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An Olympic sized Canadian bail-out for Intrawest could mean all Canadians pay for the 2010 games – whether they want to or not.

From the NY Post :

Fortress says it is negotiating with the Canadian government, which it says promised to make it whole for the time Whistler/Blackcomb mountain is used for the Olympics. Intrawest is trying to get roughly $90 million, and wants to be paid before the Games start on Feb. 12, a source said.
If it does not get paid, Fortress plans to start legal proceedings, the source added. It is unclear if that could disrupt the Winter Olympics.

Read more:

CBC has also picked up the NY Post story, featuring it HERE.  
So,let me get this straight…..Stephen Harper makes everyone stop playing in the big government sandbox because someone uncovered a few turds in the sand that his camp couldn’t manage to hide, yet someone still managed to promise a private corporation  $90 million Canadian taxpayer dollars? All  so the 2010 Olympics can continue as planned?
HELLO, Stevie, did you ask anyone if they wanted to pay for this? Shouldn’t we have a vote on this?  Good God, what next?
( in a funny Olympic twist, it turns out the torch run in Surrey is going to travel right through my neighbourhood…. but the kicker is that it travels right by no less than 4 well-known crack houses  on a stretch of 60th avenue that are  not only huge eyesores in this lovely neighbourhood, but also an ongoing threat to both residents and schoolchildren alike.  RCMP are routinely patrolling the areas and the break ins  have increased along with petty theft from area homes, and residents and the local PAC have complained loudly, to no end.
Should be interesting to see those olympic photos, and you can count on me to be on the route that afternoon with my camera in hand to see if the addicts come out to cheer the runners along or not… and how they intend to cover that crap up. )


  1. I am not a bit surprised Harper and Campbell are cut from the same mold [maybe mould] so i have no doubts he will step in and was planning too all along they all knew when the Village deal went down the company was part of the Intrawest group i wonder who is getting palms greased in Ottawa though .


  2. I thought that if your company could not make it, it folded up. Picked over by the creditors and put to rest. I guess maybe capitalism is dead. Your saying of a while back is true again!


  3. If it is possible to, recall the HST. Why, is there not a recall for Campbell? Is it because of Harper? He is giving Campbell funds to force the HST through. I believe, BC residents knew from day one, there would be, more taxation to pay for the Olympics. Problem is, Campbell has decimated BC. Lay offs are still occurring. I am surprised, Harper doesn’t see the plight of the people of BC. Governing Officials, have no logistics. The HST, is going to cause, a lot more children, to live in poverty. How, does a single mother of two, pay the HST, on $8.00, an hour? Partial reimbursements, are not going to save these people. They will be homeless within a month. This is an unfair, poorly planned tax. I am shocked that Harper, would even be involved in such a plot. I, would like to see, a brand new party, for BC, and indeed for Canada. I hope, everyone, gets out and signs the petition, to rid BC, of the HST.


  4. Julie, I suggest you go over the FIGHT HST website and read the information as to why the petition processs is happening first, and why. There is a full explanation, and it is top early to do recalls as set out by elections bc.

    For anyone needing a full explanation of how and what is going to happen, contact me with your email though the contact page above and I will send you an html or powerpoint slide show that tells all in an easy to understand fashion.


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