” Looking ahead with confidence”- an opinion editorial by Gordon Campbell

*** (It was brought to my attention by my good friend koot  that The Vancouver Sun ran this yesterday, so my apologies- I only ever give the Sun a cursory glance online, but never much further than the  front page headlines. So those of you who have already read it there,  please ignore. For the rest, do enjoy!)

” What? What?”, you say?

Yes, my friends, it is true.

A Gordon Campbell opinion editorial that is just too darn inviting to leave there on the BC government website, so I brought it here for you to read, enjoy and share far and wide… Merry Christmas!!! 

Oh, yes, before you begin… at the end, Campbell says he can’t predict what 2010 will bring, but that if we all work hard, it will be a memorable year.  Well, he might not be able to predict the future, but I can. I predict that he better not let the door hit his sorry arse on the way out… and that, my friends, will make my 201o more memorable than anything else.


By Gordon Campbell

Premier of British Columbia

December 18, 2009

After a year like 2009, it’s hard to imagine what 2010 might bring. We have all felt the effects of the financial turmoil.  For some families, 2009 will be remembered as an extremely difficult and challenging time.  Most were worried and some lost their jobs. It was, by any measure, a trying year for everyone. And while there are inklings of hope on the horizon, everyone is naturally tentative and reserved about our prospects for the future. One thing we all feel is that it will be different from the past.

As we reflect on the year to come we may all gain some confidence by recognizing how lucky we are to live here in B.C. and Canada. Everyone can still depend on an excellent health care system and for all the challenges our children may face in the world, they continue to benefit from a world-class education system. One of our real tests in the years ahead will be to make   their education system and our health services even better so that they are there for the generations that follow us.

Though 2009 was a tough year, we should all remember what can happen when we follow that time-honoured B.C. tradition of rolling up our sleeves and getting to work.  In the past year, the very face of our province has changed as hundreds of projects were completed in every corner of British Columbia, setting the stage for the future.  Billions were invested in transit and highways, schools, universities and hospitals. Thousands of people – an estimated 27,000 – worked on those projects.

When the world comes to B.C. in February for the 21st Winter Olympic Games, they will see firsthand the province we are building and the country we call home. They will ride the Canada Line, the country’s first direct rapid transit system, linking one of the world’s great airports with one of its most liveable cities. They’ll discover the new international crossroads for trade, commerce and education in Prince George.   They’ll travel one of the world’s most picturesque highways and discover an exciting gateway for the Asia Pacific. And when they experience the Vancouver’s Convention Centre, they’ll see the magnificence of wood as a building material, as well as one of the greenest meeting places in the world. All were built here by British Columbians.

Now people are getting excited about their Olympic Games. They should be rightly proud of what they have accomplished. Vancouver 2010 is setting a new Olympic standard and it’s being done right here in your province. The Conference Board of Canada predicts that B.C. will lead all Canadian provinces in economic growth in the year ahead, in part because of the boost the Games will provide.

The Olympics will be British Columbia and Canada’s time to welcome the world. A quarter-million visitors and three billion television viewers worldwide will see our people, our industries, our communities and everything that B.C. has to offer.

As much as the 2010 Games are a chance to feel pride and excitement as Canadians win gold at home, they are also a launching pad for new economic opportunities and a new place for B.C. on the international stage. As Canada’s Pacific Gateway, British Columbia is uniquely positioned to be the hub for trade, investment and travel for the emerging economies of the Asia-Pacific.

There will be challenges to face and changes to make, but the year ahead will set the course for years to come. The inspiration of the Olympics is reflected in the excitement of our children and the sparkle in their eyes as the Olympic torch passes. That spirit will inspire a generation of British Columbian children to follow their dreams and pursue their passions, and that may be both the most exciting and lasting legacy of the year to come. It is tempting to say we are lucky to live here now, but it is even truer to say people have worked hard for the new year close at hand.

We will show the world a modern, forward-thinking province and a people with an eye to the future; a province that is leading North America in embracing the opportunities of the growing green economy.

The whole world will see and experience British Columbia, a province ready to lead Canada and North America forward into a new time. While we can’t predict all that 2010 will bring, we can all work hard to make it a year filled with moments that our children remember for the rest of their lives. If, one year from now, we have captured that promise, 2010 will be a year worth remembering for us all.

6 thoughts on “” Looking ahead with confidence”- an opinion editorial by Gordon Campbell

  1. SB

    Im at a loss he may well be insane he is certainly so out of touch with real people i dont know what to think utterly scary he sees fit to write that maybe hes pickled too many brain cells with martini fuel who knows, we have aprovince in chaos economics are terrible his govt looks more and more crooked by the day and his answers are to rip workers to shreds and then write that he needs a room a locked one.


  2. You probably won’t be surprised to know that yesterday’s Vancouver Sun gave Gordo’s words of wisdom top spot on their Op-Ed page. Hell, the Province probably did too, but I feel sleazy enough buying the Sun in dead tree version once a week, thank you!


  3. The only one “looking ahead with confidence” is Campbell. We all know he’s a liar and with everything that comes out of his mouth he does the exact opposite. His confidence is in the fact that he will quit right after the Owelympics. He’s left us in a mess such as we have never seen before. He’ll be getting a job with a large corporation and leaving the mess for us.

    On the 27,000 jobs for the gateway and other messes: were they the 27000 people from the forest industry that lost their jobs and homes.

    “Billions were spent on transit and highways, schools, universities and health care. Why does he lump the school and health in this statement? They got nothing. Tuition went through the roof. Of the hospitals that weren’t closed the others had reduced staff. House keeping was privatized and hospitals are now some of the dirtiest places in the province.

    This guy belongs in a looney bin.
    The only thing I see bright here is him quitting and joining some large corporations where he will drive them into the ground as well. Plutonic Power maybe?


  4. Campbell and his fellow disciples of the Church of Mammon were probably teenage nerds, pushed around by lower purposed people. Now comes their revenge. Notice the constant breast-beating, using the word “tough.” Are they reassuring themselves?

    Count on Liberals for tough decisions, made in a tough year while looking forward to more tough times. Yes, it has been politically tough to bring in the toughest budget we have ever faced, tough as it is for so many. But, don’t worry, BC Liberals are willing to face tough choices to survive in the tough economy that rules this tough time.


  5. Frank

    Tucked away in a bottom corner of the Sun instead of on the front page “Government cancels literacy grant for schools.” Janet Steffenhagen (18 lines) This from a man that wants British Columbia to be the most literate province in Canada?


  6. Julie

    I think it is time to give Campbell some tough “times”. Why are his assets not frozen? He owes the citizens of BC, billions of dollars for selling our resources to the USA, and sold our mills to China. That S.O.B. had no right to sell those resources, they belong to the people of BC. He has stolen funds from our tax dollars and gave himself a 53% wage hike, he isn’t worth a thin dime. I understand, his henchman, got a huge increase also. As we all know, Campbell is a criminal and he has the tendencies, of one. Would you believe, that idiot had gold Olympic coins made up, with his name stamped on them. Those coins cost $15.00 each. He handed those coins around, at random. Rumor has it, some of those coins are in the ocean, some are in garbage cans. He, just doesn’t get it, the people he begged forgiveness from, and kicked them in the teeth, hold nothing but the deepest contempt for his, lying and thieving.


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