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He phones the Prime Minister every day: call #4 ” Going Prorogue”

Watch one Cape Breton-ers quest to speak to the Prime Minister- who he calls every day. This is Call #4- ” Going Prorogue”

To follow the rest of his calls, check out CALLTHEPM’S channel on Youtube at:

Saturday January 23rd will see thousands of Canadians joining together at rallies across Canada to say NO PROROGUE! and demand the MP’s get back to work. To find the time and place of an event closest to you, head on over to for complete listings, a youtube video production, and for those not able to attend a rally, a Cover it Live Blog , interactive chat tomorrow morning. 


Scroll down and read all about the film that is coming to Vancouver next week that Coca Cola would rather YOU not see…and what they did to try and get the film-makers to halt the tour.

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