Supreme Court rules on secret witness issue Thursday am – will the Basi-Virk trial proceed?

From my friend Bill Tieleman’s site :

The most anticipated decision in the BC Rail corruption case of David Basi, Bob Virk and Aneal Basi will come at 6:45 a.m. BC time from the Supreme Court of Canada.

The Court has announced today that it will release its ruling on Special Prosecutor Bill Berardino’s appeal of two BC lower court decisions on the issue of a secret witness and how his or her testimony should be handled.

Berardino hinted at one point the trial might not go ahead if the identity of a secret informant could not be fully protected, stating he would not violate the privilege of the witness to remain unknown….

Visit this website Thursday morning for the decision and full analysis of what it means for the likelihood of the trial proceeding.

A pivotal moment – one of many thus far – in the case that many have said the BC Liberals would like to see quashed before it even begins – and for good reason.

 Pre-trial hearings have produced thousands of documents that would seem to support allegations of fraud, breach of trust, bribery and corruption in all levels of our provincial government involved with the privatization deal of BC Rail.The potential witness list contains many past and current government ministers, such as CKNW talk show host, Christy Clark, Premier Gordon Campbell and a host of other well-known politico’s of the BC scene. The most comprehensive list of who is who, and what it what pertaining to Railgate, can be found in this Tyee article, also by Bill, titled  ” Railgate , A to Z ” .  Another critical site to check out, The Legislature Raids devotes itself entirely to everything and anything pertaining to the BC Rail deal and subsequent events

 The biggest  government scandal to hit the province of BC, Railgate began with the infamous  RCMP raid on the BC legislature in December 2003, amid allegations that organized crime had infiltrated every corner of province, possibly even the very building the RCMP charged into that fateful day.

Since that date, nothing has come easy to these hearings. Bogged down in paperwork, at times it has seemed unlikely that the pre-trial stage would ever reach completion. Toss in some pertinent emails that were “accidentally” deleted by the Liberal government after being requested in court, a judge who at times seemed disinterested in the implications of potential damning documents,  and that same judge subsequently being replaced so she could  take a new appointment ?

All I can say is that you have the makings of a home-grown political thriller, and one I would very much like to watch one day! Adding to the intrigue is the ever-present spectre of the mysterious secret witness Bill writes about above – one who very much has the power to end the trial before it even starts.

Yes, the scandal ridden Basi-Virk hearing started with the Legislature raids -but will it all end with this Supreme Court ruling?

Head over to Bill Tieleman’s site Thursday for the full meal deal on the ruling , and what it spells out for the future of what promises to be the most riveting trial in the history of British Columbia.

For now, I think it is time for a little reminder of what may have been the motivation for the entire deal. Check out this previous post of mine, titled:  The key to the BC Rail deal lies in Premier Gordon Campbell’s beginnings in real estate and land development.