Three years ago today…

… I hit the PUBLISH button for the very first time, here on this blog! That is right, it was April 16th, 2007, and I was heading towards the finals of CKNW’s Talk Show Idol competition. At that time the blog was intended to update my friends and family, many of whom live up north and could not often listen to my segments live. After the last Laila Yuile show aired on NW, emails came flooding into the inbox and through the contact page by the hundreds, every day for weeks, encouraging me to continue what I loved doing on radio, here.

And so, I did, and  will continue to do so as long as there is someone out there interested in reading my truth, and the truths of others. There is one thing I have learned in my life, that has struck me as being something so important to all people, and that is to be heard. To know that you matter, and what you think and believe matters. To find and see the humanity in others that is in ourselves, and know that we are not alone, that someone does care, and there are others out there just like yourself.

 So long as you continue to share your stories with me, I will share them with others. As long as I continue to see outrage and injustice, you will find the stories here, and I will bring you the stories that are often passed over by large media. As long as you are here, I will be too.

The endeavor that did have a final destination at one point, has become a journey. 796 posts, 8, 258 comments and thousands of visitors from all corners of the globe. You would have thought it?   The top all time post  in those three years speaks to how we interact with others, and how the smallest gesture can have lasting impact. It is Mother’s Day Between Strangers.

Why not look back through the  Best Of  section and see some other popular posts, or go back to the beginning and see how it all started. Archives are located on the left sidebar. Thank you all, for sharing this journey with me!

“When you have decided what you believe, what you feel must be done,
have the courage to stand alone and be counted.”
~ Eleanor Roosevelt

16 Comments on “Three years ago today…

  1. Let me be the first to wish you Happy Birthday!! Or, should it be Happy anniversary? Either way, I personally hope to see you blogging for a long time to come.

    What I really like about your blog is that so many bloggers make it very impersonal, very straight and narrow to their subject matter. On the other hand, you always have a very personal slant or angle that maybe some other writer wouldn’t show. You aren’t afraid to show your failings, or your fears, and that is what sets you apart, to me anyways.

    Keep it up. You have a beautiful mind! ( and the rest isn’t so bad either ; ) haha. had to toss that in.

  2. Wooohooo!! Happy Anniversary Laila!!

    I started reading you when you did that fabulous blog about Dave and Simi, ( remember how all us Dave and Simi fans hijacked your blog for like a month?)

    I never stopped. I didn’t even care about politics and stuff like that, or what happens in other parts of bc before I started reading regularly, and now I am proud to say I have actually been to two rallies and am a canvasser for the HST petition. You really make it interesting to read and learn about stuff the paper makes it so boooorrrrring to read. So thanks for that and keep it up. Maybe there will be a Dave and Laila show one day!! That would be hilarious.


  3. Cool to see this. I never comment on anything but I’m making an exception today. I do read and have been since the show on cknw where you made me cry when you had that firefighter on whose son was killed in a car crash and he had to help him get out. Freaking sad story. Have a cold one today! Happy anniversary.

  4. Congrats Laila!

    Thank you for all you do, the hours you spend researching, making sense of what you’ve found, taking the time to put it into layman’s terms so the rest of us can understand…for all the stories mainstream media would bury, the stories that give those who need it a boost during their dark moments. Thanks for sharing a beautiful heart and mind.

    I hope you’re with us for another 30 years! Bless you dear Lady.

  5. Yowsa!! The girl who turned her back on a chance at making it big, but biting her tongue, made it all on her own. Three years later, through ups and downs and all around and here ya are, still holding feet to the fire, diggin in the dirt and sharing your heart.

    I said you were a gem then, and you still are. CKNW was nuts to let you go.

  6. “Thank you all, for sharing this journey with me!”
    Well, thank you for being our Guide!


  7. I only discovered your blog within the last year myself I always look for your new entry and always enjoy and become more informed and cause me to think and learn and lets hope for another 3 and beyond
    Thanks Laia and cheers

  8. Very cool, I congratulate you on reaching this mark. I enjoy everthing but really like it when you get time to do the investigative stories as well as the real life stories.

    Keep it up, I’m a lifer here!

  9. Love what you do, what you believe in, and what this is all about. Plus, I don’t have to question what you’re writing, unlike a lot of other bloggers who write crap and make stuff up.

    Thx! Happy day for you, amazing to have so many posts!

  10. Congratulations on turning three years old 🙂

    I look forward to finding the time to read your earlier work, Your writing on the BC rail sale is excellent and should be required reading for all adults – well done.

    Thanks for doing what you do so well – and please continue.


  11. I remember catching one of your ‘NW sessions Laila, may have been the last one, during a Sunday afternoon drive through the backroads behind Maple Ridge (signal kept cutting in and out).

    I remember hoping, then and there, that they would give you a regular,paying gig….

    Anyway, hate to go all off-topic on you and your readers, but if you were on the nolonger so Giant’98 now, I think the topic referred to below is something that you and your listeners would be talking about with considerable regularity…


    The weekend-long ‘Marathon To Promote Paragon’ whose express purpose is to prevent Document Dump Friday-designed efforts to bury any and all stories involving it, and the previous actions of it’s very fine Director, Mr. T. Richard Turner, from public view has begun in earnest over at my place…..



  12. I listened to all your segments way back when, and I too felt all fired up inside listening to you. Even as a total newbie to radio, no one listening could deny your natural passion and enthusiasm coming through.

    Now, I’m an old feller, but what came to my mind, was ” this little lady could be another Jack Webster”.

    There is something to be said about sitting on the fence and taking both sides,but its not my cup of tea. If you did on the air, what you do here, how could it not be a winning show? Crusty Clark is a politician through and through, not a radio host. The only thing she is passionate about is the liberals.

    Anyways, long winded comment but all the best to you. If NW is listening, get Laila back in the door, and let her get her teeth on a weekend show, then put her in Christy Clarks spot. She could get you back to the top.

    Not like you dont have three years worth of work and your own fans to herald you in!

  13. A huge thank you , to all of you ,for these kind wishes and congratulations. I enjoy what I do, and believe in the end, the truth will prevail.

    Salvatore said it best when he said, ” Its always good when it comes from the heart my mother used to say.”

    I’m afraid I wear my heart on my sleeve, my friends. Always have and always will. This is what it gets you.

    Again, thank you for all your kind words. I love that you ” get me” and I love when you bring these stories to me.

    On that note, please go over to Gazetteers place and check out that story of his. I insist!

    And yes, RossK. That is the kind of thing I would have done on NW, had I stayed on.

    Only thing is, would the program director let me? … enough said on that… lol .