” Campbell’s cellmate: The story The Sun wouldn’t publish”

Part 2 of  the 4 part series currently being published online at The Legislature Raids is  a must read for this rainy weekend, so grab a hot drink and settle yourself down for a wild ride.

 ” BC  Premier’s Public/Private P3 Lifestyle “  is the latest of  installments that takes a  deeper look at the roles played by the media in manipulating what the public’s perception is of the premier and his Deputy Chief of Staff, Lara Dauphinee , pictured in this photo( credit to Patrick Tam, Flunging Pictures, who was so nice to allow me to buy and use two separate photos last year…)  :

Gordon Campbell & Lara Dauphinee : photo credit Patrick Tam-Flunging photos

Lara’s official role with the premier is  a somewhat contentious one, dogged by lurid allegations and unanswered questions for years.

  However, this installment brings yet another telling story about our premier,one that some would prefer to disappear forever – and this time,  from an anonymous poster in the comments section below the post: https://www.blogger.com/comment.g?blogID=27776136&postID=4285230520503754100&isPopup=true


From Monday Magazine, reported by Brian Salmi


Last week, a mysterious brown envelope arrived at the office of the Terminal City Weekly, an alternative newsweekly in Vancouver. It contained an article, written by Vancouver Sun veteran reporter Petti Fong, with an anonymous note attached.
“This is their newspaper article that the Vancouver Sun senior management, at the behest of publisher Dennis Skulsky, refused to publish because they thought it made Premier Gordon Campbell look bad,” read the note.

The article, which Fong confirmed was hers, quoted excerpts from an interview she conducted with a man who was in the drunk and when the Maui cops opened the door early in the morning of January 10, and told the drunken and disheveled Premier to make himself at home.

Fong opens her piece thus: “Premier Gordon Campbell swayed as he tried to find a place to rest and fell asleep quickly on a soiled mattress the night he was arrested, according to a petty criminal who shared his Maui jail cell.” According to Fong’s source, a 33-year-old male indentified as Frank Alconcel, Campbell was hosed.

 Got your attention? I thought so. Now go read this, and everything else she has on The Legislature Raids.

6 thoughts on “” Campbell’s cellmate: The story The Sun wouldn’t publish”

  1. Laila,

    I know there was a Rhinoceros Party but — joking aside — I began to wonder if there actually had ever been someone called “Frank Alconcel”. Well … have a look at this strange co-incidence …

    From Honolulu Star Bulletin, 1991-11-15, Page A4

    Frank Alconcel and ex-wife identified as murder victims in a murder-suicide case in Happy Valley area of Wailuku, Maui …

    So … as FRANK Magazine might’ve said, Fancy this!


  2. http://www.hawaii247.org/2009/10/23/outstanding-bench-warrants-as-of-friday-october-23/

    Outstanding bench warrants as of Friday, October 23
    Posted on October 23, 2009. Tags: bench warrants, police
    As of Friday October 23, 2009, the following individuals are wanted by the Hawaii Police Department because of outstanding warrants:
    Helena T. Akeo, 23, Captain Cook
    Kalani K. Akina, 45, Unknown
    Shane Akina, 27, Ewa Beach
    Neddie Akionadejesus, 49, Kailua-Kona
    Sapas K. Akis, 37, Honaunau
    Daniel G. Ako, 47, Hilo
    Iuka R. Akui, 28, Keaau
    Debra M. Akuna, 57, Keaau
    Maleueleisa F. Alaivaau, 27, Kailua-Kona
    Ana L. Alapaihonima, 19, Kailua-Kona
    Cesar L. Alcantar, 28, Kealakekua

    Frank A. Alconcel III, 40, Kihei, HI

    Emily D. Alcorn, 25, Pahoa
    Kea M. Alcorn, 30, Keaau
    Daniel L. Alcos, 24, Kailua-Kona
    Mark Alderson, 49, Kailua-Kona
    Grant K. Aleka, 49, Unknown
    Sagele Alesana, 37, Honolulu
    Frank Alimoot Sr., 61, Pahoa
    Dred Allen, 29, Hilo
    Jesse A. Allen, 31, Hilo
    James Alley, 43, Volcano
    Cynthia L. Almazan, 44, Keaau
    Camelia M. Almezan, 46, Mountain View
    Dahlia E. Almoguera, 32, Kamuela
    Persons who know a warrant is out for their arrest are advised to report to the nearest police station to avoid having an officer go to their home or workplace to arrest them.
    This is the official list from the Hawaii County Police Department.


  3. Ha, this is really rich. So if we do the math is the real 33 year old Frank the now 40 year old Frank? I guess it depends on the birthdate of the guy. Or did she just do the math and take a name from the list? Oooh the mystery and intrigue….. 2009 minus 2003 is 6 years, so if we add 6 years to 33 we get 39, but if his birthday is in the past bit we get 40. But is this the same guy that is a business vendor registered with the State procurement office? If it is, can there have been some talk of buying stuff with provincial money on the side? However if its the Frank from the Northrop Grumman corporation, there could be some corporate donations being solicited while they secretly met on vacation in Hawaii. I think we should go to the facebook and ask him. I would also like to talk with Fego Alconcel because of the healthcare connection in Hawaii.


  4. This is soooo funny that people think there is some conspiracy going here. I was interviewed and in the same cell as this guy, yup and I am still alive and still living in Maui!! I had no obligation to this reporter to tell my story, was offered no compensatation in anyway or form. Some reporters really tell the truth!!


  5. Now what? The real Frank Alconcel had responded and now there’s no shit anyone has to say? Whats up with that? I came across the this artical and I notified Mr Alconcel and he responded and no one else said a thing. I’m waiting to hear what’s happening next..


  6. Well I was on vacation when this supposed comment from the real Frank Alconcel came in, didnt see it, but oh well, that’s life.

    So, anyways Michelle, what is your point? That people here in BC know how completely corrupt our premier is and therefore exhaust any and every avenue to find the truth? That we have a press that often ignores rather large stories that show our premier in an unfavorable light?

    It appears that there are a few people on your island bearing the same name. We still don’t know your Frank is THE Frank. Big deal. If Frank wishes to add something meaningful or can tell us anything else about the premiers time in the slammer that we don’t already know, you can email me or post it here.


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