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Who are your retirement funds sleeping with?

How about  some  Ipp’s, P3’s, Macquarie and Goldman Sachs?

From a friend:

 Macquarie team eyes EDF power network On 14:43 GMT, Sunday 10 January 2010

LONDON (Reuters) – Australian investment bank Macquarie has teamed up with the Canadian Pension Plan and the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority to bid for an electricity network in Britain, the Sunday Telegraph reported.

The paper cited unnamed sources as saying the consortium was working on a 4 billion pound bid for a network, owned by French utility EDF , which distributes power to millions of homes in the south of England.

Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GSnews) and Lexicon Partners are advising the consortium, the paper said, adding information packs had yet to be sent to prospective buyers, suggesting the first round of bidding was still some way off.

None of the parties mentioned were available for comment.

(Reporting by Mark Potter; Editing by Dan Lalor)($1 = 0.6269 pound)

 In her words, ” Would you like a side of prorogies with that empty plate of democracy?”

What next? The federal government bailing out Intrawest in time for the Olympics? In case you didn’t see this little gem, here it is :

Intrawest, a resort company whose properties include ski resort Whistler Blackcomb in British Columbia, Canada, is at the center of a spat between a pair of hedge funds over a restructuring plan for the cash-strapped firm — and things may have gotten so bad that only the Canadian government can save the day.

Intrawest already is late on a $524 million debt payment, and sources said talks between Fortress and Davidson are at an impasse.

A source familiar with the matter said both sides could be waiting for the Canadian government to step in at the last minute and prevent Intrawest from going into receivership ahead of the Feb. 12 start of the Olympics.”

Fortress bought Intrawest in 2006, the same year the City of Vancouver, Millennium, and Fortress decided Vancouver taxpayers could underwrite $1-billion in the O Village debt.

More privatizing the profits and socializing the losses …

Now scroll down and read about the $3 million supreme court lawsuit the transportation ministry would probably you rather not hear about : Tercon vs. British Columbia .

 The implications are staggering, to say the least. Be sure to read the mafioso style threats in  comments that follow it.


  1. More corporate welfare from our govts while doing what they have to the middle classs and below they have no shame or morals .
    we should wonder how many surgeries , literacy programs and paramedic contracts that would cover .


  2. Is this the same Macquarie who was behind Kiewit and had to back out due to money issues? If so, why on earth would they be allowed within an earth circumference of our Canadian Pension Fund? And who makes the ultimate decision?


  3. Leah asks, “. . . why on earth would they be allowed within an earth circumference of our Canadian Pension Fund? And who makes the ultimate decision?”

    Leadership of the BC Liberals and the Conservative Party of Canada are philosophically similar. They are servants of the same influences and Laila nails it:

    Privatize profits; socialize losses.


  4. Keep the frickin politicians away from these funds, federal and provincial. They have no business in them. They’re being run just fine. McQuarrie’s already in trouble. And the names Enron and Madoff come to mind .


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