Peter Lee coroners inquest makes 14 recommedations to combat domestic violence, and prevent it before it begins

They are as follows, from the Vancouver Sun:

To Solicitor General for B.C.

1. Continue unification efforts for various police departments.

2. Before release of high-risk accused on bail, properly screened and appropriate sureties but be provided.

3. All police departments work across jurisdictional boundaries as one unit.

 To Attorney General for B.C.

4. All victims and abusers should be provided with universally available advocacy services. Such services to be initiated upon first contact.

5. Risk assessment be made at the front end of process before bail conditions set.

 To Solicitor General for B.C.

6. Special domestic violence units be set up regionally and coordinated with all stakeholders.

7. “No fixed address” designation not be allowed on bail orders unless accused agrees to GPS monitoring on high-risk cases.

8. All updated “K” file information be shared across all jurisdictional lines immediately and with all agencies.

9. Bail release conditions be developed in conjunction with bail supervisors to ensure they are enforceable.

To Government of B.C.

10. Ongoing multimedia community based educational advertising program surrounding domestic violence be expanded and enhanced.

11. The government provides global funding to accommodate associate costs of these recommendations.

 To Ministry of Education

12. Family relationships and domestic violence education program be instituted for all students from kindergarten to Grade 12.

To Solicitor General for B.C., Attorney General for B.C., Ministry of Children and Family Development

13. Develop a single domestic violence unit across all provincial jurisdictional lines and include all agencies and services.

14. SARA or BSAFER be used to train all involved service providers to a common standard in all criminal justice regions in the province.

If the province intends to put its money where it’s mouth is, they will find the money to make every one of these recommendations a reality.

In fact, I am openly offering my voice, my experience and my time to  any agency who requires it, to ensure that  it happens. Please, if there is any good to come from the death of Sunny Park and her beloved family, let it be that her tragic death brought about radical changes that prevented it from happening again.


Just do it.

One thought on “Peter Lee coroners inquest makes 14 recommedations to combat domestic violence, and prevent it before it begins

  1. anonymous

    And how many of these reconmmedations have they instituted? Does anyone know?

    Risk assessment before bail conditions set. Seems to be they should be doing that already, no?


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