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” for all the challenges our children may face in the world, they continue to benefit from a world-class education system.” ~ Gordon Campbell.

A big,BIG, thank you out to Frank for this little gem…

That headline quote above is from the opinion editorial that Campbell wrote yesterday, that is posted here right below,and ran in yesterday’s Sun.

In that same editorial, he also had a few other things  to say about children,education, and dreams. This is all what he would like the world to believe :

One of our real tests in the years ahead will be to make   their education system and our health services even better so that they are there for the generations that follow us…

( snip)

 The inspiration of the Olympics is reflected in the excitement of our children and the sparkle in their eyes as the Olympic torch passes. That spirit will inspire a generation of British Columbian children to follow their dreams and pursue their passions, and that may be both the most exciting and lasting legacy of the year to come…


While we can’t predict all that 2010 will bring, we can all work hard to make it a year filled with moments that our children remember for the rest of their lives

This was also running yesterday in the Vancouver Sun, although no where near his look- how- great- we- are- editorial. 

This, is the truth  :

Government cancels literacy grant for schools

Janet Steffenhagen, Vancouver Sun

Published: Friday, December 18, 2009

B.C. schools have lost another government grant.

Vancouver district officials say they were told last week the Education Ministry has cancelled the literacy innovation grant, which contributed $204,000 to Vancouver schools and $5 million to schools provincewide.

“These funds have provided direct staffing support to some of our most vulnerable schools to support the district’s focus on literacy,” Vancouver’s management team said in a report to school trustees. Just last spring, the ministry told managers the grant was safe, the report says. The grant is one of several cancelled this fall

You know, I can’t even begin to think why they would cut grants, that the previous Education Minister, Shirley Bond  felt were so important to students in BC. In this press release, she said:

“Our literacy innovation grants are making a real difference in the lives of students,” said Bond. “The work we are doing to improve literacy is one of the reasons international tests like PIRLS and PISA are ranking our students as some of the best in the world.”

That same release says these grants  “will help B.C. achieve its goal of being the best-educated, most literate jurisdiction on the continent.”

Ah, I can just imagine how it all went down…. ” No, no Margaret, we don’t need those grants anymore to help the little ones learn how to read!  Get rid of them right now- all that literacy crap went out the window the second we realized there was no money left for the games! All that 2010 Olympic spirit will have to get them through life ! ( And I’ll be long gone before anyone is the wiser… hehehe) ” 

Methinks someone fell asleep at the wheel.


  1. Campbell has to be delusional. His utter gall to say, his primary goal, is for the betterment for children in poverty. I suppose the lowest minimum wage in the entire country, adds to the betterment of, children living in poverty as well. Where are his logistics, in such asinine statements. I guess, those are the same logistics he used for, forcing the HST, on people who, have lost their jobs and their homes, he doesn’t make a lick of sense, nor does Harper, who bribed Campbell to push through the HST, that will make hundreds of low income earners and seniors, homeless. Harper, is the answer, for Canada’s, what the hell’s the use.


  2. Yes, Salvatore, they are. Although people are free to post under whatever name they choose to, WordPress “assigns” the same colour/shape avatar based on another factor. So although this individual has chosen to appear under the names ” gail” , ” anna”, ” Julie” and ” lana” , that same avatar reveals that yes, they are all the same person.

    Just so that ” Gail” knows, that makes no difference to me. Your comments are still relevant, which is why they remain.


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