Blogus Interruptis.

There have been two good reasons for the lack of posts over the last week- one: I’ve been devoting all my extra time to the continuing MOT story,  and two:  the  result of working excessively over an extended period of time has finally taken it’s toll. It started with a cold, that turned into strep throat, that has now become trachial bronchitis and a sinus infection. Toss in some stomach flu or food poisoning( I really don’t know which it is) that arrived last night, and today I’m weaker than a kitten. Posts to return shortly, with another in the series on corruption in BC.

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  1. Yikes. Look after yourself Laila. Please focus on getting better. There will be plenty of time in the near future to continue your coverage of theTercon saga, and similar outrages.


  2. There’s an urgency to these investigations, Laila … it must be almost impossible for you to relax and forget about the facts, the sequences, the files you’ve so carefully checked and built.

    I believe that our sub-conscious never sleeps. I think that while our tired bods are at rest or asleep, our sub-conscious is busy sorting things out … connecting dotes, comparing notes, looking ahead.

    So I figure that while you’re sleeping an exhausted sleep, good things are going on. You’ll get back on your feet with new strength.

    You’ve earned some rest, dear girl. Take care.


  3. get some rest and if all else fails try tequila it kills every bug when used in enough volume :}
    look forward to the rest when your back at it


  4. LOTS of extra D3 Laila, especially during the darker days of winter. It’ll have you on your feet in no time. Until then, we’ll age gracefully…itching for some good reading whilst you’re away.

    Get well Soon!


  5. I echo the wishes above that you get some rest and get well and get back on the case. The real world is due to return with a vengeance or hopefully a tsunami that will wash away a lot of the crap.


  6. Looking forward to your return but take time, the stories and problems will still be here a few days from now.

    BTW, I had to giggle after looking at some old quotes uttered by two”professional” journalists. It’s rather funny considering the ungracious and inadequate credit that Palmer reluctantly provided last week. This was from my blog about a radio program October 30/09:

    Today, the boys got to say what they really think about the blog world:

    Keith: – Vaughn called them nut cases in the past . . .

    Vaughn: – Nincompoops ranting in their underpants is the term for people blogging, for me.

    Keith: – . . . I don’t believe these Weirdos on the internet.

    Laila, how were you dressed when you wrote your expose about People v Tercon?


  7. Sinusitis itself can become very serious, that , along with your other symptoms can lead to serious bad things.Get some medication….
    Found out myself in Dec.09. don’t fool with any of that stuff.


  8. Gee guys, I don’t know what to say… but thank you for your concern and advice. I’ve been on large doses of biaxin for nearly two weeks, but whatever I have seems fairly resistant,and since I haven’t any tequila on hand CB, I did try a double vodka grapefruit martini with a couple vitamins…lol. We’ll see how that goes. Only thing is now three of my children have contracted the same evil stomach torture, so I guess it’s flu not food poisoning….

    I personally blame this all on H1N1, which made an appearance in our house before Christmas.

    As my physician has theorized to me ( is that a word? humour me if it isn’t- i’m sick you know! ) H1N1 wreaked havoc on both the immune system of those who were severely affected( which our house was) and on those who fought it off without the aid of a vaccine- which none of us took by choice. In a weakened state, it allegedly leaves us open to whatever knocks on the door….

    Since that bloody H1N1, our household has been victim to every single virus making the rounds, myself in particular catching every one that has appeared. I mean, who gets pink eye as an adult?? Really. And you can’t put tequila in your eye SB. I looked like a boxer after 3 good rounds.

    Now… onto Norman, who I now credit with clearing said sinuses after laughing so hard at the memory of Palmer and Good extolling the virtues of all us conspiracy theorists….

    All I will say Norm, is that a polite lady never speaks of her lingerie.. or lack thereof… haha. The only problem is that my stories have documents to back them up, which doesnt really go along with the entire concocted story idea they have going.

    Henri, I know of what you speak, and I am on it. Every time I bend over, I see stars from the pain in my forehead. And it’s not from seeing Avril Lavigne performing in the closing ceremonies, although that made my head hurt more than Hedley… hello VANOC. Is Avril Lavigne, Hedley, and Nickeback aka I drive drunk Kroeger really what we want the world to associate with Canada?

    I think NOT!!!! and what was with the giant blow up Mounties? Geez, is that asking for a sex joke or what? More to come on that. I have an entire moose rant going on, since people down here have made fun of me for years for eating moose, calling me a red neck, and now they are inflating them and elevating them to star status???!!! Give me a break people. Obviously, all the things I grew up with and been teased for have now become ” cool” as symbols of Canada.

    Posers. All of you!!!! ( not my fans or readers – you are exempt) Real true canadians have appreciated all these ” symbols” for years, lifetimes – not since VANOC decided they were marketable.

    Thanks Sal, I know you can wait, only problem is the truth can’t. That’s what got me into this in the first place.


  9. There seems to be a wookalar at work on some blogs these days. I haven’t been able to access PRP as I normally do, without a direct email link (works sometimes, not all the time).

    Without it, I’ve been getting a “Forbidden access” message for days now…for a day or so I could access Mary’s site…but couldn’t leave a comment without seeing the same “Forbidden access” message.

    This morning I can access and leave comments at Mary’s…couldn’t access PRP, but now I can. I use FireFox completely updated to the minute normally, but tried Internet Explorer to see if there was a difference. I could access both sites, could not leave a comment on either – and in Bookmarks folder for BC Bloggers was completely gone. Poof. All other Bookmarks are exactly the same, only that one folder missing.



  10. I hate to think so, but I am sure that the provincial governemnt (ie Scampbell’s lackies and parteners in crime) have a lot to do with what is happening.

    Suddenly, today, I went and made a comment on a story in the Province and was told that they would not accept my comments while I had two words in the text. The two offensive words were – wait for it, idiot and idiots. Now that is offensive – right !!!!

    I am totally convinced that Campbell is wasting more BC (before Campbell) taxpayers money, trying to clean up his rapidly tarnishing image !!!!!

    I hope Campbells downfall is swift and final – the sooner the better.



  11. Just tried BC Mary’s and Bill T’s blog spots and in both cases encountered “Access Forbidden” etc.

    Definitley some sort of governmental interference going on in my opinion. If nothing else, that does mean that the government is now worried about several serious issues.
    Highly questionable and possibly illegal – what does the average person ever find out ?



  12. I noticed access problems yesterday with my own site, Bill’s and others but Google blogger doesn’t report any known outages. But, I’ve also had “all circuits busy” on our Telus phone in the last week. Maybe the infrastructure is being reworked post-Olympics.

    I expect the Campbell crew has many more worthwhile things to do than chase after bloggers. Aren’t there more rivers to rape, farmlands to spoil, public assets to steal? Remember, time is running out for this batch of criminals and their soldiers have to pick up sides for the next gang.


  13. Norm,

    My internet hookup is via satellite for the very reason you gave – Telus. I have just basic telephone service only via Telus and everything else is by other providers.

    Possibly the fault is in the ISP or company that does the hosting of the two mentioned blogs.


  14. Blogspot I see, is hosted service by Google – hmmm! I wonder if there is anything happening via political persuasion on Google, over possible “nuisance websites” ?


  15. Well…fun. It seems the only blogs I can’t access are the domains. I have no problem with any WordPress sites, so indeed it appears to be a Google issue.

    As for not going to the dark side…too late. I think they’re already there.


  16. To all the folks having problems with “403 – Forbidden
    You were denied access because:Access denied by access control list.”…you may want to check out this website as there are a number of folks with domains having the same problems we are. Exactly the same message, exactly the same issues.

    It seems the majority of problems started day before yesterday, and are getting worse…and it appears the problem may well be with Telus limiting/choking (so they think) due to heavy blogspot traffic. I found the forum comments interesting. Hope this helps those of you who are affected…like me.


  17. Leah, I think you’ve got it. Whether Telus brings the Internet into your home directly or not may be irrelevant. Google traffic skips all over any node that that is being restricted will cause delays. We’ve known for while that the oligopoly that manages communication in Canada have each decided that it is cheaper to throttle traffic than to build infrastructure.

    Telus is no better, no worse than other guys. CBC Marketplace this week awarded a mock prize for the most outrageous cell phone bill. Each service provider has their own style of harming customer interests.

    Nevertheless, every customer troubled by these outages should call Telus to complain.


  18. I have shaw internet and phone service, and I haven’t been having these problems. Same thing with spam, when I had Telus, I was bombarded with junkmail, but with shaw, I don’t. There still seems to be periods of slow loading pages though.


  19. The last I checked there were 7 full pages of complaints about this Forbidden issue – Google says it is definitely not a problem on their end – which leaves Telus in the spotlight. As some of the smaller ISP’s buy their bandwidth from Telus, those customers are also affected – and Shaw is totally free of any problems at all.

    I think what I’m going to be doing is moving to Shaw…and I hope there will be thousands joining me. If Telus wants to play a nasty game by limiting their customers, it’s time for them to lose them completely. Perhaps hitting their pocketbook is the only way to really get through, because none of the calls, emails, or other modes of contact have worked.

    This isn’t about not being able to access my favorite “blogs” whenever I want to – it’s about paying premium prices from a so-called premium company – I also see it as a corporate limitation on free speech. Oddly enough, it affects many of the websites of some of the most politically damning bloggers on the internet. Go Figure.

    PS. – the work-around is to clean your cookies immediately before trying to access a blocked website.


  20. Hi Laila,

    I read an article in The Vancouver Sun this morning, WESTCOAST NEWS, A5, CRIME “Copper cable thieves back at it. the price of metal is up, and so are the heists. “…left hundreds of Surrey residents without 911 service…Telus was working to restore phone service to 400 customers and Internet service to another 500 after thieves cut and removed 60 metres of thick aerial copper cable inthe 12100 block of 104th Street. They also cut a length of fibre-optic cable but left it behind when they realized it was plastic and worthless on the scrap metal market…Two other, smaller cable thefts also occurred Monday, in Haney and Langely, affecting a handful of customers….”


  21. Blogspot I see, is hosted service by Google – hmmm! I wonder if there is anything happening via political persuasion on Google, over possible “nuisance websites” ?

    Ten minutes ago, both were working fine; as of 9:30 am AST (5:30 am PST, Wed Mar 10) they both stopped working with “cannot be found” messages.

    Google takes a dim view of political intereference in the operation of their blogsites – which is what all the fracas with China is about. I’m sure this isn’t Google’s doing, if there’s interference at all it’s from Canadian-side players. But IF it does – e.g. the police/E-Comm or the PAB or the office of the A-G or the secretariat of the SCBC – placing blocks on accessing these sites, THAT is going to be a big concern for the Googleplex and if it IS going on they should be made aware of it so as to take appropriate action (such as censuring the government of British Columbia publicly).

    It also strikes me as being the sort of issue which could take mere news of the publication ban from being an interesting op-ed piece in the Manchester Guardian into a full-fledged news piece on a Canadian government attempting to block the web so as to keep a lid on a political corruption case in which a first minister is clearly implicated…….there’s more than enough existing content on Bill’s and Mary’s blogs for the court and/or politicians to want them closed down “to protect the neutrality of the jury”.

    We need a cyber-sleuth, or an outreach to Google’s cyber-sleuths, to investigate these blockages. Y’all out in BC ain’t up yet, most of you anyway, but this has all the makings of a major shitstorm if there’s any evidence at all that someone is either officially or unofficially trying to enforce the publication ban by wiping away the historical records that these blogs constitute……


  22. Skookum,

    If I read the comments to your enquiry, correctly, it seems that Google is monitoring to prevent abusive comments.

    That is rich to say the least. Comments that appear all the time on the Province and Vancouver Sun web sites are far more abusive/offensive than any I have read on this blog.

    I don’t know how accurate the comments of “nite cruzr” are, but it does appear that something is going on. I would bet on Campbell and his fanatical followers having something to do with it, somehow.




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