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How many police officers does it take to get an Olympic torchbearer across the road?

Vans and vans full, according to this video! National must be making a fortune over van rentals for this security detail.  

Shot at the end of October on Vancouver Island, the video clearly shows a massive police presence that really-kinda-sorta overwhelms the torch runner in the middle… don’t blink or you will miss the torch altogether!

There are just so many reason this video is so hilarious -in a rather serious way.  What you can’t miss is all those RCMP, on bikes, on foot, in cars, in vans, and in that really big black armoured vehicle that someone watching refers to as the bomb squad – note the woman smiling and waving to the crowd as she sits in the back seat of that same armoured vehicle! Must be a Liberal- it’s the only safe place for one in the province right now… but what is the deal with all those mounties?  Barack Obama had a smaller detail than this torch bearer- whose torch doesn’t even seem to working properly. I bet you would not have seen this clip on CTV evening news – it just doesn’t give that FEEL GOOD feeling the organizers want everyone to believe every community has at the torches arrival! At least in B.C. that is… after all, we are going through ” Tough economic times”.

A couple of questions: Are all these officers on overtime? Because that torch isn’t exactly speeding along its journey. And if there are that many officers on security detail, where did they all come from? Better yet, whose holding down the fort back home? Geez, I really, REALLY hope those guys didn’t come from Surrey!

But don’t take my word for it, watch for yourself. And add to the discussion below…

 ***Big, big thanks to Alastair Haythornthwaite whose immortal words “Holy Shit!” concluded his epic film- ( those words courtesy of BC Mary, from her comment below! In my haste to post earlier today, I completely forgot to credit Alastair for this very telling piece of Olympic history…)


  1. Perhaps some cops could help with this situation. I know this is off topic but I thought you might be interested. I just came across it this morning and NO warnings from our provincial or federal governments.

    Ecology prepared for possible response in B.C. ship grounding in Canadian Gulf Islands
    Posted on November 20, 2009 by alberg
    Possible 2 million gallons of fuel at risk???? No oil spill reported,yet. I’ll be on the phone to these folks at Ecology and Sen. Ranker’s office on Friday AM.
    Department of Ecology News Release – November 19, 2009 09-273
    OLYMPIA – The Washington Department of Ecology (Ecology) spill-response managers kept close watch today after a 794-foot cargo ship went aground in the Gulf Islands, just northwest of Washington’s San Juan Islands. No spill was reported. The bulk carrier Hebei Lion dragged anchor in winds that reached 74 miles per hour overnight and was blown onto a rocky reef off Mayne Island at Plumper Sound in the Strait of Georgia.

    A tug towed the vessel off the reef at mid-Morning. Ecology was notified by the British Columbia Ministry of Environment, and monitored the incident because it posed a significant risk of a large black oil spill. “Damage to fuel tanks on a cargo ship that size could have oiled the islands on both sides of the border,” said Dale Jensen, manager of Ecology’s Spill Prevention, Preparedness and Response Program. “A major spill also could have forced a closure to vessel traffic. Given the profound environmental and economic risks we’re relieved and pleased at the outcome. We mobilized staff and were prepared to deploy response systems as needed.”
    State Sen. Kevin Ranker, who represents the 40th District, including his San Juan Island home, said, “This incident once again highlights the importance of having a strong spill prevention and response system in place, not only for Puget Sound but also for large transboundary spills that can have potentially devastating effects on our environment and economy.” Jensen added that winter storms can place ships in jeopardy, increasing the risk to the Northwest’s inland and coastal waters. He urged mariners to use extra vigilance during the high winds and rough water produced by winter storms. The Neah Bay emergency response tug is an asset the state had in place during last night’s storm in case a ship ran into trouble on the outer coast or in the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Vessel safety is an essential part of Ecology’s focus on spill prevention. A cargo ship the size of the Hebei Lion can carry in excess of 2 million gallons of heavy black oil as fuel. Ecology’s spill prevention, preparedness and response programs are part of the department’s efforts to reduce toxic threats and to restore Puget Sound.


  2. I couldn’t help but laugh listening to the dialogue and the laughter on that video.
    So, what did I learn from that?
    We can help make Canada better by drinking Coca Cola and by banking at the Royal Bank.

    The torch bearer was almost a non-issue in that parade….and I use the word parade lightly…they could take some lessons from the Shriners on how to do a parade.


  3. Joan–

    We most certainly can make ourselve much more better by drinking Coke while using an RBC bank machine.

    Which begs the question – was the bomb squad there to protect the torch or the Corps?



  4. I saw the torch run in Ladysmith and it looked like a series of promotions for the RCMP, a bank and soft drink company. The torch bearer was overshadowed by all of these and the vehicles they were using. So much fuel was used to move the vehicles that we could not call it a green event. A good event and lots of fun for the kids on Halloween bur the torch bearer was secondary to all the others in the parade.

    There is a quote from “Hope,” a Len Deighton novel that jumped out to me when I opened the book. It is, “When you dine with the rich man, you wind up paying the bill.”
    For me that summarizes the Olympics even though I admire the athletics.

    By the way, I found out about the oil tanker in my above post from Paul Willcocks at


  5. Big, big thanks to Alastair Haythornthwaite whose immortal words “Holy Shit!” concluded his epic film.

    It’s worth turning the sound up on this video. Even though there’s a lot of engine-noise from hauling cops and coca cola up the hill, this sunny street in North Cowichan was remarkably quiet. Silent, to be exact. So that when the lady shuffled past with the torch, the only sound was a dog, who barked a warning.

    Small wonder. There was something wrong with The Flame. The puzzled runner looked at it. That’s when the dog barked. And a man’s voice said “It looks like a dube that didn’t light right.”

    Right then, a big black top-heavy machine lurched into sight and began grinding @ 5 kph up the hill and that’s when the Citizen Camera-man lost his composure completely. You absolutely must hear what he says.

    A great gift, to be able to see how Gordo’s Gang feels about a quiet trot through one of the lovely towns of B.C.


  6. Sorry everyone, but this is very important news that Astro has brought to you and I. Remember all the blog posts I’ve done over the Enbridge Kitimat pipeline? You must read all of these. It is so important to all of us, here on the coast where some would rather have you not know what the Liberals have been planning.

    Astro. Thank you. THANK YOU for this very, very important bit of news in the middle of this mirth.

    How shocking that the BC ministry of environment would think this is serious enough to tell the American government – but not tell us.

    Just add it to the list of 100 reasons not to vote for Gordon Campbell again. Which I am starting right now, up above. Feel free to add to it anyone, but I ask that you keep it factual and accurate, rather than just angry. Links to stats or documents are allowed, and I will add to them


  7. Too bad the videographer missed the mounted patrols and the uni-cyclists dressed in red serge.

    If some old lady had a TD Bank or Pepsi sign pasted to her house, the take-along SWAT squads would have tumbled out of those vans and dealt with the crime right then. No delays.

    Is there something strange about our priorities?


  8. Jesus H. Christ!

    ARe you kidding me? Are you kidding me?

    If that is what goes with the torch runner in a small community with apparently little crowds, what are we going to get here in Vancouver when it comes back?

    It kind of looks like people are not really into the whole thing, more like they are watching a car accident in slo-mo… hahahahaha..

    Good one to the guy who filmed this. Yep, not going to see this on CTV !


  9. I should point out I don’t believe this was a tanker that ran aground , just a huge freighter, that could have been a tanker or carrying oil. It could have been an environmental disaster and we should have been warned.


  10. thanks Astro- I was going to do a post, but I see Grant of The Straight Goods has taken care of that- head on over to check it out.

    As for this video, seriously, what is the torch run going to be like when it comes back to BC, and the lower mainland? Are we going to see troops of soldiers marching alongside the runners or what?

    I heard on the news that very large demonstrations are expected all over the place during 2010, and if that is the case, just cancel the run and be done with it.


  11. Just thought I’d mention this. I’m getting to work on the near-miss with an oil-spill catastrophe on Mayne Island … and couldn’t find it online.

    I had to return to this comment thread to find even the U.S. source for this information. Two things:

    1) I think that this is an actionable example of negligence on the part of the Campbell Gang, who imo would like nothing better than to have us thinking that the ship’s grounding last week never happened at all.

    My blog has a strict focus on BC Rail which, I firmly believe, was the first example of Gordo’s style which should’ve been nipped in the bud right then and there. But no … the BC Rail fiasco has been repeated … with horrifying new indicators of HORRIFYING new “developments” in North and NorthWest BC.

    So 2) I hope others will join me in finding ways to get the word around, everywhichway we can, that BC came very close to environmental disaster if that ship had spilled its cargo of oil into the ocean waters after it struck Mayne Island …


  12. Agreed and agreed on both points Mary, thus hit the home page to see something old that is new again.

    I can’t help thinking of everything the people in Kitimat are dealing with – although it certainly works to Enbridge and the BC governments advantage id that mill never re-opens. Might lead to people becoming more inclined to welcome Enbridge out of desperation and false hope.

    Keep spreading this video as well, someone ought to take it viral. Toooo funny.


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