” Just the tip of the iceberg…” : Why Railgate and the Basi-Virk trial are about so much more than just Basi and Virk.

* * * * *
Facts are technically accurate statements
made by the mouth or penned by the hand.
Truth is a larger statement, a holistic statement.
Truth is not just factually accurate
, but also utterly honest.
Truth is the whole statement of one’s total being:
a unified expression of word, deed, motive,
and emotion—all of which are True.
* * * * *

If there is one thing I can say with absolute certainty, it is that in addition to the facts surrounding the events leading up to the sale of BC rail and the allegations made involving Dave Basi and Bob Virk, we will hear plenty of truth regarding the shameless manner in which government business has been, and continues to be conducted in British Columbia.

” Wait!”,  some may cry: ” That is an inflammatory statement, based on conjecture and speculation!”    To which I would reply:  ” Maybe… or maybe not. ” 

In the time I have been researching and investigating the activities of the BC Liberals, I have encountered both facts, and a far greater truth that might surprise the most jaded among us all…and may I say, it is one that would call for a full inquiry into the business activities of the BC Liberals in every ministry.

Let’s talk about icebergs for a moment. 90% of the icebergs that appear off of Newfoundland’s coast originate in Greenland, and it takes nearly 2 to 3 years for them to travel the roughly 1800 km journey to that location. As most of you know,  the ice we see above the surface of the ocean is ” just the tip of the iceberg” – nearly 7/8th’s of  the total mass of that berg lies below the surface… That being said, even the most mammoth bergs melt quickly upon reaching the relatively warmer waters of the Atlantic Ocean and its powerful currents.

Remarkable, isn’t it? When we look at an iceberg, what we see, no matter how large and magnificent it is, is a mere 1/8th of what lies beneath the ocean… waiting to be discovered.

This fact is why I can’t help but refer to the Basi-Virk trial as being only the tip of the proverbial iceberg! There is so much more below the surface  of  this series of events that is indicative of a much larger mass of corruption below the surface of government that most of you see! I laugh when I read opinion editorials that denounce the defense strategy of making this trial about Gordon Campbell, or about the Liberals at large, rather than only Basi and Virk, because I truly believe that even only the facts will prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that these two men acted on their own accord, without the instructions of those in the highest echelon of the government.

That, my friends, is my truth, and the one that keeps me inspired in continually digging to find the facts that will end this Liberal charade forever.

Facts like the ones revealed in the Tercon case I’ve blogged about many times.

Facts like Ministry of  Transportation officials in that case, who knowingly colluded to deceive and hide the true nature of a winning bid, as to not invite the anger of the bidders who lost.

Facts like the completely unpredictable and irregular manner the government conducts the entire public project bidding process in general. Rules are created and changed at the whim of those charged with overseeing the process.

 Facts  like the government cares more about cabinet confidentiality than it does cooperating and caring for children and families in need, and those  charged with ensuring that process occurs properly.

Facts like the government will ask and pay for people to pretend to be supporters of a contentious issue, going as far as hiring mock supporters for a fish farm protest, or posing as callers on a well-known radio show…

Need I go on? I think not. Those of us who work to reveal both the facts and the truth about Gordon Campbell and the BC Liberals mockery of democracy know full well how deep the rot goes, and yet, there is more.

This trial is  also about the manner of which our provincial  justice and policing systems operates – rather defectively, at times, I might say. Prosecutors being appointed who donated to the Liberal Party of BC.  Court Listings not being posted so those lowly of all observers, THE PUBLIC, are virtually left clueless as to when and if any proceedings are scheduled. A court press accreditation panel that is composed of working press members, several of which work for a media conglomerate known for its government advertising revenue.

Again, I could go on, but I won’t. It will be argued that this trial is not about any of the above, but in the end, it is, and it will be the misfortune of Gordon Campbell that the press has suddenly jumped on what promises to be the sensational, controversial trial we have all known it would be. Kevin McCullough has been somewhat reviled for bringing the HST into the courtroom, but I say, why not? Shows a pattern of deception within the government that has become as inherent as submitting padded expense accounting, or rewarding losing bidders  with millions of dollars that make even being a losing bidder, a lucrative process.  I cheer Kevin McCullough  and his team on, not so silently at times, and for me it is a rarity to cheer a criminal defence lawyer at all. I have seen him at work, and he is passionately dedicated to his clients, to the facts… and  to revealing the truth. 

And I would be remiss to mention to criminal angle this all started with, so many years ago :

And in this case, I predict he will become the hero to many British Columbians if he plays the right cards, because as we all know, this trial is just the tip of the iceberg. 

 ( I originally planned to be cover the trial as much as possible, however with my current commitments that is not possible. I will be in session as frequently as I can, but I also realise that this is the opportune time to concentrate on other stories that are much in line with the allegations surrounding the BC Rail sale and the activities of the MOT in general, while the press is hot on BC government and before the summer break.

I appreciate your patience during this time.)






https://lailayuile.wordpress.com/2010/02/11/bits-and-bites-thursday-february-11th2010/ ( how does what is going on in Quebec, relate to BC? More to come on that in weeks to come)



11 thoughts on “” Just the tip of the iceberg…” : Why Railgate and the Basi-Virk trial are about so much more than just Basi and Virk.

  1. Basi-Virk acting on their own? LMAO!
    I suspect Campbell is a micro manager, and would suggest there is no way on God’s green earth would he ALLOW anyone in his employ to act alone.
    Nice try MSM people!
    Isn’t it interesting how much corruption is making it’s way on the front page? What is happening to Ka$h Heed’s crew?
    Sounds like the Liberal House of Cards are tumbling. Another B.C. Embarrassment. Shameful.
    Thank you for keeping with it.


  2. Impossible Basi and Virk were not working on orders it is well known no one hired at that level [ the preem himself filled those orders in council] work alone or any Liberal for that matter Campbell has been well known as a micro manager of all the dealings in his government but somehow BC rail is an exception .
    I hope the defence lawyer is just warming up and he goes until no truth is left to discover and Campbell is run out of BC for life unless hes working in red coveralls along a freeway somewhere.
    MSM wont tell so keep up the work as best you can Laila i liek you hope this opens up holes that put BC Liberals in court for years to come answering about corruption they oversaw and created.


  3. I think it’s time for us to realise too, that what this regime has accomplished, has effectively not only paved the way for corruption, but actually written the playbook! Thanks Laila. Good call on concentrating on other stories while we are in the competant hands of BC Mary, Robin Matthews, RossK and so on. There is much to uncover, with the absence of paid responible journalists.


  4. Great article Laila!

    My question after much thought on the damage they’ve done to the province of BC and all of her citizens is – how do we repair it? Seriously! How do we undo, and repair the damage they’ve done? Is there any way we can?


  5. Three words.

    Recall in the Fall…

    I have to say that I really am so impressed with the passion with which the people of BC have participated in the HST petition, and that I personally am finding more and more people to be interested in the political activities of our elected officials.
    Many of these people I am encountering could have cared less to hear what is going on previously, but that damned HST has changed all of that.

    I love that I can say so many people are asking : ” What else is going on? Please, tell me more! ”

    That is why I feel strongly the time to uncover all these other stories is now, while the media seems to have suddenly become so interested in Campbell and the Liberals activities… And yes, we certainly are all in the competant hands of BC Mary, RossK and Robin while the trial is ongoing !


  6. Laila, I like the closer description of icebergs and the 7/8 of it being below the surface.

    I’ve always seen the BC Rail Tragedy as a template … like those cut-out things which provide the exact copy for the next time, and the next time … and imo anyone who takes a good hard look at BC Ferries and BC Hydro (for starters) will find themselves reeling with disbelief, shock, anger, horror.

    It’s not as if “a little bit of corruption” is good for business, as some people innocently believe. It’s that corruption, once entrenched, rules the territory and there’s nobody left to answer our calls for help. The gangsters (in many disguises) rule from then on.

    So yes, there are flaws in the BC judicial system, and in BCRail Corruption Trial now underway. For example, we could’ve had Kevin McCullough as the Special Prosecutor, right? His creds are ideal. But no, we get an old chum (law partner), Bill Berardino, who had no criminal trial experience; someone who didn’t show up for many sessions; someone who “leaned casually against the lectern” as he gave a forgettable introductory speech to the jury, to start the BC Rail Trial … a limp dishrag facing Mr Straight Arrow over on the Defence team.

    But even during Berardino’s opening speech, McCullough’s strong voice was heard, objecting. And the harsh voice of another questionable appointee, Madam Justice MacKenzie, smacking him down. Then, it was McCullough’s turn to explain a few things so that the jury and the people of BC could understand more, and more. It was like the sun breaking through the dark clouds …

    Me, I wouldn’t sanction torture of Gordon Campbell to get at the truth. At least, I don’t think I would. But maybe I’d weigh it against the damage done to the province and people of British Columbia and … well, thankfully I won’t have to face that temptation. To my greatest surprise, a lawyer for the Defence is asking the right questions and will, I feel sure, help to reveal the truth of it all.

    Who would’ve expected this, from the Defence — rather than from our own Special Prosecutor???

    So the wonderful new question is: can even a flawed trial bring forth the evidence we, as a province, need to hear? And already, after only 3 days of trial testimony, I think YES. The truth was all we ever asked for. The truth of: how did a publicly-owned railway — lifeline of a beloved province — slide into private pockets?

    I mean, jeez, how could a government lose the nation’s 3rd largest railway without the premier knowing?


  7. Me, I wouldn’t sanction torture of Gordon Campbell to get at the truth. At least, I don’t think I would.

    I’m not a Professor Yoo fan, or torture promoter, but in the case of Campbell, I tend to waffle. Can I help with the “interrogation?”

    Laila, there is a lot more “conflict of interest” with Wild Bill than just a political donation or two……years of legal practice with the sitting AG at the time of his “appointment” and Mr. Seckel (gatekeeper to the evidence) come to mind.

    The idea that Basi and his boys had the influence that they are accused of “selling” is ludicrous – they were doing dirty deeds, yes – or at least I think so – but only at the direction of the bosses who hand picked them.

    Will a representative of CP be called as a witness?After all, CP wasn’t happy at all with the so-called bidding process.

    Anyway, I want to wish a Happy National Tap Dancing Day to Martyn Brown, who will undoubtably re-commence his tap dancing on the stand shortly. Have fun, Marty…………….try to remember SOMETHING that happened under your watch……….and that oath, why not take it seriously – did it occur to you that Kevin might not just be making stuff up, but may have documentation, etc. to support his speculations?

    Perhaps folks in big shoes are wondering if Dave, Bob and Aneal have actually been well enough looked after, after all?


  8. Like most I get a sinking feeling when I think of all of the damage Campbell and this BC Liberal government have done to British Columbia. Not only in terms of taking politics down to an unheard of new low, but to all the people who have lost good jobs or businesses due to the deregulation and Campbell economics. Seems that only the large companies welcome Campbell with open arms – he does after all, give away all taxes that should be paid by everyone in business.

    I cannot wait for the trial to continue. No doubt there have been many meetings on how to try and control the direction the case goes, however I think that would be very hard. The case is about “government corruption involving three aides” – no matter how you cut it. The government I suspect, is on perilous ground and will do it’s utmost to deflect and point fingers – as it always does.

    My hat is off to Kevin McCullough – the HST is only one facet of the many lies this government has portrayed. I am sure the role of the PAB will be well explained.

    Here is hoping that the truth will prevail. Fortunately, this trial is by jury so the jury makes the decision on guilt. With luck, by the end of the trial, it will be so obvious that the government is corrupt and the jury decide on that only. If that becomes the case, I would suspect that the judge would find accordingly and it would be at her peril to find otherwise. There could be good reason to file a complaint(s) with the CJC.

    Anyway, all of you that are digging daily to get at the truth – please continue at what you are doing. Without your input and results, this province would be a sorrier place to live. Doing what you all do, helps to keep the government much more accountable.

    Thank you.


  9. Anyone keeping up on the BC Rail court activity must be completely in shock MR Brown the apparent right hand man in Govt has such a poor memory , It makes it appear the Campbell does in fact have inept people below him and Brown certainly has ensured his chance to continue after campbell is tossed is about 0 we could hire almost anyone and expect better memory and intelligence,
    It is sad a beurocrat would allow his entire career to be tainted acting so foolishly we have to wonder what hes ben promised .


  10. But, it is said, Campbell, controls the Judicial system, the RCMP, the media, every government agency and service. He blacks out the FOI papers, there are the missing e-mails, regarding the corrupt sale of the BC Rail. Anyone who is honest, or opposes Campbell, finds themselves out of a job. He is full of, hate, spite, and vendetta’s, pop up all over the place. Thousands of BC citizens say, Campbell is who should be on trial, and the three patsies, under a lesser charge. That the three, were just following orders. How could Campbell sell the BC Rail, and not know the terms??? Brown, has a serious lack of memory. It just seems the trial is a farce.


  11. My concern is not who Campbell controls…. it is WHO controls Campbell – and why?

    There is a hell of a lot of money changing hands in this province, under his leadership.


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