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My friend, photographer Doug Pyper, posted this video on his site recently, and I felt it was important to post it here again as well.
This video was  produced by ” a couple of independent film makers out of concern and love for British Columbia.”  I posted it during the election,because  it beautifully illustrated exactly why Gordon Campbell is such a danger to the future of this province. Although the election is long over, the truth of this film remains, and must be heeded.  With the introduction of the HST, Gordon Campbell gave us the opportunity to change the course of this province, and we must grab it!

For someone like me, who was born and raised in the heart of British Columbia; who played and camped and fished in the rivers and lakes and mountains around my home, and know these areas as my own, it is horrific to watch this film and know within my heart that it will happen if he remains as our premier.

If there is one thing I would ask you all to do, it would be to watch this video, and send it to everyone you know, far and wide, including your American and international friends, family and colleagues.
You’ll see why if you click the Play button…

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  1. thanks anon ! someone forwarded me a link regarding Eurocan and some interesting events relating to it, so look for a blog coming soon- right now, I have am dealing with a very cranky toddler who is getting his eye teeth, and it’s not pretty. Think rabid pit bull with lots of mucous and you have a pretty accurate description of what he is like right now!


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