Bill Tieleman leaves the Bill Good Show

A sad day, in my eyes, as Bill announces he has not been able to reach an agreement with CKNW for his appearances on the station.

 Bill will continue to share his views on everything political in his 24 Hours column, The Tyee and of course, his blog! As well, Bill has recently made  a couple of appearances on the blogger panel of CBC’s show Politics and Power, so watch to see where Bill pops up next.

5 Comments on “Bill Tieleman leaves the Bill Good Show

  1. One more reason not to listen to Vannila Bill, or support his Sponsors…………………….. like I needed another reason.


  2. Thanks Grant!

    That is interesting, isn’t it? I have enjoyed Monte’s work, but honestly, I don’t listen to the Bill Good show often unless it is Monday am – and then only with Bill T and Norm.

  3. I agree with Gary L. don’t listen,don’t support, its just that simple
    In the big picture, just who in hell is Bill Goode when he’s not home?

  4. Thanks for your kind comments Laila – I regret no longer being able to continue with the Bill Good Show but I have told Bill and his producers I would be happy to be a guest on an occasional basis.