.

3 thoughts on “Post coming after kindergarten drop-off

  1. long, long ago, I took an article from the paper about a snake that killed and ate a person for my show and tell.

    Must have made an impression on me when I was 5.


  2. Funny the things you remember Claudia, isn’t it? I remember telling my kindergarten class about the dead cat that we saw beside the rural mailbox row where we received our mail delivery.

    It wasn’t that the cat was dead that interested me, it was the fact that it was crawling with maggots under the skin…

    What can I say? I was extremely observant at a young age… : ) and maybe a little geeky too.


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