How much will the HST cost you? Figure it out for yourself with the HST hit list !

Gordon Campbell says that the HST won’t cost British Columbians very much.

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In fact,he says it will only cost the average British Columbian a couple of hundred dollars a month, but the benefits are far greater! That is right folks, Gordon Campbell is going to be doing us all a HUGE favour with this HST!

 But wait – Finance Minister Colin Hansen’s claims are even better.

At a Surrey Board of Trade meeting in September of last year, he actually told the rather disbelieving audience this:

 ” … That’s not to say that every product will be cheaper, but it’s safe to say that every product will be cheaper than it would have been without the HST. “

I think he forgot how many small business owners were in the audience that day, but I can assure you – they have never forgotten the line Colin tried to schmooze them with that balmy fall day.

Well, it is a new year,  a new season, and the anti HST petition is in full swing. Personally,  I still can’t wrap my head around that quote above.

If Gordon Campbell is so confident that this HST is a wonderful opportunity for our province and the people for British Columbia, why was he reduced to making personal attacks against one of the organizers of the Fight HST initiative, Bill VanderZalm,in a post throne speech and in a Liberal Caucus press release? 

Why isn’t he out on the road now, making sure British Columbians know exactly how good this tax is for them? Hmm? Where is he ?

Oh yes… I forgot. He’s busy supporting Kash Heed during his troubles involving an RCMP investigation ! (  remember Kash – deny deny deny) 

( I totally digress here but why did he support NorthVancouver MLA  Jane Thornthwaites decision to stay on in the face of a drunk driving charge, but thinks Kash should step down??)  Oh wait. Having been there himself, he must know what she is going through….

 And, I think , he must also be quite busy concocting an explanation for the massive stink arising from the BC Place / Casino Royale debacle….  ( this story seems to have been smothered in the MSM  recently and seems doomed to fall silent if not disseminated through the underground media, far and wide). The links in this post are the most recommended reading I could suggest, apart from the ongoing outrage on the Basi-Virk publication ban.

Thank God for Sean Holman, of Public Eye Online, who – without those  ongoing monthly $10.00 donations – would never be able to continually bring us these kind of breaking stories!!!  ( I rarely endorse, but this is an exception – I truly believe we need Sean’s in-depth investigation to keep our government accountable, so fork over your beer/wine/pizza/sushi/*-bux money for a really good cause)

ANYWAYS…. getting back to the HST…. would you like to know what I think?

 I think the Liberals are desperate. Like, grasping at straws, desperate. Begging on your knees desperate.

 I think they are so worried about the reality of this HST, and all the government cuts they have made that have unfortunately preceded the introduction of this latest money grab,that they will do anything  they can to deflect attention away from the effort to fight the HST,and the massive opposition among the residents of British Columbia.  

I say, let’s really find out how much the HST will really cost us.

Let’s stick to the facts of what this added tax will mean for people across BC.

The organizers of the Fight HST group (, have asked editors of newspapers  across British Columbia to publish the HST HIT LIST, created by a group calling themselves 

So far, I haven’t seen the list anywhere. Have you ? This was released in  September of last year and I have seen yet to see this in a large publication.

That’s why I have it here for you today, so you can find out NOW, what this tax will mean for you and your wallet, if you don’t work with all of us to stop this tax.

The list  contains many of the items that were previously exempt from PST ( 7%), but would now be taxed under the new HST -adding an extra 7% to the cost of each of those items, or services.

To make it even easier for everyone, that means you will pay an extra 7 cents in taxes for every dollar in the cost of the item !

To calculate your cost for a years worth of HST for your family, check each item on the list that affects your family, and beside it, write the weekly/monthly/yearly cost for that item.

At the end of the list, total all individual amounts and multiply by 7% to see how much this tax will REALLY cost you…..

Ready? To get a copy of the chart, click on the PDF format file below:

HST Hit List

After you’ve picked yourself off of the floor, head on over to the FIGHT HST website and find out where, when and what you need to do, to stop this tax in its tracks – no matter where you are in British Columbia. 

Canvassers are knocking  on doors in your neighbourhood right now. Be sure to make your opposition known by signing the initiative sheet being presented by FIGHT HST volunteers!

** A big thanks to Gary E. for letting me know about the HST calculator, courtesy of the BC NDP. By clicking on that link, you can enter your estimated expenditures for a quick calculation on what you will be paying out in this tax. Keep in mind that this does not include the hidden costs that might be built into the price as smaller merchants and businesses try to recoup their losses from the HST.

37 thoughts on “How much will the HST cost you? Figure it out for yourself with the HST hit list !

  1. Nice to see you post something Laila, because I was a little worried not to see anything for a bit.

    Yes, the HST is a farce. Did they not raise it to 15% back east now? Ridiculous. This is a work sheet that should be run in every paper in this province, if they had any ethics, that is.

    “Liberals, it has been said, are generous with other peoples’ money, except when it comes to questions of national survival when they prefer to be generous with other people’s freedom and security.”
    William F. Buckley, Jr. quotes (American Writer, b.1925)


  2. Hi Laila,

    Great to see you coming out swinging 🙂

    I have had it with the utter garbage the Fiberals keep on spouting – it is like they they are high on something illegal (excuse the pun).

    What others have said I think is needed. We need a General Stirke in this province. Something that will have an imoact right across the continent and the reasons fully explained. I am sure that would upset SCampbell to the point of having a “hissy fit” and getting upset with the media – that he seems to control. Oh my, what next !!!

    Keep up the good work – you have my support in all you do.

    Thank you


  3. Adam, that wins hands down for quote of the year.

    Workforfun, I too, think its going to take a massive action on the part of the people to shake this government up. Part of it will be the HST initiative and the later recall, and another part will be through revolt among the average worker. With interest rates going up, so have the for sale signs everywhere, as people try and sell before it once again becomes unaffordable and unattainable for the average joe to support a mortgage. Those with variable rate mortgages might start defaulting as rates rise, because every percentage point can quickly weed out the people who perhaps shouldn’t have bought in the first place- those just squeaking by, who bought with little to no downpayment.
    I really think the worst of this has yet to come.

    I’d also like to thank you for your support, and I appreciate it. You have been a long and faithful reader who always brings good contributions to the conversations and commentary that occur here on the site.

    I’d also like to thank those readers who have emailed their concern and support to me. Your words are warm and appreciated.


  4. Workforfun, I totally agree with you about the general strike. Thus far, Campbell has been able to do his dirty work “under the radar” of a lot of British Columbians, and almost all Canadians. The only ones paying attention to what’s going on in BC are readers of Eastern news papers. And then only because the editors and journalists of some papers back East are still printing some truth, and have heard of the mess we’re in – and are trying to draw attention to it! How sad is that?

    BC Media? As I see it, they’re 100% guilty of dereliction of duty to those they’re supposed to serve. When you have Glacier Media donating 100 Thousand, CanWest donating 50 thousand, and Black Press a little over 2 thousand dollars to the Liberals ONLY, you can safely assume that the truth is far from their minds, and ass kissing will be the order of the day as long as this government is in effect. Yet people continue to purchase their drivel and expect to find truth?! If even one of those papers decided to step outside the box and start printing REAL truth, their subscriptions would skyrocket…and they’d gain a following for life. So much for having integrity and intestinal fortitude at the helm.

    There is not a single professional journalist (Palmer, Baldrey, Good, etc.) worth keeping on payroll, never mind allowing airtime, or print. One would almost think that they, and/or their bosses studied the Goebbels propaganda rules very closely; they’re doing exactly as he said to do. We can’t expect the general public to know what’s going on, and to stand up for what’s right when they don’t know the truth. Hence the governments almost total control of all media sources as well. Wouldn’t you like to know what’s been given, or promised to the media for their cooperation…I know I sure as hell would.

    General Strike Time…until this government is on it’s knees and bleeding. It might bring a little more light to our great houses of law in BC too – another vipers nest as far as I’m concerned.


  5. Thanks for this very helpful post Laila. There is a formula posted at the BC NDP website that when you enter certain weekly amounts of you expenses it can tell you just how much this tax grab will cost you.
    Notice in Campbells statement above he says it will only cost you a couple of hundred per month. Sorry 200X12=$2400.
    For a person living on $24,000 or less, and there are lots of us that computes to 10% or more of your gross income.
    If we don’t stop this madman now it will certainly get worse.


  6. Good post, Laila … and now comes my question for everyone proposing a General Strike.

    Surely there must be an understood goal, some constructive purpose to be served? If so, what is it? What would you be on strike for?

    If that goal can be expressed in 25 words or less, i.e., 25 convincing words … then let’s get our placards ready.

    But a General Strike just for its own sake? Or for a misunderstood purpose? Please be careful. We’ve been there, done that, and Jack Munro spent years trying to explain what happened when he carried the ultimatum to Premier Bill Bennett’s home in Kelowna and … well … caved. It was Game Over … an awful thing to watch.

    If we do go out on a General Strike, let’s be absolutely sure we know why we’re doing it, and what we expect from it.


  7. PS. The next thing I read … about federal and provincial approval to make pristine Fish Lake into a tailings pond … concludes this way:

    … I know we’re all tired. Never in my long life have I seen so many serious assaults on our outdoors by so many people in so many places.

    “But damn it, we have to fight! This is war! A real war on us by our own governments. We must do all within lawful means to stop these bastards now – for if we don’t, there won’t be much left for those we leave behind.”

    Ain’t it the truth.

    Rafe Mair is saying very bluntly that we must act, but that with so many assaults upon British Columbia, we must be smart about what we do.


  8. Mary,

    I don’t know about you , but I think some sort of action is warranteed to try and end this “occupation” by a dictatorial, dishonest, bullying narcisisstic fool going by the name O Gordon Campbell. This government seems hell bent on driving down the once high and good standards of living we once had in BC. It wasn’t perfect but it was a hell of a lot better than where we are heading now, if noone applies the brakes.

    Something has got to give – either the province of British Columbia or Gordon Campbell and his toady party called the Liberals. Again, it is a choice for everyone who lives here in the province – let’s not make another dreadful mistake.

    Thanks and that is the way I see it 🙂



  9. Hi workforfun,

    Now you’re scaring me. Nowhere did I say that we should do nothing.

    Yes, “some sort of action is warranted” … but for what goal?

    Simply going into “action” will be a mistake if we don’t have a very clear idea of what it is we’re asking for.

    Something to aim for … something that will IMPROVE the situation and not create further chaos.

    And something we care about so much that we’ll stand together until we reach the goal.

    But until you can say what the goal is … simply going into “action” is futile.

    Tell us how you’d complete this sentence: “Let’s all go out on a General Strike until we achieve …….. ”

    In other words, what would you write on your placard?


  10. Democracy in action but the lieberals ,and msm trying to snuff it out listen to them on the ledge chanel,90% of the pop. against it and they want to stuff it down our throats,just listening to polak now is she serious josef ,you can’t be a jet pilot for they need to be able to think and think fast,and watching your idol I’m thinking you probably are older but,are not allowed to drive because of your condition,sorry dude.


  11. Hi Mary,

    To answer your question – I don’t know. I think it will be very hard to get into a few lines – you journalistic types are good at that !

    What have at the moment is not the answer. We do need accountability, honesty, integrity in government – without these I am sure democracy as we all know it, would quickly disappear. So, I guess the question is what do we want for British Columbia and it’s people ????? Once that is determined (as best it could be) then the rest will slowly fall into place – but not without lots of work and discussion.

    Of course no one wants a vacuum so’s to speak, but there must be quite a few who could offer maybe, some direction and encouragement! Us people has got to talk and communicate more !

    I guess whatever happens, an end must be insight or we could get lost along the way.



  12. workforfun,

    Thank you for your honest effort. I certainly agree with you on the need for determining what we want for B.C.

    The thing is: I don’t know the answer either. I think we have a lot of thinking and discussion to do, as we try to make this situation more clear.

    In my case, I’d think it worthwhile to participate in a strike if it would force the Campbell Gang to open up the BCRail-CN deal. “Show us the deal.”

    For Kim, it would be to raise the BC minimum wage by $2. an hour.

    For others, it would be to prohibit using Fish Lake for a tailings dump.

    And it would be fish farms, casinos, BC Hydro, Run-of-the-Rivers, BC shipbuilding, running oil tankers up the BC coast … all sorts of important issues.

    So would we each take a topic and go on strike for that?? Or would we amalgamate everything under the need for a new government? If so, how do we do that?

    Maybe … just maybe the RECALL campaign is where we could best put our efforts right now. What do you think?


  13. BC Mary, on April 14, 2010 at 5:55 pm Said:
    Maybe … just maybe the RECALL campaign is where we could best put our efforts right now.
    That’s the one to stay focused on BC Mary,the recall this fall (sorta rhymes doesn’t) and the present HST referendum initiative.
    Regarding striking,most folks do not have a grasp of the organizing,energy, and resources required for such action.
    Simple protesting and demonstrations strategically placed would be far more effective and disruption.
    Its becoming abundantly clear from reading the many comments from frustrated people,that this government has a lot of folks pissed off at them.


  14. Late to the game people, but I spent a good number of hours trying to get from one end of Surrey to the other, by bus, avoiding accidents, violence and the rest of Surrey’s best in the process. It is a blog post worthy of the best comedic efforts, to come tomorrow.

    I don’t think for one minute that an ongoing general strike would work, because as you say, so many issues, how does one decide? Simply put, you can’t narrow it down, because this government had thoroughly entrenched the province in mire.

    I would suggest, and some may argue with this, that those who support the HST intiative, do so right now. The recall can’t occur until the fall, so there is plenty of time between then and now, to think about the most appropriate way to speak out and gather the momentum started by the HST campaign. Capitalize on the fever, in a way that emboldens the people of BC even more. A one day walk out action in the mid-day hour and the people gather in central areas all around the province. Rallies in every city, town and village.

    This isn’t about making the government do what we want. This is about making the people realise they have the power to change the future and giving them hope and a voice to do so. Not instead of recall, to fire things up along the way.


  15. As disgusted as I am over what SCampbell is doing (I`m retired and don`t have spare cash to pay off government debts or increased taxes), I feel that we need to do more than just sign a petition. There must be some sort of concerted effort to show the government that they are expendable and need to do the right thing.

    I am very worried about what we don`t know of the Fiberal changes and doings – I am sure there are many! I am sure also, that SCampbell is giving more money away to big businesses.

    Don`t the rectums know that if we have no money, even the big businesses will die eventually. Reduce the disposable income of a family and you reduce the money available to spend.

    I don`t know the answer, but do feel very strongly on what Campbell and his bunch of misfits are doing. Just maybe the unions would be the best bet to show what can happen – after all Campbell is on a vendetta to do away with them, isn`t he. At least they have the organising capability and the membership to get the job done. I do not see any benifits in letting Campbell continue on his mission to disassemble the framework built up over the years. His start was on the EI restrictions – where will it all end.

    We must not forget the very convenient and obliging judicial system that seems to want to run on guidlines they invent as they go along – guided by precedent. With apparent corruption in the law courts, we have little or no protection from the government. Of course this works in favour of the governments – especially crooked and corrupt ones, so why would they change.

    The more we look and dig, the more we find that needs to be attended too.

    Sorry I cannot be more specific or of more use, but change is definitely needed. I am amazed that Campbell has lasted this long – in a lot of other contries around the world, things would be very different. I am also surpised that we have not seen rotten tomatoes and eggs being used – but then SCampbell does not do rallies or public appearances any more does he – I wonder why.

    Thanks for listening.



  16. Henri Paul & Laila,

    you outline a lively plan of democratic action

    which sounds very good to me.

    Workable, too. And that’s so important.

    Momentum starts with HST, and

    we learn … and we practice … as we

    “Fire things up along the way” to RECALL in the FALL,

    … and it begins to sound very, very good.

    Blessings upon all who participate in rescuing our province.


  17. Henri-Paul, we are on the same page- people need to see, on an ongoing basis over the summer, that they are part of a greater power in the province. Why not have Recall in the Fall rallies, demonstrations, etc.. so the government has this constant reminder that the end is near?

    The key is to keep the momentum going along the way, so that in addition to getting rid of the HST, everyone who has those other issues we speak of, has a chance to voice their reason for supporting recall in the fall.

    Oh. I just got goosebumps. I can see it.

    Workforfun, I have a stunning example of how this tax is going to hurt people who cant afford it the most.

    I was in Dairy Queen with my kids,and they were sitting and eating their kids cones when an elderly couple came and sat down behind us. I could see on their tray, only one small burger, one small fries, a kid sized drink.

    I couldn’t help but watch as they lovingly, and seriously, divided the fries on two napkins, split the kids burger in half ,and shared the drink.

    As the chatted, it became clear why they were sharing a kids meal – a kids meal, for god’s sake!!

    They were talking about collecting bottles to get some more cat food, and perhaps selling the car to get some more money….

    It was sad. They clearly were not sharing this kids meal because they wanted to, it was all they could afford.

    If that doesn’t make a statement about why this tax is wronfg, I dont know what will.


  18. Laila:-

    That you actually witnessed something like this is chilling in the fact that it is, and will be, much more common in the coming months.

    I know that where I live in the interior, I have witnessed people equiring at the local post office ” have the GST rebate cheques arrived yet” being broke and looking for their money. People walking along highway 97 collecting bottles for money – the fact that you don’t see many cans or bottles along the road testifies how badly a lot of people are suffering already.

    It is very sad and it will get much worse once this HST kicks in. I wish the main stream media would do a little more publicize the mood of the general public.

    Thanks for your enlightening observation.



  19. Wow. I just signed the HST petition. What an empowering feeling, standing IN LINE (Yes!~ that many people!) in front of my local grocery store to do so. I had, in fact, jotted down the address of a local barber shop that is collecting signatures in my riding to stop by after grocery shopping…but there was an amazing volunteer with the petition right at the store!
    What did I realize? People ARE aware of what’s been going on in BC…and they don’t like it one bit. This, despite MSM’s gleeful stories bypassing the reality of what’s been going on.
    Of note, in the line up around me were myself (a BC public servant – *a shift worker!~don’t worry – I didn’t skip work to sign :)), a lawyer, a real estate agent, a farmer, a mechanic, a retired person, a coffeeshop owner. There were about 30 people there (in the space of 15 minutes!), and I didn’t hear what everyone’s occupation was, but quite a solid cross-section of BCer’s, I’d say.
    There was even talk of recall! How rejuvenating!
    Needless to say, we don’t talk about the state of BC at my workplace, and family time is…well, family time. So it’s been easy to feel dismayed and alone about things of late (read: the past 9 years).
    Wonderful to hear people passionate about their province, and their own livelihood. And amazing to have a voice!


  20. I have been reading through the posts here and one thing we all seem to know , we are not happy with how we as taxpayers are being used and told to be happy its for our own good, MSM is towing along the Liberal line and doing so in such blind ignorance its sad .
    What has begun is a change and funny enough Vander Zalm who really was an enemy to the left at one time appears to be a true human after all a real defender of the people , im not sure what to say but lets get behind the man hes brave enough to satnd up for all of us lets stand behind him and make things change so everyone sign up and make Campbell see hes done for.


  21. Gordo’s promise that the HST will “only” cost me a couple C-notes a month, doesn’t quite assuage my anger. I know when you are in the thieving business like Gordo and Gang, $200 is chump change. To me $200 a month is the difference between eating and frasting.


  22. Some of us, have made a pact, to buy no goods, that have the HST applied to them. Communities are setting up Co-op’s, to provide, all the meat and vegetables year round. Seniors and low income people, are doing without food right now, we will feed our own. The barter system is also in operation. There is already price gouging on gasoline, the costs went way up. Gas, usually goes up just before summer vacation, always has. Where the HST doesn’t get you the budget does, this will put citizens out of their homes. There is also price gouging, in food costs, food had already gone up 27%, and is climbing again. Home heat is going up 6%, hydro will go up 33%. So every community is urged, to be able to feed everyone, within 100 miles. We are getting extra chicks, so we can supply kitchens, that feed the poor, with meat,eggs and vegetables. We will also have winter greenhouses, and will invite other communities to visit. You are so right, Henri Paul, $200 extra per month, will absolutely double the number of homeless citizens. That is why, every community, has to grow enough food, to feed themselves, and the poor. As a senior on a fixed pension, I have not got enough money to live on either. I have had to sell my car, to catch up on my utility bills and income tax. By fall, all I will buy is, flour, sugar, coffee, tea, salt and pepper. AND NO HST.


  23. P.S. Watching the BC Legislature, would you believe this? Hansen said if you purchase wood, to heat your home, we must pay the HST. There is something else I think is strange, Campbell very rarely attends the Legislature.


  24. And for the majority of goods you use, you won’t pay a penny more tax because of the HST.


    The above link to the Provincial Government website is loaded with mumbo jumbo wording. Keep in mind that there are two taxes in HST. One is the GST, a FEDERAL TAX embedded in the HST; the PST has been embedded in the HST as well. So here’s what our Provincial Finance Minister Hansen has to say about the Federal share of the tax:

    “If you don’t pay GST on an item now, you won’t pay HST on it later.”

    You’d think he would have written it like this:

    “If you don’t pay PST on an item now, you won’t pay HST on it later. ”

    But no. As it is, Hansen misleads the public by giving us a list of what the GST (Goods and Services Tax) isn’t applied to before or after it becomes HST:

    * basic groceries
    * most health, medical and dental services
    * visiting the doctor or dentist
    * certain medical devices (hearing aids; prescription eyewear; canes, wheelchairs, walkers)
    * prescription drugs
    * legal aid services
    * most financial services
    * many educational services
    * insurance premiums
    * resale housing”

    The above is for rebates and exemptions on GST items, no mention of a PST list, of course.



  25. We’ve all seen Hansen’s complaint that he lodged with Elections BC, that he cannot launch a campaign supporting HST until Fight HST is over. It seems simple enough, the bad guys failed to read the fine print which stated that they must REGISTER with Elections BC before proceeding. This next link below takes us to videos, no less, of those who do support the HST, on a BC government blog site:

    “Support for the HST”

    Below here, the BC Liberals take our Made in BC HST a further step by listing of other Canadians who think that the HST is good for BC…….. makes sense right, sort of.

    “What do all these Canadians have in common?

    They all support the HST – and they represent more than 1.3 million workers.

    Retail Council of Canada | Canada West Foundation | Michael Smart, University of Toronto | David Baxter, Urban Futures Institute | Jack Mintz, University of Calgary | Hugh Alley, Alco Ventures Inc. | Duane Maki, CEO Spectrum Resource Group | John Schroeder, President Valleybrook Int’l Ventures Inc. | Ben Themens, Vice President Finance and Corporate Affairs Lonsdale Energy Corporation | Greater Vancouver Gateway Council | Initiatives Prince George Development Corp | Truck Loggers Association | BC Chamber of Commerce | BC Technology Industry Association | Jock Finlayson, Business Council of BC | BC Agriculture Council | New Car Dealers Association of BC | BC Road Builders and Heavy Construction Association | Institute of Chartered Accountants of BC | BC Progress Board | The Canadian Chamber of Commerce | Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters | Independent Contractors and Businesses Association of BC | Western Convenience Stores Association | Motion Picture Production Industry Association of British Columbia | Lindalee Brougham, chartered accountant, owner of L.L. Brougham Inc.”

    Yeah they may represent 1.3 workers, but where are the BC Liberals to represent 2 million residents in the Province of British Columbia, or at least a 10 per cent of each riding in our Province.

    One other thing, maybe, just maybe, these representatives are just much out of touch with their employees, just as much as the BC Liberals are with their voters.

    Problem I see here is why are WE restricted to finding support ONLY inside BC, but the BC Liberals can draw upon all Canadians for support?

    Is their popularity so low in BC that they have to go outside to survive?


  26. The supporters stand to profit at our expense just like MR Campbell does , his MLAs or at least my local one has cancelled his local Phone number and now must be calledat his office in the next town with less population but with more of his supporters i see some bad days ahead when our elected officials begin hiding from who they represent he should be fired.
    As for supporters of course they represent 1.3 million workers and would love it if those workers were hungry angry and scared to say anything and will work for wahts given and shut up even if it killed them workers mean nothing to those listed its all about profit.


  27. I have yet to hear, Hansen or Campbell, combine the HST and the budget, in the same sentence. Where the budget doesn’t get you the HST does. That, they are sneakingly quiet about. Home heat is 6% more. Hydro, will go up in increments to 33%. Food costs have gone up 27%, in the past year and a half. Our “new” carbon tax, means trucking company’s, have raised their freight rates, food will go even higher. Everything trucked in will cost more. Gasoline, went up, even before the budget came out. Just before summer vacation, gas prices are gouged again, always are. Phone and cable, have the HST applied, along with, pretty much everything else. I don’t even hear those “intelligent” economists, putting the HST and the budget together either. How many Liberal ministers, are under investigation now? I know there were two DUI charges. The BC Liberal party is full of, scandal, liars and deceivers, and use, every underhand method in the book. I can not afford another $2,500 per year. There are also, property taxes, house insurance, car insurance, income tax to pay. There are condo fees, trailer park pads, with HST applied. Many senior citizens, are going to lose their homes. They are on a fixed income, that hasn’t been raised for years. They will be overburdened.


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