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Two popular political Facebook pages started by columnist/political commentator Bill Tielman disappear under suspicious circumstances…

…and the implications of this are looking more and more ominous in the face of no answers from Facebook administration. ( I thought I lived in Canada, but this seems like something the Chinese government would do)

********UPDATE: Bill has advised that the NO BC HST page has reappeared as mysteriously as it disappearred, however the AXE THE GAS TAX page is still gone. No official explanation from Facebook as of yet.  Head over to Bill’s place for more information. 

Bill T. has all the details and will be posting updates as he gets information- or a lack of it!  From his site:

UPDATE: Another large Facebook group I created in 2008 – Axe The BC Gas Tax – has also completely disappeared! I have again filed an inquiry with Facebook but this is looking more ominous indeed.
On Friday afternoon NO BC HST – the biggest Facebook group in British Columbia, with over 130,000 members – suddenly disappeared without a trace!
It’s a total mystery and to date inquiries to Facebook have not explained what has happened. Links to the group on Facebook have also disappeared and external links like the one above only lead to a Facebook home page…
….a 130,000 member HST protest group can’t simply be made to disappear – can it?
Historically, there have been instances of  attempted “cleansing”  of  online bad press, protest groups or politically charged issues associated with all Olympics around the world. But again, this is Canada- we live in BC, in an allegedly democratic society where freedom of speech is a right held by all.
Or is it?
Head over to my friend Bill Tieleman’s site right now– be sure to follow the comments, as always an interesting read and source of information- and why not give Facebook a shout too ? Here are a couple email address’ to try: , although I personally got the fasted response via calling California….
Now, since it is raining and dreary today, scroll down and read all the recent posts in the last week.


  1. My townhouse complex experienced major electrical issues for the past day and a half. The power just came on approximately twenty minutes ago.

    Last night certain parts of the townhouse had electricity while other parts did not; today the the parts that didn’t have electricity last night had electricity today and the parts that did have electricity last night did have electricity today.

    Despite the electrical issues, I could still feel the constant vibrations of both adjacent neighbor’s stereos–it didn’t matter which day–the vibrations were constant, I found this odd considering the power outages varied from day to day, room to room and/or wall to wall (maybe the owners have a generator and were spared).

    Hum. Since both of my adjacent neighbors are very influencial in municipal/provincial/federal poltics I began to wonder if they had anything to do with certain Facebook sites disappearing.


  2. Good news – NO BC HST has miraculously reappeared on Facebook – but without explanation!

    Thanks Laila for your support and all those who contacted me. I’m still trying to figure out what happened – and Axe The BC Gas Tax is still missing!


  3. There was an important news item on CTV this evening (11 pm): suicide Machine: “Cyper Suicide
    A growing number of people are opting to kill their virtual lives.” Could this virtual suicide program somehow be responsible for Bill loosing his ‘Axe the BC Gas Tax’ on Facebook? If so, this means that someone had access to Bill’s password.


  4. Regarding the Facebook petitions for NO BC HST and the Axe the BC Gax Tax, I was wondering, why use Facebook petitions at all when they are useless without signatures? I don’t mean any disrespect.


  5. None taken Olga- the Facebook groups are not petitions at all, but rather informal protest groups, and social arenas like that give the public an immediate voice and sense of power with regard to whatever issue is at protest.

    In some cases, such an out pouring of public support has changed the course of action of those behind the action which has become the target of the facebook group. I think we all know Campbell enough to know that he doesn’t give a hoot about how many people hate the prospect of the HST, so no number of particiapants on the facebook group will change his mind, however it gives all of us a chance to air our discontent.

    Hence, we require the legal signatures of registered voters whose identities are known to Elections BC.

    I hope that helps!


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