The same names in all the familiar places…

From Alex G. Tsakumis’s site, Rebel with a Clause, as he comments on Bill Tieleman’s departure from CKNW :

 …I suspect, STRONGLY, that there is more to this than meets the mic…

Two items: Tieleman has NEVER backed away from naming Christy Clark as someone of interest in political issues emanating from the Basi-Virk trial (which always rankles the dimbells at NW) and Bill has been APPROPRIATELY critical of the shameless Premier and his pathetic excuse for a govt.

You don’t think that the bias angle is possible?

Well, let me light another bomblet…

During the 2005 municipal election, I was still on the Board of the NPA in Vancouver. (I didn’t become a scribbler until later in 2005). My youngest daughter was going through life saving heart surgery about the time of the mayoral nomination, fought by Sam and Christy. I resigned from the campaign committee to assist my wife with caring for Giulia (who is fully recovered, thank God), but had an interesting conversation with someone, who stunned me with his revelation…

He knew that I was supporting Sam (and not just because Sam was clearly the better candidate, but, too, because Christy’s then husband would have turned City Hall into a federal Liberal Martinite outpost).

Then this same fellow said to me that while he was supporting Christy, he had some regrets…

“You know, Alec, I’m working awfully hard on getting her a sealed deal at NW for as long as she wants. She should go do that instead of Mayor. CKNW will do her political career much better and keep her name circulated and current…then we can run her for whatever she wants”  I was so stunned, I wrote it down, it’s verbatim.

The man’s name?

Patrick Kinsella.



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