When religion ruled the world, they called it the Dark Ages.

There is much the pope could have said in morning’s address to Christians around the world, and much he should have. He chose instead, to ignore the groundswell of support for the every growing number of people who have suffered abuse at the hands of ‘ men of God ‘, and said nothing about it, at all.  Talk about such matters has been referred to by some within the Vatican, as ” petty gossip”.

Petty gossip. Imagine that.

Think for a moment of the victims, who have bravely come forward despite their pain and suffering , only to hear all of it referred to as ‘petty gossip ‘  –  and by those who had the power ( and still do)  to denounce both the actions and men who perpetrated such madness against the most innocent among us all .

Tell me, if there is a God, and he is loving and just as I would expect any God to be, would he not turn his backs on those who defile everything he is alleged to represent?

I have always turned my back on organized religion,although I do believe there may be a higher power than us. However even in my darkest hours, at one notch below the bottom, it has been my faith in myself, and my children, that has guided me through.

What just and loving God would allow or condone abuse against innocent children?  What God would shun a man or woman because of who they choose to love or make love to? Or accept and embrace you only if you denounce who you are inside your soul? Love and sex are both natural parts of human emotion and interaction, why must it be indoctrinated,repressed or enforced?  Love is a matter of the heart, and as much a matter of faith as any religion, is it not?

There have been great atrocities and wars enacted in the name of God, yet God has little to do with the way mankind has twisted and interpreted the words written so long ago by someone whose meaning behind them we can only surmise.

All  it takes is  a  flip around the channels early Sunday morning to see how many different interpretations of one book mankind has come up with. Damnation, burn in hell, fear, fear, fear. One evangelical minister who preaches in the very early morning hours makes God sound like a people eating monster who leaves you alone if you are ” Good” and sends you to Hell with the rest of your neighbours if you aren’t. Oh, and don’t forget to send that donation of $19.99 in at the end so the ministry can continue to live the good life.   To each their own, I guess.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I believe everyone in this world is free to believe and practice whatever religion or form of spirituality they want. If it makes you happy, great. If it get’s you through bad times, even better. I’ve got no issue with you doing your own thing. What I do have a problem with are religious leaders – like the Pope – who millions of people look to for guidance and holy matters, turn a blind eye in what I perceive to be  a clear abuse  of power.

God or no God, having direct knowledge of a crime, and doing nothing ? To me, it’s just as bad as committing the crime itself. Perhaps worse, as failing to act further endangers countless numbers of other potential victims. In fact, it brings to mind the old adage… Do as I say, not as I do. Time for the Pope to do the right thing, and demonstrate  his often referred to  ‘modern leadership’  by making sweeping changes to one of the biggest powerhouses still operating in the free world. Anything less should be considered a sin.

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  1. I can’t stand anyone hiding behind religion, or using it as a justification or defence for otherwise intolerable actions.

    On the personal front, I was baptised as a child although we never went to church. The expectation is there from my family that if and when I marry one day it will be in a church, and when I have kids, it is expected they will be baptised as well.

    What a shocker it will be when my parents discover I have no intention of doing either, simply because it is so damn hypocritical to me to do so.

    Of course, that is if I ever find someone to marry… : (

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  3. There just as much an idiot as anybody, the religious ones. They change the rules as they go and expect it to be seen as right and holy. A bunch of crap. Holy rollers to catholics, all chasing a ghost and trying to get everybody else to do the same. the pope looks like a dork on this one.

  4. I can only say i agree Laila how much bad can be done by people who hide behind bibles no matter what version.

  5. Not that I really care, but maybe it’s time again for an insurgent Pope. Back in the darkest of the Dark Ages, coincidental with the famous Black Plague, the Holy Roman Church actually had two competing Popes. One was sitting in a new “real” vatican in Southern France I think it was and the Other “real” Pope was sitting in the Vatican in Rome.

    Both had their cronies running around trying to convince the believers their Pope was the genuine article while the two Popes hid out in their respective Holy Chambers afraid to leave for fear of contracting the Black Plague. Jeeeeeeeez…………..

  6. Sal, I’m pretty sure if you go back on AGT’s site and read some of the older comment threads, you can read exactly why he banned Koot, among others.

    I might not agree with peoples opinions, but I’ve only banned one person since the beginning of this blog and that was good old Tomax several years ago. As long as you aren’t defaming someone or writing something else that would get me mired in legal mud, free speech reigns here.

    Koot, my only concern is the victims. My hope is that the people who consider themselves true christians will stand up and demand action from the church’s highest powers.

    SB, nice to see you here again.

    Hi Genuine, nice to see you again too!
    Working my way back to the beginning:

    Adam – thanks for stopping by, and I know what you mean.

  7. Laila, of course the victims are the important thing, and that was what was so good about your post. But the sheer hypocrisy of these old men in pointy hats, funny shoes and weird skirts trying to tell everybody else how to live, just boggles my pea brain. Especially when they not only do everything in their power to help HIV/AIDS kill as many people as possible in Africa and elsewhere and then try to protect child molesters in their spare time.

  8. salvatore bennedetto, on April 7, 2010 at 12:53 pm Said:
    Hey Kooty, how come you are banned from AGTs site?

    Short answer – because the fatman can’t handle the truth.

    For the longer answer watch for when I’m not busy with more important stuff and have time to post my expose (just imagine the accent above the e) of his lies and mischaracterizations of my deleted comments at the House

    I’m apparently unbanned now, as I showed him that he couldn’t really ban me and was only protecting almost everybody in the Kootenays that wasn’t a geek from being exposed to his drivel. Not that he is very popular in these parts as we elect neither HarperCons nor BC liaRs and we aren’t all that interested in the Big Smokey Hole down by the Coast where All our Money Goes. I just read him in the morning to get my elderly blood flowing but all my comments to him in future will be at my place, so if you’re interested, stay tuned.

  9. Koot, you crack me up,as does Salvatore with his term of endearment for you, Kooty…lol… But really, I didn’t know it took AGT to get your ” elderly blood flowing….” hehe. That just sounds…. wrong. hehe

  10. A brilliant piece that subtly lampoons both today’s rampant ignorance of history and the left’s unending need to discredit all religions but their own. The masterfully dry delivery only adds to the hilarity as do the comment posters who rise so willingly to the bait.
    A tour de force. Congratulations!

  11. Perhaps the problem is that people have given up the logic of their own spirituality – for religion. Organized religion…any kind of religion…tends to make followers of people who are afraid to ask questions. Too bad. The answers are in the heart of every one of us.

  12. Laila,

    But really, I didn’t know it took AGT to get your ” elderly blood flowing….” hehe. That just sounds…. wrong. hehe

    I don’t ‘need’ AGT to get my blood going in the morning, but his ignorance and arrogance irritates me at that time of day to a degree that it saves me at least two cups of coffee, especially when the sewer over there is really flowing at floodstage with the solid waste of him and his fawning sycophants (or alter egos)!.