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Hot tips,new leads and… a whole lot of work to do.

Yes, still alive, still kicking, but the recent stories posted here have heralded a whack of new leads that take time to weed. I will be back in short order.


  1. Say No to Site “C” Dam!

    – is the facebook site _-

    be an honour to have you stop by and say hello, if you’re not onthere already. I ‘ve been posting and commenting a bit on there lately, running a bit dry :o)


  2. Hope the lead-chasing is going well Laila…..

    There is new tidbit up at my place that involves the 14th member on the New Railgate Top 40 that I think will interest you.

    (figured you would be especially interested in the name of this particular member given your lead-following in the past)



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