Laila Yuile to guest on ” Live from the Leg” with host, MLA Guy Gentner

I invite all my readers to tune in to some truly compelling talk radio next week, as I join MLA Guy Gentner as a guest on his progressive internet radio show, ” Live from the Leg”.

Guy has a very special guest next week, former premier Glen Clark, who will be speaking with Guy in a two-part interview that begins Tuesday evening at 7pm.  I will be joining Guy following the second portion of that interview which begins  Wednesday May 19th, from 10:00 am to 11:00 am. 

Tune in as Guy and I chat about two topics I find particularly interesting :  P3’s and the South Fraser Perimeter Road…

5 thoughts on “Laila Yuile to guest on ” Live from the Leg” with host, MLA Guy Gentner

  1. Laila,
    I’m so excited for you to be able to chat with Glen Clark. I don’t post but I am a faithful reader of your blog and you do excellent work. If we could only have Glen Clark back I would be even happier. He was exonerated of all charges and it was a set-up by Falcon and Campbell as you probably know (IMO)! Can’t wait for Tuesday and Wednesday.
    I WILL be listening and thanks.


    1. Hi Joan, and thank you very much for posting!! The best part of maintaining the blog is hearing from readers like yourself, and if anything I write about makes change, or enlightens, than my job is done.

      I won’t be chatting with Glen, unfortunately, as my segment follows his and it will be over the phone as many interviews are in these busy times! But gee, that would be an interesting conversation if I could…lol…


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