Erica Sigurdson rocks the Falcon – Kevin Falcon that is!

A huge shout out to my favorite paramedic for sending this abso-freaking-lutely hilarious rant my way, as Erica Sigurdson, one of the hosts of The CityNews List delivers a few hard rights to health Minister Kevin Falcon, about his handling of the BC Paramedics strike. Way to Rock the Falcon, Erica!

And make sure you scroll down to see the last few posts which seem to be getting more than a few hits from Ottawa today…(Especially that 2010 Olympic video and the Hebei Lion post )  and don’t forget that you can access the most recent posts, as well as the top posts, via the sidebar on the right hand side. Cheers!

3 thoughts on “Erica Sigurdson rocks the Falcon – Kevin Falcon that is!

  1. Great job by City Tv keep it up , Global ,CTV and Libs freinds wont run this too busy trying to help Gordo make handy dart drivers look bad now -the red undie crew i call them -Parsons and his station,Good and his stations i think they must be on teh payroll,


  2. they are so busy making everyone else look bad,they can’t see whats happening to them,seriously haven’t listened or watched any of they’re crap for so long, I just get it from the blogs on what sh** t they’re passing of as news,a lot of people must think theres nothing happening( news worthy)out there,but on the other hand a lot of people are beginning to ask questions and that’s a good thing.


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