Olympic Village compared to ” boy scout camp” with “walls as thin as curtains” ??? Read the news from overseas…

For the love of everything Canadian, will someone please tell me this is not true!!

 courtesy of  a long standing reader this morning : http://www.bild.de/BILD/news/bild-english/sport-news/vancouver-olympics-2010/02/12/olympic-village-accommodation/coaches-athletes-slam-walls-as-thin-as-curtains.html

( and who was in charge of Olympic construction ? )

Don’t snore – ‘the walls are as thin as curtains’ Athletes and coaches slam Olympic Village accommodation //

Winter Games 2010
Oympic Village living conditions criticised
Ski jump coach Werner Schuster compared the Olympic Village to a boy scouts camp: “The quality is very poor. Five, six people have to share a bath and the walls are as thin as curtains.”
Disgruntled athletes and coaches staying at the Olympic Village in Vancouver have hit out at what they say is shoddy accommodation and a lack of basic comforts.

One of the complaints is that the walls of the rooms are so thin that the athletes are struggling to fall asleep – not a good time to have snorers nearby…

Ski jumping trainer Werner Schuster compared the Olympic Village with a boy scout camp. The 41-year-old said: “The living standard is very poor. Five, six people have to share a bathroom and the walls are as thin as curtains.”

Such Spartan living, all in the quest to win gold at the Olympics!

The size the accommodation has also been criticised. A particularly sore point is that there isn’t enough space for athletes to dry their clothes.

A German functionary said: “The Village is good for summer. But now in winter with this weather it’s a problem.

“The German team have especially bought heaters to dry their things which are always getting wet due to the relentless sleet.”

Hermann Weinbuch, Germany’s Nordic combined coach, also slammed the fact that athletes and support staff will have to live so far apart.

And having to eat with plastic cutlery off paper plates in the Olympic Village hasn’t gone down well with the 49-year-old either.

But despite the problems, most of the Olympic Village residents seem to have come to terms with the inconveniences.

Schuster added: “I think it is enriching for the athletes to experience this. There’s a different atmosphere in a four-star hotel because you have to adjust to the circumstances.”

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  1. Morn’n Laila! I have no doubt that what they say is truth, just look at the shenanigans while it was being built.

    What we need now is an independent appraisal of what a building of that quality SHOULD have cost us…and take the difference out of every liberal’s pension. What say you?


  2. I say I’ve uncovered some very interesting connection(s) between the olympics…. and some other stories I’ve been working on… that’s it for now!!! ; )


  3. Nice post Laila….What did you expect, it was built on a tight budget….oh yea, it was over $1billion dollars, over $1 million dollars per room….

    Maybe another $1 billion dollars was required!


  4. These living conditions remind me of a time back in the late 80s when I was invited to accompany my boy friend (a camera man) on a promotional shoot for Bust Loose Tours in Puerto Vallarta. Not good.


  5. Laila, I just some of the stories related to the link you shared with us. The world does not appear to be happy with more than a few issues surrounding these olympics – and with good reason it appears.

    Maybe this will be enough to have them start digging into the sleight of hand that was taking place “behind the scenes.” We can only hope! My worry is that they’ll see all British Columbians as careless fools, rather than a people whose voices have been ignored completely.

    Some days…I wish I had the abilities of yourself, Mary, Grant, Norm and our other BC bloggers to take on the establishment – and drive a stake of truth through their miserable hearts. They need to be shamed before the world…as a warning to other countries not to do business with them.


  6. Here is something to consider.
    On Feb 12/10 the day that luger Georgian Nodar Kumaritashvili, died from his injuries, I heard a news report that Olympian figure skater Patrick Chan had moved out from the Olympic Village, as he was unable to sleep because it was just to noisy .
    This is what I have pondered since Nodars death.
    Is it not possible that, he was also affected by noise and did not get a rest full nights sleep, thereby causing him to be inattentive on the Luge track due to lack of a proper sleep?


  7. Henri, that crossed my mind too after reading Laila’s article. Unfortunately there is no way to be sure, but if that really is the case…we can only hope that GC’s karma bites him in the ass 100 fold.

    But isn’t this village supposed to be sold as individual housing units after the games are over? Who in their right mind would buy one?!

    Imagine, almost a billion dollars for something not worth one tenth of that. Someone, somewhere…is laughing all the way to the bank.


  8. I think these units were ment to be sold to rich Chinese (out of towners) who won’t be living there 365 days of the year and who will either use their property on a time share basis or as a B&B during peak tourism seasons or they will be subletted or rented out–it’s all part of the tourism business. Without tourism Vancouver would be in trouble. Makes me wonder about the capping emission issue. All this travel back and forth by land, sea and air can’t be good for our environment.


  9. Olga what the hell has that ,to do with something we’ve payed handsomely for ,to be shoddily built ?What the hell hey pay for caviar and get wieners?Somebody’s making off like a bandit don’t you think ?I mean really,don’t you think?


  10. You guys are all confused here. I heard the athletes raving about the accomodation here in Vancouver, when they got here. There is another athletes village that was built at Whistler for the athetes competing up there i.e. in luge. Get your facts right before you leap to any conclusions PLEASE. We have no idea of what happened at the Luge track that day, but, to connect it to whether he got a good nights sleep or not, come on. The accomodation at Whistler is not as nice as in Vancouver, as the Vancouver accomodation will be sold off as condo’s after the game for a profit. The accomodation at Whistler is more dorm style, and is to be used to house seasonal workers at Whistler that have been unable to find rental accomodation in the busy winter months. Do your research!


  11. Hey Mike F-

    I posted the story directly as written overseas, direct from the link because honestly, regardless of where the athletes are staying, one would expect better accomodation for world class athletes than what is described in the article, would you not?

    And what this coach describes sounds pretty horrendous, so it is not an illogical leap to question whether or not the luger who was so tragically killed experienced the same conditions as the ones described, such as a lack of sleep as well.

    Considering some agencies have said this horrific tragedy was the athletes fault ( only to immediately make changes to the track, in psychological consideration for the other lugers) I think it is normal to see discussion along these lines.

    Since you’ve heard how wonderful the athletes in Vancouver think their accomadations are, perhaps you could weigh in on your take of what this German coach is stating. Do you think it is right for these athletes to be in those kind of conditions, and what would you think if it were Canadian athletes sleeping like that in another host country?


  12. It is obvious that the village is being complained is the one in Whistler.

    (1) the person complaining is the ski jumping trainer; ski jumping is held in Whistler

    (2) the article mentioned the “sleet”; well I doubt you can find sleet nearby false creek in this kind of weather in lower mainland.

    Conclusion: media can be very misleading


  13. Mike F, on February 16th, 2010 at 11:37 pm
    Wayne C, on February 17th, 2010 at 12:38 am
    Who is confused here?
    Patrick Chan had moved out from the Olympic Village, as he was unable to sleep because it was just to noisy .
    luger Georgian Nodar Kumaritashvili stayed at the Whistler accommodation.
    Which you both have stated, the Whistler accommodation is indeed inferior to the Vancouver ones ,indicating that their both of poor quality.
    People get killed every day at work and driving on the roads due to sleep deprivation.
    Some people are more sensitive than others and are more easily affected by sleep loss.
    Go ahead convince me he had a sound , rest full nights sleep the night before he died.


  14. A good night’s rest is very important. It’s quite possible that we are all sleep deprived. Why are the noise bylaws ignored?

    Day-time Noise Hours
    During the Games, a number of activities will generate noise beyond what the Noise Control By-law generally allows. To accommodate these activities, the City has temporarily extended its day-time noise hours.

    Extended Day-time Noise Hours Mon – Fri 7am – 12 midnight January 1 to March 31, 2010
    Sat – Sun 8am – 12 midnight January 1 to March 31, 2010

    These by temporary laws (and the normal noise bylaws) should be included in all Travel Vancouver Information Brochures so that all visitors/renters/B&B’s/subletters are made aware of our noise bylaws so that we can all get our basic needs met without having to call the police.


  15. I was responding to this comment, “Olga what the hell has that ,to do with something we’ve payed handsomely for ,to be shoddily built ?What the hell hey pay for caviar and get wieners?Somebody’s making off like a bandit don’t you think ?I mean really,don’t you think?”


  16. I”m reminded of a line in Independence Day where Brent Spiner’s scientist character responds to Michael Douglas’ question about how Area 51 was paid for – “You don’t think we really paid $400 for a toilet seat, do you?”

    This has G-R-A-F-T written all over it, IMO. Heavily-financed graft, no less…..(and who’s holding the bill on the overbilling, I guess is the question to ask….).

    It also speaks to the quality of housing that the Whistler business/planning community has deicded for its temporary seasonal slaves, er, workers….thin walls, no privacy, less quality than a college dorm, probably charged huge rent on minimum wage “so you can have the privilege of living in a world-class resort”….just don’t expect decent living conditions…..there was always a striking dichotomy between those who work in Whistler and those who don’t……imagine being a maid in a 5-star hotel, seeing the luxury, then returning to your thin-walled party hovel – NOT conveniently located near the town centre either (I remember when a proposal for a new IHF hostel in Village North was turned down because it would provide budget accommodation adjacent to high-priced accommodation). Low-budget accommodation is only allowable when it’s slum-class….

    About Patrick Chan, I was a bit surprised when it turned out he had a pre-event retreat/lounge in the Pacific Coliseum – the speed skater’s “secret training area”, wherever that is – that nobody else seems to have had access to. Isn’t that special treatment? Not that it did him any good…..


  17. You guys have ZERO idea of what you speak here. It is all TOTAL speculation. You all seem to be pretty much anti Olympic, no matter what is fact or fiction you will go with whatever best suits your anti Olympic stance. I live downtown, I walk around downtown, I was at a great event last night downtown, everyone was happy and proud to be a Canadian and a Vancouverite, as I am. All the out of town visitors I have come across are 100% happy. There is always going to be the odd glitch or compainer, there are 1000’s of media here, they need to fill their time with some story, it’s not all going to be positive, and its not all going to be the truth, a lot of it is opinionated. The Olympic Village in Vancouver is 1st class, its resale condo. The Olympic Village in Whistler is not as posh, nor was it meant to be, it is rental and not for resale. However, both are excellent Olympic venues, that were given the stamp of approval by the IOC. The athletes are being more than well taken care of and are happy. You guys are going by one comment made by one person at the Whistler facility to somehow decide the quality of the facilities in both Vancouver and Whister, and then taking that further to decide it had something to do with a tragic ACCIDENT, get a grip! Report fact not fiction, we dont know exactly what happened, we may never. If I was a Canadian athlete, I would be only too happy to stay at either facilty. The configuration of these facilities will change after the Olympics btw, more people are staying at the Whistler facility now during the Olympics than will be afterwards, trust me, the workers at Whistler are so looking forward to having a decent place to live and sleep at after the Olympics, yet another great legacy of the games!:-)


  18. Mike F.
    I don’t think anyone is seriously linking the luge incident to the lack of quality of the Whistler accomodations.

    Furthermore, to downplay the testimony of someone who is staying at those facilities simply because ‘you’re’ happy indicates to me that maybe it’s you who needs to ‘get a grip’ as you put it.

    Put enough booze in enough people and they’ll have a great time in a pig sty.

    As for legacy, you’re right about that, British Columbia is going to have a huge legacy of bills to pay at the end of this party – so enjoy yourself – it’s gonna be a long headache.


  19. To my ears, Mike F sounds like a rep from the Public Affairs Bureau…. and no we aren’t all anti- olympic, but I can safely say that we are all pro-truth, and often it takes a lot of discussion to get there.

    The Wall Street Journal had perhaps one of the most important articles to date on this luge run and sliding centre , I don’t have the link directly- subscribers only- but here is an excerpt from another:

    “The Wall Street Journal reported the Vancouver Olympic Committee (VANOC) chose Whistler as the luge site because of its lucrative post-Games tourism potential despite the steep and narrow terrain that produced unprecedented speeds of more than 150 km/h. ”

    Proft motive, pure and simple. Lets build something that will really get the tourists coming…. http://olympics.thestar.com/2010/article/767265–accident-no-airbag-built-in

    Considering the connections behind the scenes on this, nothing surprises me. If you read my Tercon post again, I mention that ineligible bidder of contention in the project, Emil Anderson, went onto win many, many bids on provincial projects, as well as the Whistler sliding centre/luge bobsled track itself.


  20. Hi Laila,

    Here’s a good example proving your point.

    NEWS RELEASE: Chamber Applauds Approved Destination Status, Urges Open SkiesPublish DateTuesday, December 15, 2009

    Chamber Applauds Approved Destination Status, Urges Open Skies

    Vancouver, December 3, 2009 – The BC Chamber of Commerce is congratulating the Federal Government today upon the announcement that Canada has been granted approved destination status by the Chinese government.

    “Obviously this has huge implications,” said John Winter, President and CEO of the BC Chamber of Commerce. “Especially here in BC, where China is already an important source of tourism. This news couldn’t come at a better time for the industry.”

    Approved destination status makes it easier for travel agents to arrange group travel to Canada, which could mean that Canada will see up to 50 per cent more Chinese tourists in the next 5 years.

    While this step by the Chinese government is being warmly received, Winter says he would like to see the Canadian government taking their own steps to facilitate travel – namely by updating the current bilateral air agreement with China to be an Open Skies agreement.

    “China has made an overture, promoting travel between our two countries,” said Winter. “This seems like a logical next step. That additional fifty per cent is going to need better airport access.”

    The BC Chamber of Commerce has been advocating for more and expedited action on Open Skies agreements since 2007, with an emphasis on Asian markets. These agreements are an effective way to promote growth and competitiveness in Canada’s air travel and tourism industries, and should be a priority in Canada’s trade policy.

    For more information contact:

    John Winter
    President and CEO
    BC Chamber of Commerce

    D 604.638.8110
    C 604.376.3577
    E jwinter@bcchamber.org


  21. Hi Laila,

    I thought you might find this article just as interesting.

    “Olympic Village social housing on thin ice
    NPA councillor says Vision majority delaying decision until after Games
    Cheryl Rossi, Vancouver Courier
    Published: Friday, January 22, 2010
    NPA Coun. Suzanne Anton expects city council will wait until after the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games to avoid political fallout for cancelling social housing at the Olympic Village.

    “I’m going to guess that they won’t bring it on Feb. 2 because they’re not going to want to make a decision like that right before the Olympics,” she said.

    The Vision-dominated council was expected to decide in November what to do with the 252 units designated for mixed-income social housing. Then it was expected to deal with the dilemma Jan. 19. The next possibility is Feb. 2. After Feb. 4, council meetings are suspended until March 2, when the 2010 Games end.

    View Larger Image

    Council must rule on 252 units designated for mixed-income social housing at the Olympic Village.
    Dan Toulgoet

    Email to a friend

    Printer friendly
    Font:* * * * “I’m guessing that council doesn’t particularly want to make a decision on it because I think they’re going to be driven into making a decision to cancel the social housing, which I think is the only fiscally responsible decision you could make,” said Anton.

    The city committed to providing affordable housing in the Olympic Village as a legacy of the Games. But the cost of constructing these units skyrocketed from a budgeted $65 million in 2006 to $110 million, ruining the original business plan that estimated the city could subsidize up to 50 per cent of the units for low-income households with no extra costs to the city.

    B.C. Housing estimated the city would have to invest $35 million in equity–on top of the capital costs–to make the units viable at average market rents, $56 million to subsidize half of them, or $77 million to subsidize all of them, according to a staff report released last February.

    Vision Coun. Kerry Jang says the city isn’t delaying a decision for political reasons. He said he and the mayor have spoken to foreign media about their predicament. “If there was any attempt at trying to make the city look good as a political thing, you think we’d do a better job of hiding it,” Jang said.

    According to Dennis Carr, assistant director of social infrastructure with the city, a staff report on options for the 252 units, including making them market rental, was ready for council’s consideration in November.

    “The problem is not a report is not ready,” he said Jan. 15. “The problem is they want a different report.”

    Anton believes the 252 units should be sold, but not in May when Rennie Marketing Systems will focus on selling the remaining 474 high-end condos in the village on behalf of developer Millennium Water.

    The affordable units cost an average of $600,000 each and range from one- to four-bedroom units. Some were built to house seniors and others to accommodate families.

    They lack the high-end finishes and water views of the condominiums but include thicker walls, a radiant heating system and green roofs to boost environmental sustainability.

    More than 7,000 people in Metro Vancouver are waiting for low-cost housing on B.C. Housing’s list.


    Read more: http://www2.canada.com/vancouvercourier/features/olympics/story.html?id=96bcd4d3-9246-4ea0-a454-c520c9a6a305#ixzz0g6uOqJ0F


  22. I am not a representative of anyone, just an ordinary Canadian, with some common sense. There have been many sensational articles written about this tragic ACCIDENT. Instead of jumping to any conclusions from information reported in any sensational articles, I will do the sensible thing, rely on what is also reported in the Wall Street Journal article( “Investigations by the RCMP and the Coroners Service of British Columbia did not cite track design as responsible for the death.”), I will go by what the RCMP and the Coroners office have concluded, they are experts, we are not. As well, the International Luge Federation has launched its own investigation, they will rule on responsibility here, none of us will. Most winter sport comes with risk, thats the reality of it. VANOC supplied the funds to build this facility under the full direction of the World Luge Federation, they didnt design it. As for legacy’s, there are many great legacy’s left from these games, the RAV line to Richmond, the Upgrade to the Sea to Sky Highway, the Richmond Skating Oval, the new curling club, upgrades to Thunderbird Stadium and to so many other skating rinks and facilities all throughout the lower mainland, and on and on and on. Not to mention, the spirit and pride the games has brought to ALL Canadians, the revenue and jobs that have been created and pumped into BC over the last 7 years, since Vancouver WON the bid to host these games, leading up to this great event now taking place in our country, our Province and our city’s history. I choose to look at the positive here, not look for the the negative and blow things out of proportion. You anti games people are never going to even try to see any positive here, no matter what. In that case, instead of nit picking, or blowing everything out of proportion, shut off your TV’s, don’t participate, maybe read a book, but stop your bitching and complaining already, the 2010 Olympic’s are, have been, and will continue to have been a great thing for Canada, BC, and the City of Vancouver and the village of Whistler.


  23. wow, a little deflection Mike F.?

    Perhaps you should educate yourself a little more about what is really going in all of BC, not your tiny little corner of the west end. Come back when you can tell me how much that RAV line is costing us taxpayers right now, and will be for how long is it now? And perhaps go read the Tercon post so you can find out what is really going on in BC. Remember what they say ? Follow the money, honey. I have – and the trail is littered with dirty laundry.


  24. Mike F: “I choose to look at the positive here, not look for the the negative and blow things out of proportion. ”

    Well, if you’re not a Public Affairs Bureau troll, you should certainly apply for a job with them because you’re pretty much quoting from their playbook. I hear that crap all the time on the talkpage in Wikipedia for the 2010 Winter Olympics, where there’s been a constant battle by “positive” people to hide facts, delete them, and “focus on the positive” and make complaints about “excessive controversy”.

    You make not be a duck, but you talk like a duck.

    Quack quack.


  25. Ducks by the hundreds….you notice how they all sound the same, but pretend to be ordinary citizens with “common sense”…..

    Republicans in the US claim to be the “common sense revolution”, while espousing the most off-the-wall, anti-scientific and clearly immoral and nonsensical policies and ideas……


  26. I wonder Laila and Skookum, are you for anything, or is your whole world about conspiracy theories and how the government is out to get us? No deflection by me Laila, I answered everything you were whining about, seems when you realize you are wrong again, you just move to another topic, your latest being, we didnt need the RAV line to Richmond because it cost too much. The RAV line was built on time and on budget, and was much needed. The RAV line shows how 3 levels of government can work together to build a much needed GREEN project. I guess Laila would rather 1000’s and 1,000’s of people to sit in their cars beltching polution into our air, rather than ride on clean rapid transit. Skookum, I think maybe your the duck, because I am well informed and choose to look at all the positive here I must be quoting someone’s playbook? Hardly, I am not hiding any facts, I tell it like it is, but again, you anti games, anti everything people just keep spewing all the same garbage over and over and over, until I almost want to hurl. You never have any good or positive plans to put forward, its just all about the negative and nothing is ever good or right. Cheer up, smile, be happy, the games are a HUGE success. Like I said before, if you don’t want to participate, don’t, but stop your belly aching, as each day passes you and your anti everything message is making you look more and more foolish by the day.


  27. What the enlightened observer sees today in and around Vancouver is highly reminiscent of the political manipulation which undermined the Roman Empire through decadence, hedonism and corruption.

    Consider the historic warning in Latin bequeathed to us by the poet Juvenal:

    … iam pridem, ex quo suffragia nulli uendimus, effudit curas; nam qui dabat olim imperium, fasces, legiones, omnia, nunc se continet atque duas tantum res anxius optat, panem et circenses.

    (Juvenal, Satire 10.77–81)

    Translated into English the above warning reads:

    Already long ago, from when we sold our vote to no man, the People have abdicated our duties; for the People who once upon a time handed out military command, high civil office, legions — everything, now restrains itself and anxiously hopes for just two things: bread and circuses…

    So today we are beset with an expensive circus. For the time being the silly dupes will rejoice in the so-called Olympic spirit, despite the overt display of paradox. For example, how could McDonald’s, as the official restaurant of the Winter Olympics, actually relate in any way to good health or athleticism? But the folly of hedonism and entertainment appears to trump common sense and civic responsibility.

    The wanton waste of the 2010 circus will make the fast ferries seem like marvels of marine engineering in comparison. So for fellows like Mike F., enjoy your circus while the sun shines. Soon the unforgiving shadows of excess, mismanagement and corruption will come to impose their wrath on the population. Gordon Campbell and his ilk will not suffer, as they have merely been squandering other people’s money: behaviour that would make Adam Smith wince.


  28. Mike F.

    Facts,Mike, Facts. Stop spewing the lines of PR bullshit you seem to have ingested somewhere, because factually speaking, that line is underutilized and not making a cent now, nor will it be for a long long time, if ever.

    As for conspiracy theories, try again, you won’t find one single one on this site, but go ahead, try to if you like. I have worked hard to only provide credible,factual information to these pages, and if you find documented facts to be a conspiracy, perhaps you need to get your head out of the sand.

    Here’s a solution for you, the most positive one yet.

    Have your little hero Gordon Campbell step down. Because if he doesn’t, his Liberal MLA’s are going to be recalled, every single one who won by a small margin, and there are many.

    Once again, I’m not anti- olympics. I stand for truth, honesty, integrity,transparency and good policy – none of which the current government seem to have ever heard of.

    Derek- That was brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Any man who can quote in the words of a poet in Latin, and knows how to appropriately use the word ilk, gets a gold star from me. ; )


  29. Whether he intends to or not, Mike F. has effectively taken the conversation towards the Olympics, and away from the attention directed at the Tercon case.

    Looking back, he has not answered any questions asked of him with facts, nor has he backed up any of what he says with facts.

    It is merely opinion.

    Laila is among a small group of writers who are highly regarded as dealing in factual information on their blogs, rather than some bloggers who spout off rants and specualtions without substantiation.

    Her recent work has shown how corrupt the governments action can be, and I beleive she is going to show her readers things that would make your hair curl, based on facts,not mere opinions.

    These Olympics have been regarded for some time as being a financial disaster for the city of Vancouver and the Province of British Columbia. To add insult to injury, the worlds press is mocking us far and wide for having an inexperienced organizing team (VANOC) and making ridiculous mistakes that should never have been made.


  30. Laila, FYI, I have never voted for, nor will I ever vote for Gordon Campbell, when he was our mayor, or when he became our premier. Is it possible for you to understand that some people in this city and Province support the Olympics, but not Gordon Campbell? Not only did Vancouver win the bid for the Olympics, the citizens of Vancouver also voted and agreed that Vancouver would host the Olympics. Do you not believe in democracy? As for the RAV line to Richmond, it wasnt built to make money, so much as to move people to and from Richmond in a GREEN manor, to cut down on congestion and polluting cars, and to get people from point A to point B. Your not for clean efficient transit, your for more roads and gas guzzling cars on those roads? Apparently Laila is wowed by a poster who can speak a dead language, latin, than someone who just speaks plain ole Canadian english eh? You and your fans seem to have crystal balls too, the Olympics arent even over yet and your predicting gloom, doom and financial ruin, yet, every day, the crowds get bigger, the media reports from the world and national media brighter, and more positive, dashing your hopes, that somehow, Vancouver, BC, and Canada will fail. Sorry to dissapoint you all, but its all pretty much a HUGE SUCCESS, open your minds and let the positive in, be happy it all turned out GREAT for the most part, surely you have other things to complain about instead.


  31. What would be nice is an accounting of sorts that would have on one side of the ledger the costs and on the other the benefits that some say there are lots. But do you include infrastructure costs that were rushed to support the Olympics like the Squamish highway that really needed fixing in the first place? Do you put the school playgrounds for handicapped kids on the plus side if the money was borrowed? How long do you measure the Richmond oval after Olympics service for some numbers? I don’t really know. The Saturday Sun mentioned some group keeping track of the effects of the games. Who do they work for?

    And just one last question, how do we know that Campbell is Mike F’s “little hero” or is that just part of the “facts”? You seem to have more faith in the recall system than I do: “MLA’s are going to be recalled, every single one who won by a small margin, and there are many.” Fact? or wishful thinking?


  32. Laila. Thank you for your kind assessment of my commentary. However, you are the one who deserves praise – particularly for your dogged tenacity and courage in unearthing the truth, and protecting the mangled remains of honesty, decency, accountability, responsibility and transparency in our ethically damaged society.

    The gatekeepers of the conventional news media are moulding content to favour the stance of their political lackeys. For the most part, only brave independent journalists, such as Laila Yuille, are exposing the shoddy and corrupt governance now soiling the hallowed halls of the B.C. Legislature. Prior to the last provincial election, the Vancouver Sun did not include mention of the essential issue of housing in its list of major political issues. It would not have been politically expedient for the newspaper to reveal the damage Campbell and his clowns caused by inserting the immoral geographic profiling clause into the Residential Tenancy Act . Examine the website of http://www.seafieldapartments.com if you want to see just part of the effect of the human cost created by government malfeasance. How many renters can afford to pay a rent increase of 38 percent? And the greedy owners wanted up to a 73 percent rent increase. Few have the luxury of voting for their own pay increases!

    Meanwhile, hordes of citizens are oblivious to the truth, coddled into happy complacency by cheery accounts of the games’ success – even if the billion dollar security bill failed to save the one fatal casualty so far from the threat within. Check out this article by Jean-Jacques Taylor of the Dallas Morning News, which deals with the tragic and needless death of the Georgian luger:


    Like most sensible practitioners of critical thinking – the mark of a truly educated mind – positivity should not be mistreated as the ideal mental state in all avenues of life. Only a fool would suggest that a person should smile and cheer as the deck of the Titanic lists sharply. Yet this is the predicament now facing British Columbia. Few people are clearly aware of the danger of consuming soma, as evidenced in Huxley’s “Brave New World.” Unfortunately, hockey flags, face-painting and oblivion are the mainstays of today’s thinking.

    And this is precisely what Campbell has hoped for: His waving of red Olympic mittens mocks the intelligence of most voters (those who even bothered to vote), and also pumps up his egotistical spirit of deceit and duplicity.

    If the Canada skytrain line was such a success, why then has it proved an economic and ethical disaster for the small business owners along the Cambie corridor? Is it right and commendable for a government and its agencies to bulldoze the rights and interests of people standing in the way of so-called progress? What has happened to Tercon was merely the dress rehearsal for the main event: the Winter Olympics, legal threats against the Olympia restaurant and all. In effect, the shopowners along Cambie subsidized the “balanced” bookkeeping of the 3-P skytrain project.

    So, Laila, please keep up the good work. Each clout by your chisel will expose more of the rot which now inundates the fabric of government in this province.


  33. Before Mike F’s plain ole Canadian English becomes moribund by its misuse, I will offer him an elementary lesson in grammar.

    Firstly, plurals are not created by attaching an “s” to a word with an apostrophe. Secondly, the second person possessive “your” is hardly a replacement for the contraction of you are (you’re). While some people in their giddy Olympic spirit might imagine that they see a large green manor ride the Canada Line rails, those in a state of reality will be disappointed; the correct word would be “manner.” The third person singular possessive fails to reflect the meaning of the contraction of it is (it’s). Arent should be written aren’t. Finally, Mike F has an affinity for run-on sentences, such as the following:

    “Sorry to dissapoint you all, but its all pretty much a HUGE SUCCESS, open your minds and let the positive in, be happy it all turned out GREAT for the most part, surely you have other things to complain about instead.”

    Plain meaning would be better achieved by splitting this sentence up in a logical fashion.

    I hope he finds my pointers helpful. As is clearly demonstrated, my knowledge of a dead language helps to breathe life and accuracy into my use of English.


  34. Mike said:

    “Not only did Vancouver win the bid for the Olympics, the citizens of Vancouver also voted and agreed that Vancouver would host the Olympics.”

    Good for Vancouver!! It’s only fair then, that Vancouver folk pay the entire bill for the “games.” After all, they could have taken time to find out what the cost of this would possibly be by researching the costs of other countries. Instead, Vancouver wants, Vancouver bids, Vancouver gets…no vote taken anywhere other than Vancouver, but the rest of us get to pay whether we wanted them or not.

    What a hideous waste of funds so desperately needed by our seniors, children, and people who have been placed on longer surgical waiting lists over the entire province. The ignorance and arrogance of this government has become mind-numbing.


  35. Guess I have really hit on something here when all Laila’s biggest fan Derek can do is comment on my grammar, rather than anything I had to say.:-)Since all that is expected of the games is that they break even Leah, don’t be worrying about anybody in BC paying anything, as a matter of fact, Victoria will be more than happy to share any profits with all of the Province. As for a hideous waste of funds, have you ever sat and thought about where the funds come from to pay for health, education, and social services in this Province? The funds come from payroll deductions from jobs, jobs like the THOUSANDS of jobs created over the more than 7 years of employment generated since Vancouver won the bid to host the games, in building the Olympic venues and Olympic related projects like the RAV line, the Sea to Sky Highway upgrades and many many more projects, all of which provided the entire Province not only THOUSANDS of JOBS, but the spin off effect of all those jobs in the towns and city’s throughout this Province, which also generated more revenues for our government, which in turn goes back to ALL British Columbians in the way of paying for health services, education, social services and so on. Again, if your not pro Olympic, fine, but at least recognize the Olympics have kept this Province rolling along these last years, while the rest of North America is in the doldrums economy wise. This will be my last post, I’ll leave you all to talk your fiction and conspiracy theories amongst yourselves, it’s just silly to try and talk any sense into you here or have any real debate. Sad, we can’t just discuss real fact, rather than Derek commenting on my grammar or Laila praising Derek on his ability to speak latin. Enjoy the rest of the Olympics, I will.:-)


  36. Its called ad hominem Mike F. Attack the author instead of the issue. Neither side here has given any financial cost breakdown/estimates say for either the delay in hospital stuff that was put on hold or the number of jobs created or the percent increase of tourists and approximately how much each spend on hotels etc. How many media people, how much are they spending on local stuff. I heard that Gastown has not seen any marked increase in tourists, but you can plainly see the tens of thousands on the closed streets the other night in the newscast. The ridership of transit according to the news is way up. Does this translate into more fare money? Or is it a net loss because of the number of extra people and equipment put to work?

    So how much extra is the average taxpayer putting out Leah? How much are you out of pocket exactly? Or is it just wasting what you already put into taxes by property tax and such?

    Did the Hotel Vancouver have extra staff on just for the Olympics? How much extra did they take home? Did the Hotel turn a profit? Did we subsidize rooms for anybody there?


  37. The economic argument Mike F provides in support of the games is sure to end in a debt spiral for the economy. While government borrowing for capital projects, such as building Olympic facilities, can result in short-term economic spin-offs, these pale in comparison to the impact of the debt, which must eventually be paid. Moreover, the BC Government’s decision to dedicate more than $6-billion in borrowed funds for a two week circus is problematic, since few businesses or individuals will be able to earn enough to offset the resulting increase in taxes that will be required to pay down the growing debt.

    Economists from the Okanagan branch of UBC project that BC’s debt will grow by at least $17-billion in the next three years. This is why a taxpayer funded party for two weeks is highly irresponsible and damaging to the province’s economic future. This is a prime reason why contributors to this blog site are deeply concerned about the nonsensical financial strategy imposed on taxpayers by the Campbell government.

    The sharply inflated cost of the convention centre alone makes the fast ferry project look like a sensible financial venture. A prudent government would postponed or abandoned such a project in the midst of a building boom. But Campbell’s clique show no regard for spending other people’s money. Legacy and ego are suitable reasons to bleed taxpayers.

    Presently, British Columbia faces sharp decreases in revenue related to lower commodity prices and the economic doldrums in the US which Mike F refers to. In particular, lumber royalties are down since US housing starts have taken a tumble. (Lumber sales to the US are unlikely to recover to pre-recession levels for many years). Natural gas revenues are also down significantly. Meanwhile, BC Hydro will soon find its balance sheet compromised by the Liberal induced “run of river” power generation deals. Instead of paying dividends to the government, BC Hydro will be dedicating more of its revenues to service the run of river projects. While some Liberal supporters (and operators of these private power generators) will net tidy profits from this policy, taxpayers will be left to carry the resulting deficit in revenue. Worse, the power generated by the run of river power producers will be exported, effectively subsidized by the public purse. Hence, any increase in taxpayer burden translates into a decrease in the disposable income essential for supporting the business sector.

    Already, the advent of the HST serves as the medicine B.C. taxpayers will have to stomach because of the Campbell government’s financial indiscretions. As taxpayers have fewer funds to spend in the economy, job losses and the exodus of some businesses are sure to follow – quite the contrary of what Campbell promised during his election campaign in 2001. Indeed, it is paradoxical that Campbell claimed that NDP policies were sinking B.C.’s economy for this very reason – increased borrowing and taxes – and yet this is now the reality in B.C.

    On the budgetary side of things, borrowing money is costly for two reasons. First, as borrowing increases, one’s credit rating is sure to fall, resulting in higher interest rates. Secondly, the servicing of the growing debt will divert scarce revenue dollars away from essential programmes. Keep in mind that B.C. has an ageing population which faces escalating health care costs. Diverting government funds to debt servicing will undermine the already questionable ability of the system to care for patients.

    In addition, the current swath of cutbacks in government spending is leaving students without essential school supplies, such as textbooks. For example, students in a social studies class in Richmond went without text books for several months because funds were not available to purchase them. How can our society have a future if students lack books – a ridiculous situation which one would expect to find in a third-world scenario?

    As already noted in my previous posts on this blog, which Mike F has clearly failed to read, notable groups of people are facing economic costs associated with the unethical and irresponsible manner in which the Olympic projects have been pushed through. The approximately $300-million in costs assumed by the business owners in the Cambie corridor are in effect a tax to subsidize the savings achieved by changing the Canada Line construction method from tunnelling to cut and cover. The business owners along Cambie were lied to and grievously mistreated. Will Campbell and his ilk pay for any of the court costs and damages associated with the class action lawsuit underway? Hardly. Taxpayers will have that honour.

    Added to the insult, some renters now find themselves facing the prospect of exorbitant rent increases (38 percent etc) to unscrupulous landlords, thanks to the geographical rent profiling clause the Liberals inserted into the Residential Tenancy Act. Any extra costs imposed on taxpayers translate into a reduction of disposable income. That is, even if the affected people can pay their increased rents, they will have little left to spend as consumers (and supporters of the economy).

    The Liberal government has firmly adopted the policy of putting on circuses to distract voters’ attention away from critical problems in the transparency, honesty and fiscal management of the government. Even Harvey Oberfeld expresses concern about the lack of critical response by the mainstream media; Harvey is correct to note that handing out free tickets (paid for by taxpayers) to media members is sure to weaken the objectivity of reporters.The situation is particularly grievous since the Liberal government’s financial situation is seriously compromised, and plans are underway to alter the nature of Ambulance services in the province amongst other things.

    It is highly ironic that Campbell fooled voters into assuming that he supported sound fiscal management and lower taxes; in contrast, Campbell has proved the inverse. He is now embarked on a foolish spending spree of taxpayer’s money. What will this legacy amount to? Could B.C. face the debt crunch imposed on Argentina? Time will tell, but those who have great affection for the province and its people are committed to preventing such damage from continuing.

    In fact, if a family treated its finances the way the provincial government manages taxpayers’ money, it would rapidly spiral into bankruptcy. This explains why the Liberal government has turned to the HST and expanded gambling to fund the growth in debt. Gambling is a particularly damaging and immoral way to squeeze money out of people. Yet this is one of the chief means the government now has to boost government revenues: Give those with an addiction to gambling more access and excitement, even if it destroys families, augments bankruptcies, and fuels property crime and loansharking.

    Juvenal was correct to write us a warning about circuses nearly 2,000 years ago. Politicians have hardly tired of playing the same sort of destructive tricks on citizens. Campbell’s clique have demonstrated their penchant for lulling people into a complacent stupour. Well, we are now living in a brave new world. Grab a soma tablet everyone and cheer!


  38. Economists with the Okanagan branch of UBC project a $17-billion increase in debt over the next three years for B.C. Such news is startling when one considers the drastic drop in revenues from softwood lumber (because of the U.S. recession and the bursting of the housing bubble stateside), a decline in natural gas royalties and the projected end to BC Hydro dividend payments to the government (thanks to the growth of run of river contracts with private power generators). Thus, B.C. taxpayers will be subsidizing the profits of run of river generators, who will be selling this power out of province.

    Meanwhile, the B.C. government has been borrowing money to put on a two week circus. Despite short-term spinoffs from such spending, inevitably taxpayers will have to service this debt and pay it back. And any increase in payroll taxes from the jobs produced pales in comparison to the capital expended in the first place. Thus, taxpayers will face higher taxes, and also face a decline in services since a greater share of government funds will be dedicated to debt servicing and repayment.

    There are a variety of additional costs which the government has transferred duplicitly to businesses or individuals. A prime example, which I referred to, but which Mike F has clearly overlooked, is the Cambie corridor fiasco; Cambie merchants have had to subsidize the $300-million savings that the government achieved by changing from the promised tunnelling method of constructing the Canada Line to cut and cover. In the end, taxpayers will have to foot the bill for court costs and damages that will arise from the current class action lawsuit.

    As taxes rise, the disposable income of taxpayers will decline, thereby undermining confidence in the market; job losses and a flight of business capital will result.

    Meanwhile, the construction of the new convention centre smacks of complete disregard for taxpayers’ funds, especially since its cost was inflated by at least 200 million dollars. Was this centre even needed?

    When government embarks on borrowing sprees, the credit rating is bound to drop, thereby increasing interest costs, which must also be borne by taxpayers.

    Keep in mind that B.C.’s ageing population is already facing considerable pressure just meeting the health care needs of the population. Should more taxpayer funds be diverted to debt servicing, less will be available to meet health care needs. Moreover, the education system is under serious pressure. Students at a high school in Richmond went without social studies texts for several months for want of funds. Most would assume that such a scenario would only occur in a third-world nation. But clearly, the financial mismanagement in B.C. is taking a serious bite out of essential services already.

    So why would the Campbell government spend more than $6-billion of scarce funds on a two week circus? Well, the historic trend of politicians diverting attention away from mismanagement is nothing new. Harvey Oberfeld warns readers of his blog that the Campbell government is doling out free Olympic tickets to lull journalists into complacency. Juvenal’s observation nearly 2,000 years ago in Ancient Rome has hardly lost its relevance. Rome faced economic and social oblivion because of its bread and circus policy. Could B.C. share a similar fate? Should the government continue to borrow or tax citizens in nefarious ways, we could soon find our province sharing Argentina’s position as a former contender in the world market.

    Today, the only sure way for the B.C. government to fund its blossoming debt is through expanded gambling and the HST – both sure-fire ways to deplete the disposable income of those who can least afford it. In addition, highly accessible gambling venues afflict the addicted, and ensure that they face financial ruin, family strife, forcing them to resort to either property crime or loansharks.

    What a way to run a province. Everyone take a soma tablet and cheer. We are living in a brave new world.


  39. BC Gas: Gone., BC Rail: Gone., BC Ferries: Gone.
    BC Hydro: In it’s death throes. For the first time in its Crown Corporation history, BC Hydro didn’t pay a dividend to the citizens last year. It never will again. All of those corporations belonged to us, we benefited greatly. Gone. Forestry: dead. Mining: holding on by a thread. Fishing: dead. Control of natural resources now in the hands of a foreign country. How stupid can it get?!

    If ICBC and BCLC weren’t such excellent cash cows – they’d be gone too. Mind, if he sold them, he couldn’t use them as an ATM anytime he’s short on cash…and thereby, steal from us. Only a threatened lawsuit saw some of the funds returned to those entitled to it.

    Anyone who truly believes these games only cost 6 billion is dreaming. Will we ever see the “true” cost? Hell, no. But – we do know there is mighty artistic bookkeeping going on already. The costs for Greece, an estimated 14.6 Billion, China was 43 Billion, England is coming in at between 20 and 40 Billion, Rio and projected 14.4 Billion…and we did it in just 6 Billion? Yeah, Right!

    When the truth is finally printed (when another government takes over the books are forensically audited)…we’ll be in the range of Greece and Rio – IF we’re lucky.

    Justify Campbell some more.


  40. Leah is quite right about the cost figures for Olympic games; they are often hidden and/or underestimated. Salt Lake City was found to be in the red after an audit. The State of Utah had to cut spending and lay off employees to deal with the cost overuns. The province is already planning similar measures: just you wait.

    For the sake of comparison it is worth considering the security cost estimates given to Vancouver residents prior to the plebiscite: these stood at a ridiculously low (and deceitful) $175-million. However, previous games had already run into the hundreds of millions (Salt Lake City security cost $560-million, and even security for the Kananaskis summit was about $300-million. We now know that the security figure originally quoted has ballooned by five times: nearly $1-billion.

    . The total range of costs related to the current circus is difficult to determine at present because of obfuscation and misleading accounting. Forensic auditing would be required to determine the truth. Estimates for the Vancouver Olympics range from $6-billion to 12 or more billion. (I went with the conservative estimate of $6-billion (based on what we know has been spent/built) – but it is likely more). The point is that however large this capital expenditure, it is adding to the red side of the ledger in a major way, and will have to be paid back with interest. The province is already bleeding funds considering the major collapse in revenue from lumber and gas royalties, and from the loss of B.C. Hydro dividends.

    Consider that Montreal only recently paid off its $1-billion debt for the 1976 Olympics. How long will it take for Vancouver to pay off the $1-billion liability for completing the Olympic village development? What if the property market collapses?

    These are all questions to be answered in coming months and years. The only thing beyond dispute is that taxpayers will be picking up the debt for the party.


  41. I have to wonder how much Mike f has researched whast been happening to BC residents at all, outside Vancouver economies are in decline schools being closed hospital surgeries cancelled lottery funding to parents advisory committees removed , support to programs ranging from reading to emergency services training which was supported with lottery funds have all dissappeared , budget cuts to almost every ministry in this provinceso if in fact the wages gained had done so well to improve our economic status why have these things happened ?


  42. SB,

    Mike F demonstrated no research in his comments – merely banal political platitudes and opinions, and, as Salvatore noted, ad hominem attacks. He presented an unusually disruptive and aggressive display for someone who professed to be just a citizen “enjoying” the spirit of the games. Most posters at this site would be happy to read cogent arguments which outline specifically how the money spent on the Olympics would neither increase indebtedness nor divert limited government funds away from essential programmes. I wish that would be the case. Alas, no such argument has yet been forthcoming.

    SB, you are correct about many of the cuts already implemented, or attempted (NB, the attempted cuts to arts funding). More cuts will follow after the giddiness of the games evaporates.


  43. Actually, I’ve heard, again on good but necessarily anonymous authority, that the Public Affairs Bureau is working 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to keep the Olympic website up and running and glitch-free.
    More importantly, they are also working to establish as many outside links (from other independent sites) which will bring people to the Olympic website and give the clear impression that it is attracting more traffic than would otherwise be the case.

    I’m told they’re logging on in ways to create this impression while masking the fact that they’re doing this in house.


  44. Hi Laila,

    Regarding the poorly build Olympic Village, did you know “Disputes between Strata Owners?
    The Strata Property Act does not contain any provisions which permit government intervention in the affairs of a strata corporation. As a result, neither the City nor the Superintendent of Real Estate can investigate breaches of the Act or take action to enforce the Act against strata owners or strata corporations.”


  45. Garth West: it’s clear to me that that’s exactly what’s going on in the Wikipedia pages on the Olympics, although the editors doing the dirty work claim to be nobodies and/or in other countries; their spewing of recognizable BC Lib/PAB/VANOC talking points is just too obvious……

    Derek: Isn’t it funny that supply-side agitators, normally against government spending as a way to kickstart the economy, are so yahoo-hoo-hah on their own governments’ particular spending sprees? How does the Fraser Institute, for example, condone such massive spending/indebetdness as a way to build the economy? Is it only because it’s their pet government that’s doing the spending that they’re remaining silent on mismanagement and cost overruns. Because we all know that if this were an NDP government in charge of all this the papers would be howling for blood at the massive public spending and the debt that’s being incurred. Cost overruns are, apparently, just fine and dandy if part of the policy of neo-con/”liberatarian” regimes….


  46. Garth: “More importantly, they are also working to establish as many outside links (from other independent sites) which will bring people to the Olympic website and give the clear impression that it is attracting more traffic than would otherwise be the case.”

    If that can be proven, and it has anything to do with any revenue generated by that site (which I haven’t looked at – does it include google ads) then that’s deliberate skewing of hit results, and in a commercial site constitutes fraudulent “salting” of a site’s ratings, as it affects their ad rates……

    More info please….


  47. I’ll see what I can find Skookum1 – I doubt the Olympic website would be considered a commercial enterprise in itself though – the effort, apparently, is to drop links to the site in as many unconnected places as possible in the anticipation that surfers may then proceed to the Olympic site and ring the counters there..

    I suspect it’s all part of the attempt to sell the idea, post Olympics, that they’ve been wonderfully stimulative for a largely moribund economy.

    Despite the largely happy crowds and good humour, I also noted that Campbell’s attendance at Molson’s Hockey House a couple days ago was the inspiration for a loud and hearty chorus of boos.

    Campbell would be unwise to assume that this horse is going to ride.


  48. I agree with you 100 percent Skookum. Just wait until the real cost of the Olympics emerges…..(the 25 year maintenance contract on the Whistler highway is just one such gem that completely exposes the stupidity of the Olympic scam).

    However, I doubt we’ll ever see a BCTV debt clock in public view as long Campbell remains in power. It is very ironic that these clowns railed against debt while the NDP were in power, yet now are gleeful about squandering other people’s money. Talk about PIGS at the trough.


  49. We all seem to have the same complimentary view of Campbell – wait until all the hoo-ha has died down and some sort of normal emotions reign. Things are not going to get any better as the post Olympics hang over will be something to behold. I doubt that we will ever learn the truth about what has been going on for years – given the number of years Campbell has had to “cook the books” and CYA.

    Even when the truth does emerge, I would be surprised to see a big loss for the Liberals – they didn`t have that much support in the last election but they won. There are a lot of people who seem to be easily swayed, too busy working to make ends meet, to worry about politics. That said, there are a lot of stupid people in the world as well – they voted George Bush in twice, Campbell in three times !!!!

    People need to be stirred up enough that they really care – it can be done. Waiting for Campbell to fail or give up isn`t going to work – I wish it would. He needs to be publicly ridiculed, embarrassed, called a liar and thief etc -whatever is needed to call his bluff. He needs to be pushed to the limit where he will lose it – he doesn`t have a very long fuse. Do that a few times and we start to make progress 🙂

    Sorry about the serious tone, but this administration does nothing to uplift the general gloom that lies just beneath the surface veneer of patriotism and Olympic excitement.


  50. No apologies needed for your serious tone, I feel the same way, as do many others. The bloodletting will begin within a very short time of the games finish, and as the bills begin to come it, the reality of what this cost will hit home for many. The thing is, until people see where it affects their lives, it still doesn’t register.

    People have to see that their PAC’s are losing out, that they can’t access government programs and agencies that once helped them with their issues or disabilities.

    That being said, and 2010 fervor aside, I think we have reached that breaking point. When the high subsides from this party as it invariably will, things are going to once again boil over.


  51. lets hope his HST recall is enough to start the ball rolling folowed by railgate and budget lies covering insider corruption and maybe even some real time before a judge answering why politicians need to know they cannot continue to abuse the taxpayers who employ them with their party freindly payoffs and such any more.


  52. I’m a right-wing Vancouverite who supports the games and I do also believe that the games are beneficial for the city/province/country. But that being said, I hope there will be an in-depth audit of all expenditures related to the Olympics.
    I don’t know whether or not the money earned (and to be earned down the road) will be more than the money spent (kind of like a rhetorical question), but I certainly hope that the decisions made were the right ones.

    I think most people aren’t necessarily against the Olympics, but more concerned about some of the cost-overruns and increases. Of course, you have to be careful to designate whether a project is an “Olympic project” or not. New skytrain and Sea-2-sky are transportation upgrades, the village is technically a civic project, etc.

    People supports the Canada line, new and improved infrastructures (lots of community centres with upgrades, etc), the additional jobs created by constructions…. those who are against them…. I don’t know what to say.

    Though as a supporter, I do happen to have a few concerns. #1 the Convention centre… I know there was an increase in labour and material costs…. but a 100% increase, that sounds a bit outrageous (and suspicious). #2 the $1 billion security cost… I know in this post-9/11 world that security is essential, but this is like 5-days worth of expenses in the Iraq war… and this is just 1 city. For that amount of money, I don’t just expect a cop on every corner, I expect jet fighters patrolling the skies, naval ships in the waters, and armoured convoys in the streets. #3 the shoddy constructions…. I remember hearing a rumour that some of the condos were built with the same standards of those “leaky condos”…. if it’s even partially true…. yikes!

    If there were some wrong-doings, kickbacks, and other illegal activities by government (can happen to all political spectrum), and special interest groups…. I certainly hope that heads will roll.


  53. workforfun: Dubya wasn’t voted in the first time, he was chosen by the Florida Supreme Court, remember? He wasn’t actually ELECTED…..

    g west: I also noted that Campbell’s attendance at Molson’s Hockey House a couple days ago was the inspiration for a loud and hearty chorus of boos.

    Have you got a press cite for that? I just added the bit about the 21% Angus Reid “approval” rating to his Wiki bio, it would be good to add the chorus of boos to balance the other Olympics-bumpf that’s surfacing on pages relating to him and the party….I got quite a kick out of seeing him wave the flag so ardently during the singing of the national anthem at the opening ceremony,. given the degree to which he’s outsourced British Columbia’s government and its economic sovereignty to the US……

    There was a sickening bit of Harper promo on RogersSportsNet last night, presumably from the feed from the Olympic Broadcasting Network, with his Stevie-ness showing up just in time for the Hamelin brothers’ et al. victory in the relay…..the camera showed him looking confusedly around (wondering if he was on camera yet) and then the announcer went “yes, there HE is” (emphasis on “he” as if it were Jesus himself showing up), with the announcer claiming he was getting saluted by the team on the ice – who weren ‘t shown; what was shown was him in profile, looking somewhere and (once teh camera was on him) giving the “thumbs up” ;as if at the team (I think he was actually looking at a monitor and giving the thumbs-up to the editor in the booth who had put him on the main feed). I daresay the Hamelins and their teammates could give a fuck if he was in the stands, he’s just a blip to them….attention-stealing politicians in search of photo-ops should be banned from OBN feed, and there should be IOC rules about this kind of thing IMO……


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