3 thoughts on “The nobleness of the human spirit

  1. Inspiring Laila – especially for a weekend such as this – thanks!

    Speaking of weekends….

    ….There is potentially a very big story brewing that is being squashed by this particular (suspiciously?) well-timed four day weekend that is keeping all of the proMedia off the scent….

    Some have dubbed it ‘Casino Royale’ and it involves big money, a retractable roof, a coveted land swap, a Cabinet Minister, a big Vegas operator, and a Campbell government insider……

    Sean Holman has the entire story here.

    My take, for anyone interested, is here.



  2. Thank you G West. That is a lovely video, and I’ve never heard the song before- I see the inspiration definately, and what a story of the man in the sea at the beginning.

    Sometimes it is the simplest things that get you through those dark places – for me, part of it is all of you. I appreciate your concern and caring.

    Thank you RossK, I’ve always found Maya to be exactly what I need, for whatever ails me.

    For obvious reasons, I haven’t been following the news, but I just caught up a bit and man, this just stinks to high heaven!!

    Everyone must , I repeat, must keep Sean Holman on their blogroll and their favorites, and I urge everyone who can, to support his investigative efforts via an easy, monthly $10.00 donation so he can continue to provide us with breaking stories that often won’t be followed up on anywhere else.


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