Time to stop time

The little ones are growing up. New words this week for the youngest included Zeeba ( zebra)  and ‘ishie die’ ( fishy die- it was in reference to a goldfish that was stuck to the filter and had kicked the bucket)  and Me a mommie – meaning obviously, me and mommy. My favorite, since I am with the little bugger nearly 24/7 these days.  Cameron speaks like a little prof  sometimes and told me tonight  that he ” highly suspected” I was trying to pull one over on him when I told him I was really a  jedi master.  ahh. Stop the clock. Turn back time- do something. I don’t want this age to end…

caught doing something he shouldn’t be… but what is he up to?

trying to distract me with a smile.... aha.... the stolen apple appears.

Trying to charm me ….                     And there it is… the stolen apple appears!

… and you think you have bad hair days.

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