Announcement coming shortly on charges recommended against off-duty mountie in death of Orion Hutchinson

 A decision whether to approve  or decline the charges recommended against  RCMP Corporal Benjamin “Monty” Robinson,( in the death of  21-year-old Orion Hutchinson,) is expected shortly.

  ” Certainly, we are not talking about a matter of months, nor are we even talking about a matter of weeks at this point,” said Robin Baird, A/Communications Counsel for the Criminal Justice Branch, when I interviewed him by phone this afternoon in Victoria. ” The public can expect an announcement shortly.”

When asked why there has been such a delay in the decision, Baird went on to say that Crown received material disclosure  in the case as recently as this week, and added:  ” The time is ripe for a decision.”

” We are nearing completion, but we need to be deliberate and complete in considering the information.”

When asked if the public could expect an announcement before Christmas, he replied: ” I would say most certainly.”

 On october 25th,2008, Orion Hutchinson was riding his motorcycle  in Delta when he was struck by an off-duty RCMP officer – Corporal Benjamin ‘Monty’ Robinson.Hutchinson died at the scene, but  Delta police said the driver of the vehicle that struck him left the scene, and returned later where he failed a breathalyzer test.

 Following a lengthy, 7 month-long investigation, Delta police  finally announced in June, of this year, that they were recommending  charges of dangerous driving causing death, and impaired driving causing death.

Since then,Crown has been the subject of  public scrutiny for the length of time it has taken to make a decision to proceed on those charges or not, in light of the fact one year has passed since the death of Orion.

Baird said that Crown is always mindful of the family’s emotions – as well as the public’s – with regards to justice, but that it is important every bit of material is thoroughly examined before proceeding.

When asked if the delay had anything to do with the charges being recommended against a member of the RCMP, Baird said:

 ” Absolutely not. ”  Baird repeated that Crown is always mindful of the need for public confidence in the system.

Corporal Robinson was the senior officer among the four  RCMP members involved in the tasering of Robert Dziekanski at YVR .

6 Comments on “Announcement coming shortly on charges recommended against off-duty mountie in death of Orion Hutchinson

  1. Great job. Maybe we’ll learn more about this process if the prosecutors are forced to testify at the Frank Paul Inquiry. There is much prima facie evidence that police officers are treated differently than ordinary citizens when court action is contemplated.

  2. Well I sure agree Norm, seeing it may take 6 yards of elastic band to hold up 7 pairs of pantie hose, and if a tobacco tin holds 10 ounces ,I wonder how long would it take to empty the Pacific ocean…. and don’t get me going on Louie Prima and prima facie.

  3. That was my way of saying whoa what we you talking about NF.
    Your talking about the Frank Paul Inquiry, prosecutors prosecutors forced to testify ,prima facie evidence.

    What has this to do with this article ,which pertains to RCMP Corporal Benjamin “Monty” Robinson and Orion Hutchinson?
    What in hell is a prima facie, why the jargon?
    How does that fit into this story.

  4. Doesnt seem fair that the lawyers dont have to explain themselves on why they did what they did after the native guy died.

  5. IMO, there is an unacceptable lack of transparency in numerous elements of policing and justice administration. As one example, despite the AG promising full cooperation with Justice Davies, the AG’s office is appealing a Supreme Court ruling that their legal bureaucrats should appear before the Inquiry. Why? Will they be embarrassed by truth? Is truth that the system protects its own, regardless of right or wrong?

    Does the same sad truth operate in the Dziekanski death? Or, the Hutchinson death? Or, Boyd, or Willey, or Brick, Hubbard, Bush, St. Arrnaud, etc.?