Anyone have some breadcrumbs to spare?

Apparently Translink  might need to leave a trail in order to lead people across the Golden Ears Bridge !

 Our ‘Powell River Persuader’ has  The Straight Goods for you, on this statement and more on his site this morning.

It’s a gutbuster of a post.

One Comment on “Anyone have some breadcrumbs to spare?

  1. Thanks for the plug Laila…..

    I just can`t believe the statements from these so-called professionals, the Golden ears bridge is a financial disaster as too with the Canada line….

    I just can`t imagine what the pattullo bridge bridge traffic will be like when the port mann gets built and tolled….Can you say …Rat Racing through Surrey.

    And just like the ferries….Bridge toll revenues will decline thus forcing the province to raise rates and on and on….To the point of “Diminishing returns”

    Keep up the good fight Laila….”Peace upon your house”

    Cheers-Eyes Wide Open